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Link to adoption application:  

We have been super busy these past days with the Lucky 13 horses and since Faith is now in for training, it is time to start a thread just for her. 

Faith is a 14 year old QH cross mare that was one of the Lucky 13 horses. She is now a fully vaccinated, newly trimmed, de-wormed, Coggins tested and has her dental work all done as well.

Friday we took Faith, the 3rd of the 13 horses, to begin her training. Faith will be back at MHWF in about 60 days and be made available for adoption. She is a big, strong mare with good looks.

Thank you for training Faith Anna!

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Barb S
Wow! Sheโ€™s a beautiful mare!
Jan N
Another one already, Anna....Way.To.Go !! MHWF is **so** fortunate your labor of love is often directed right to a Pittsville horse in need ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’.Thank you very much.
Anna WI
Well things just happen to work out sometimes and I'm happy to help. I can't even fathom the time, work and financial aspect this was for Scott and Karen not to mention making sure the horses end up in homes/fosters with people who are set up for horses with minimal to no handling. Faith has been here less than 48 hrs and she is already proving to be a quick learn. The work is not over yet with the luck 13 and we can't forget the horses already in the program so I hope people continue to help or even sponsor a horse. By the way, I wasn't too sure how close I should be to her for the picture without knowing her but she loves attention actually and is coming a long.
Anna, You are amazing!  Besides working a couple of jobs in the office & equine massage, riding your own horses & keeping everything going at your place -- you are taking on a foster horse training.  Your energy must go back to your New London WI Hanadel & Fabisiak family heritage.  Kudos to you.
Can't wait to see her blossom with your time and training guiding her! Thank you Anna!
thank you Anna!  What a nice eye on this mare...such a beauty.

Anna has made tremendous progress with Faith already.  Anna has sent me video of being able to put a halter on and off and some of the work that she has done with saddling, etc., but I don't know how to share that here.  I do have a couple of pictures to share though.  Wow, they are doing great already!!  The change in environment has Faith really looking to people and she is super sweet!  

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I'd suggesting getting your applications in and approved now if you haven't already.  What a super nice mare Faith is!   

Check out Faith's progress in training already, in week one.  We have paid for 60 days of training on Faith and I bet she is going to be really going along nicely under saddle in that 60 days.  Anna says that, "She's not overly worked up by things. Even walking her through the barn and around the equipment. She will get wide eyed but thinks it through and just goes on."  

Here are a couple of pictures from today, 6/27/2018:  

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Wonderful progress!
Wow! She's doing awesome! Any chance she was trained before?
Cnb, I know for sure she was not trained before.  
Anna WI
She didnt have a clue as far as bitting up and steering so even though she is taking everything in stride she doesn't know anything as far as riding. She's displaying all the same behavior as a colt just being started.
She's in good hands
Jenni O.
How awesome that she's being fairly easy-going about things. Hopefully it stays that way. You'll make great progress.
Scott: MHWF
Whoo Hoo...way to go Anna!
This is just incredible! Well done Anna!!
Anna WI
Made it through the heat wave on Friday and Saturday and of course couldn't ride with the heat but tonight the cool wind from the storms made it perfect for putting the 4th ride on Faith. The first 3 rides were in a small enclosure and round pen but tonight we ventured to the arena. The steers were very scary to her but I kept her mind busy with some ground work and she soon settled down. I was able to walk and trot her and then loped her for the first time. I was hoping to get videos but we had company stop over so I lost my video guy.
7/4/2018, update from Anna and Faith!  

"Very nice ride this morning and ended without a care in the world about being hosed down. Then went into the river."  

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An update on Faith, 7/6/2018:  

Just to note, the first several sessions with faith included ground work and getting her used to the saddle and bridle at the same time.    

Sheโ€™s tested once so far during riding. Wanted to go to the gate instead of continuing around the arena. Nipped that in the butt and she hasn't tried it since. We have a huge barn fan in front of our barn door for some calves that we have and I asked Jesse to move it so I could get by with her and then I decided no, you know what she can walk past it. She peeked her head out at it as we were coming through the door and I made sure to stay out of the way if she decided to take off, but she looked at the fan and walked past it. Mind you it was on full speed. She can be snorty about new things but so far isn't blowing up over anything. Just becomes concerned.   
The barn is very tight with small doors to walk through so she's being prepared that way to go through tight spots and into dark areas.

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Jenni O.
She sure is doing well, and pretty to boot!
Oops. Sent that before I was ready. Well rounded and sensible horse when her training is done
Anna WI
She's riding reall well. Hoping to get some video soon but I'm normally by myself when I do ride. After our arena session I rode her around the yard and down into the river for the first time. I've been wanting to get her out of the arena so tonight Jesse and I are going to try and get a ride in so she has a confident horse to feed off when we go away from the property. She's a pretty amazing horse!
Anna WI
Shes been with me about 2 weeks now. I hope you can follow the link to a video.
That's just incredible Anna!
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