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Ernie seems to have had a couple of jobs around here already and earning his keep.  [wink]  One of his very important jobs now has been living with Comet the mini, who was recently gelded, and teaching him about manners and living with other equines.  Ernie is doing a stellar job.  Here's a video of the two of them and their bit of bickering.  

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Ernie is just such a cool guy!  Love the video.

Ernie continues to do great.  He is still living with Comet the mini and keeping him in line.  😉  Ernie will be going out to pasture with the rest of the crew as Comet gets integrated with the other "smalls" here.  

Ernie had his vaccines boosted and a full dental and float done on Vet Day on 11/2/2019.  Here is the Vet Day video.  

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Ernie had another very cool day today.  His job babysitting Comet the mini has officially ended today.  Comet was integrated with the donks and other mini's and doing great, so Ernie was able to go go out to pasture.  He fit like a glove, and while he seemed perfectly content all along, it is very obvious he's really happy being out and about.  

Here's a snapshot of Ernie chilling by a round bale today.  

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Great job Ernie! He's such a cool dude 😉
Donna R
Way to go Ernie and Comet!  They are both adorable.
Way to go, Ernie!
Ernie says hello and thank you to all of you for supporting him and the work that MHWF does!  

From 11/30/2019: 
Ernie the super mule update! Ernie came to MHWF on his own...yes, he showed up on his own and needed a helping hand. His feet hadn't been trimmed in forever and the one hoof was grown all the way under so that the side of the hoof was what he was walking on. Ernie has gotten all of the care he has needed, is sound and healthy now! Here is a little video update from Ernie from earlier today. Ernie says THANK YOU to everyone for supporting him and the work that MHWF does. 

click here for video of Ernie having a grand old time in the pasture

How great to see Ernie happy, healthy and having fun.
Go Ernie Go!
Any new updates on Ernie? I assume he is still available? Does he ride, or is that unknown?

Ernie is the best.  He is not trained to ride.  Ernie has someone who is very interested in adopting him, and I think that may happen soon.  
I hope Ernie's adoption goes through.  I'm still wondering if he may be a hinny, not a mule.  He just seems more horselike.
Lisa B.
I so hope that Ernie's adoption becomes a reality.  He's so dang cute and seems to be a real sweetie!

Jan N
Little happy hops here now, seeing Ernie's tentatively adopted label. Hope all goes as Planned! Yay Ernie!
Ernie adopted?!!!!  Yay!


Ernie the Super Mule went on to his new home yesterday and is going to bestow his super mule powers upon anyone who meets him in his new digs.  Ernie will also be a part of an equine assisted learning program.  Heidi, who adopted Mariah from MHWF and also Mia Bella from the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge, adopted not only Ernie but also Flora and Jasper, the two adorable little donks!  Flora and Jasper will also bestow their super donk powers upon all who meet them and also be a part of an equine assisted learning program.  I can't think of better equines for the job.  It was a super cool day yesterday because Scott and I got to deliver Flora, Jasper and Ernie to their new home ourselves and be part of them settling in.  It was awesome to see Ernie and Mariah see each other, and Ernie want to be with the girls from across the gate (Ernie loves horses of any age, sex or breed).  
A little odd fact about Ernie:  He is the only equine to grace our pastures who took part in mutual grooming with absolutely every single equine in his pasture here, and he lived in the big pasture.  That is quite a variety of horses!  You know how horses have their own little clicks and mini herds - Ernie got along with absolutely everyone and they all loved Ernie.  One of Ernie's most special super powers here at MHWF was to welcome new equines and make them feel at home.  He was so good at that.  We will really miss him around here, but we are equally as happy that he found such a great home!  

Flora and Jasper are two of the sweetest little donks we've ever met.  They lived with Kim for the past 6 years or so, and it really showed on these two how much she loved them and what great care she took of them.  They adore attention.  I will miss how little Jasper lets you know that he'd like his butt scratched, and how Flora would lean in and put her head right on the front of your legs for attention.  Their songs were beautiful and I missed hearing them this morning.  I am so thrilled that they found such a wonderful home with Heidi and so many others are going to be able to enjoy all the love these three magnificent creatures have to give.  

Thank you Heidi, and big congratulations!  

Here are some pictures yesterday from Heidi's place with Ernie, Flora and Jasper arriving.  There is a series of three photos where Ernie laid down and rolled, then sat up like a dog...then Flora had to do the same in the same spot, followed by Jasper.  So cute and funny.  

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What a wonderful, happy story!!  Old friends staying together.
Jan N
Simply awesome outcome!
Congratulations to everyone!  What a happy ending/new beginning for all of them!
Ernie is just adorable!  The donks too!  Congrats all.
MHWF, Inc.
Ernie and Heidi 😉

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Beautiful! You can see how they care for each other.
Love this!!
Lisa B.
Dang! He is cute! Congratulations!

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