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You can purchase Powdered Chasteberry from herbalcom.com, for under $10.00 a bag.   A friend of mine uses it to tone down a mare...works well.    

Cindy B

I used chaste berry on my older thoroughbred with cushings. Searching for supplements to alleviate the symptoms of cushings it seemed like an easy solution.  I used the berry (ground up with coffee mill) for approximately 6 months and did not notice a difference.  Having long hair and not shedding naturally I would shave him two times a year.  Timing was very important due to rain scald.  This I found with the combination of MTG (mane tail grow) worked the best. 

R L Sweet
I have a 28-year old that has been battling Cushings for the past 3 or 4 years.  Here is my yearly regiment that works for him.  He is a registered Quarter Horse with quite a bit of Thoroughbred in his background.

March - April    I give him Pergolide that I get from my Veterinarian (2-month  supply).  This keeps his pituitary gland acting normal and helps him shed out.

May thru September  I switch him to liquid herbal Evitex, which can be obtained by ordering through http://www.EmeraldValleyEquine.com

October - March  During the winter months, due to freezing temperatures, I use ground chasteberry (1/8 cup per day), supplemented with maintenance daily dose of Lamina Saver (United Vet Equine).

Using this regimen has really helped my old friend and I can still ride him around the ranch now occasionally.  I have even seen him trotting or dong a light canter across the pasture now and he acts more pain-free.  There are no further signs of laminitis, either.

... just thought I would share since I have been dealing with this for a while now.

Yes I had a great friend by me Evitex and have used it on my 28+ Guilding.  I agree with Lori,  works wonders.  My pain no longer grows 12" long hair in the winter.  Going into this winter he has a normal winter coat and I don't see me having to shave him in the spring.  He certainly has a twinkle in his eye now and he no longer looks depressed.  He seems very content.  I started him on two full measures for a few weeks and then down to one full measure cup.  The gallon has lasted me about 6 mos if not longer cost .75 cents a day.  Here is where I found it. http://emeraldvalleyequine.com/evitex/

I've talked to a few vets regarding the chaste berry and what I have heard is that it will seem to work for a while with some horses, and then it will just stop working.  I urge you if you have a horse who is doing well on Prascend (pergolide), please don't take them off of it and switch to just the chaste berry.  We are dealing with a horse right now that exact thing happened to...the adopter took the horse off of the Prascend and went with just the chaste berry, and here are the photos of what happened.  We are working to get the horse back to where she was previously health-wise and needs to be, back on Prascend.  

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Lisa B.
I used Chaste Berry powder for a pony I had.  I saw no change in her.  A friend of mine swears by it for her mare though.

Chuck Mills
I have heard of it use it. and I give evitex to a 22 yr. Old gelding. It will help balance the hormonal issues associated with cushings. I have a few clients that have horses with cushings. It helps along with a Good balanced diet low in starches and sugars.
I used chastetree on my mare who had Cushings (and has since passed on) but only in combination with Prascend. The chastetree seemed to help her coat more than the did Prascend on its own. Since they ate together, my other mare also got the chastetree and it took edge off her mare-ish-ness. [smile] I just bought mine from a bulk herb store, where it was much cheaper.
We used the chaste berry a while back for a stud that we had gelded, in hopes of helping him be less "testosteronal" (LOL).  We think it might have helped that transition go a little faster.  

My message regarding the chaste berry in regards to Cushings is to please do not replace Prascend with it if you horse is doing well on Prascend.  Go ahead and add it to the regimen for the possible help with hormonal balance, but please don't just take your horse off of Prascend in hopes this will do the trick alone.  That is a huge gamble and one that you will probably lose, as this poor mare has shown.  
cindy g
Karen, Is this the horse that takes 1/2 a pill a day? We have been doing 1 pill a day on Molly for some time  (several years) and she is doing great. Last test everything was well controlled.  I just wondered how the vet would decide to go to 1/2 a pill vs. whole pill.
I have two different vets and both are on the same page with her treatment plan as its been so far. We just had a blood draw a couple weeks ago re-checking lymes. Titer was down 30% from the last test but still have not nocked it out of her system. The Cushing's is probably the cause of this and its effect on her immune system.

Molly REALLY loves Fast Track probiotics (only that brand), we use it normally when she gets antibiotics and during a sand cleaning treatment...but after her last round of antibiotics I kept her on the Fast Track. We only give her 1/2 the recommended dose. When my vet did her last Lymes test she commented on how Molly looked about 10 years younger. I have to say I have been thinking that for some time too but was afraid to say it out loud. I mentioned to the vet we didn't pull the Fast Track after the last round of antibiotics-its the only thing different about her diet. The probiotics are probably helping her digestion out. Something else the Cushing's affects and maybe something others could try if their horses are not doing so great.   
Yes, was previously on half pill a day via the veterinarian who did the testing on her and determined the dosing (and then pulled off of it completely by adopter when she ran out of the meds we gave her, which we didn't find out right away).  We will be retesting before upping her dose to be sure what she needs.  

That is great info Cindy, thanks for sharing that.  
I've used evitex with and in combination with prascend/ rx. It helps them lose weight faster and creamy neck went down, less wooly. I highly recommend it
I've also had to battle an IR (border line cushings) with a mare.  The battle of keeping the fat areas down and under control is always one of those problems.  She's been on Pergolide, chaste berry power, cinnamon powder and another powered med (thru a vet) for metabolic control.  Even so, last winter she developed a massive fatty crest.  Blood test showed her count had risen, not major, but going up.  The end result was putting her on another product to get that fat down before adverse problems again would come up.  She is now on a product called Metabarol by Equithrive.  It reduces insulin resistance and supports optimum metabolic function.  After being on it for two months the massive crest is almost completly gone.  It's a non-prescription Resveratrol product in powder form.  It's not cheap, but a lot less than anything like it, that I have found, on the market so far. I get it thru Heartland Vet in Hastings, Nebraska.  Others carry it, but they are the least expensive.  My mare was stared on 1 scoop (they are small scoops) twice a day, with the results that I got.  She will stay on that dose (maint. dose).  Oh, I also have been soaking all her hay since last spring, even in the winter months, and she goes out to pasture with a muzzle on during the spring, summer and fall.  She's healthy, happy, feeling good and looks great.  It's taken the better part of two years to get the right combination of meds to get her back to normal.  Even the vet felt she was not the normal IR case.
Carolyn E.
My dog has been on Evitex since June 2018 and is doing GREAT! It changed his life and ours.
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