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Scott & Karen: MHWF
Anna WI
Jesse rode the beast last night. I've been working with Faith to accept a rope, the dummy and dragging logs in preparation to possibly be Jesse's back up rope horse. She's been taking right to it and last night was the first time he has rode her since last year. She was a tad naughty the start of my ride on her but ended well.

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Lisa B.
She is just a drop dead gorgeous girl!

Anna WI
Its been a long time since my last update. She's doing very good. I've only rode her a few times this winter after having to sort some issues out with her. She Seems to be over it and I can't wait to hit some trails with her. I'm also hosting a clinic with Wylene Wilson in June and I plan to ride Faith in the clinic. I'm really looking forward to doing that with her.

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She is such a pretty mare.  Glad you are on the right track for spring riding!
I just want to share a link to the event Anna mentioned in case anyone is interested in attending.  What a great opportunity!  


Anna WI
2 whole years since adopting her!! This past year we dealt with some lameness issues and bucking issues which thankfully we figured out through a team of professionals! She has tested my training abilities on several levels but in the end I have gained so much!! She truly is my "heart horse" and I wouldn't trade her for anything!

so good to hear! Can't wait to get my own heart horse someday (hopefully soon)!
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