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That's just incredible Anna!
Donna R
Fantastic job with her Anna!  
Anna WI
Faith continues to do really well with the arena riding. I still haven't been able to get her out on the trail with a confident horse to lead her so this week I plan to pony her out. This morning she decided going into the arena was a very scary ordeal so I had to work her through that meltdown. However, that extra work took the edge off her and we proceeded to have a very nice ride. She had been on edge this last week and I wonder if not having Belle anymore contributed to it since she no longer had a buddy to keep her in line. I'll say it again that I just adore this mare and wish I could keep her but I have 3 others that don't get used already. I hope those interested have an application in because she will not last long.
Meghan R.
Cant wait to see how their training goes!!! We have an app on file and would be interested in see if she would be a good fit for our family when her training is complete!
Anna WI
We are right around 5 weeks I believe and we've had a few bumps in the road with Faith. This is why I strongly urge people to never go with a measly 30 days on their untrained horses. She has confidence now and with being pushed a bit more she is testing what's I'm asking. She isn't very patient and works herself up easily. This is just something she will need to learn to deal with. She flipped out the other night while tied so now I make a point for her to spend more time tied up. She's very bonded to me and when I walked away is when she lost it. I've also turned her out with my herd hoping this will take some of the edge of her. I did take her on a stroll on foot around the property tonight. Up and down the steep ditches and over the bridge down the road and she was much less reactive than in the past. So, the normal ups and downs of starting a horse can at times be frustrating but it's all a part of learning and if I can end a session like we did tonight with her relaxed and not snorty over everything, that's what counts.

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I am in awe of your progress with her. good job...[smile]
Anna WI
Finally able to get her on the trail. Very forward like her usual self but didn't do anything stupid and when she was insecure she'd followed Coda.
Anna WI
Forgot the picture

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Anna WI
Second trail ride with more riders and she did really good. Practiced horses running up behind her and going away and leaving the group.
Anna WI
Faith can be a little odd at times but her second trail ride went very well. We started off in the arena to get her attention and when a friend rode his horse up to the arena she was not wanting to go near him and was ready to bolt away. One friend was already riding in there with me. We practiced following him and riding around and in between both the other riders. She is always rode solo so additional riders scared her but she got over it. Once on the trail she was great. Passed a few scary things but she was willing to walk up and touch them. She's a very insecure horse but with the other horses to feed off, she walked a long on a loose rein.

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Time and patience are paying off for you.  Glad to see you guys are doing so well.
We went on a pretty crazy ride tonight. Was trying to find some old road in the dense woods so we had to dodge a lot of branch and get between some tight spots. She was great and never got worked up as we tried picking the better spots to plow through. Got hung up in a hidden fence that was down and she didn't panic. Trudged through the muck to get into the river and rode the river for about a 1/4 mile. The additional riders tonight didn't faze her and at one point a horse a head of us was pitching a fit and she kept her distance and never fed off his bad behavior. Keeping her mind busy really helps to keep her focused. I'm so proud of her and how far she's come riding out on the trail and with several riders!

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Scott: MHWF
I think she must really be enjoying learning new things and her new life 😉
Thanks so much Anna!!  

Here are a couple of video clips too.  8/25/2018:  

Now if I could only talk Jesse into letting me adopt her. I'm really going to miss her. She's been a project but as her confidence grows she just keeps getting better and better. We had to ride back home last night to work a friends horse through being cold backed in the safety of an arena so we stood around for awhile which allowed us to work on her patience too. Our friends felt bad thinking they were inconveniencing us but I'd rather put Faith to the test near home than at a ride somewhere else.
Love the update, love the videos.  Faith is really coming along so nicely.  Well done, Anna.
Faith did amazing today on our ride. I've never rode her around traffic yet but today we were on the edge of a hwy and then through town on the hwy and she never batted an eye. She is like a bulldozer towards obstacles and plows over or through anything. Sometimes I have to remind her to wait a second and look. Jumping up on to an embankment was a little interesting but she made it up. My nieces horse was jigging at one point and my sister was on him and I told her it was time to burn the extra energy and run him so at that point my neice got on him and my sister then rode Trigger. Anyhow, I took that as an opportunity to run Faith away from the group with the other horse. She was a little unsure at first but after running back and forth to the group a few times she figured it out and I was able to open her up. She is a good trail horse and I really didn't have any issues with her, but that being said I'd be more hesitant putting my niece or sister on her for now than I was with Trigger. She's a little more horse than him. I'm still trying to figure out a way to get the other half onboard with adopting her.

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Boy I'll tell ya Anna, this horse is meant to be with you! We should start a petition to get Jesse on board!!!
Anna WI
He's on board, he likes her as much as I do even with her launching him a few weeks ago. I guess I should say get him on board with not wanting me to give up one of my other horses in order to keep her.
Oh, yeah that could be a pickle huh?!
Donna M
Hmmmm ... I bet he would never notice if you added her to your herd. You could adopt her and just tell him you are working on "fine tuning" her training. [wink]

She is a beautiful girl and has come so far in your care. 

Update: 9-13-2018

Faith has been in training with Anna F.since coming to MHWF and is learning to become a good citizen. Anna fell in love with Faith through all the time they spent together and we could not be happier that Anna has decided to adopt her! It will be official today! Thank you and congratulations Anna and Faith!

Jan N

This. Is. BEYOND. Wonderful!  Congratulations to both you and Faith ! I am just so happy to hear this news.
Sue J
[love] Fantastic news!
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