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This is excellent news!!! CONGRATULATIONS Anna, Jesse, and Faith!
Jenni O.
It's official!  We couldn't be more thrilled and we can't thank Anna enough for all of her hard work, and for adopting Faith on top of it!  What a win-win situation for all involved, and especially for Faith.  Faith is the first official adoption of the Lucky 13 herd!  

We brought Willow up to Anna yesterday (9/13/2018) and brought Trigger home with us after Anna put 60 days on him (see his listing...he is doing fantastic!).  Anna was kind enough to let me snap an official adoption day picture, and I can't choose between these two so I am going to post them both.  Faith looks absolutely fabulous!  She looks like a different horse after losing all of that fat and gaining muscle.  Both girls are stunning together.  

Thank you Anna and a big congratulations!!  

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I love both of the pictures!! I am so happy for Anna and Faith. I truly believe they were meant to be together. After many conversations with Anna over the last couple weeks, I knew how much she really wanted to adopt Faith, and how hard it would have been for her to give her back. Congratulations Anna and Faith. I love the pink halter and lead rope.
Anna WI
My niece was up this weekend with her friend and all the horses we have were worked with by them. This was really good for Faith to know she can trust and following the direction of other people. Last time I had Jesse try to work with her, she launched him so I told Kendal to be cautious. Faith was a tad unsure about Kendal being on her but she has never been rode bareback either. We set up a makeshift obstacle course with odds and ends for Kendal and her friend to work the horses around.

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Super excited and happy about this news!  Faith and Anna sure seemed like a perfect fit to me!  Congratulations!
I've only been able to ride her 2 times since this summer due to weather and work but she never disappoints. Went out solo with the dogs and she was great. Jesse joined us then and we went for a ride around our neighbors fields. For the lack of work and handling the last couple months, she hasn't forgot anything. For anyone who says they'll never own a mare, don't overlook them. I was one of those and Faith has really changed my mind.

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Anna WI
I've been waiting weeks for this and finally picked up my Christmas present. There's something about hand painted pictures. 13 hours into this painting. A little ironic.

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What a beautiful painting of your girl.  Merry Christmas!
Anna was telling me that it was funny that Faith is one of the Lucky 13, and that it took the lady 13 hours to do the painting. She then told Anna that she was glad that Anna had "faith" in her to do the painting. 
The painting is absolutely gorgeous, and the story that goes with it gave me goosebumps.  
Lisa B.
What a beautiful painting!
Yes! It is beautiful!
Jenni O.
That's really cool!
Faith and her son, Riley.

Just to be clear, this is a 7 year old photo. Riley is all grown up now 😉

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Anna WI
Last night I rode Faith for the first time since December and she rode off like she never sat. I'm looking forward to the summer to see what new things she'll learn. She's definitely a heart horse that I have a connection to like no other!

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Love everything about this.
Love how this turned out with you two!
The pic of Faith with her foal? Precious!!
Anna WI
cnb the picture with the foal is from 7 years ago.
I should share a pic of Faith's foal, who is Riley that MHWF also took in and just turned 7 years old.  😉  Here is a more recent picture of Riley.  

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Anna WI
Faith has had limited rides since last year but she is doing very well. She will be rode a lot more this year since I have been fortunate to find someone to lease one of my horses. I'll have someone to ride with now as well.

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Love it, thank you Anna!
Anna F.
The day I've been anticipating finally came and I'm so excited. We like to go on organized rides and yesterday was the first one for Faith. This was her first time being hauled from home and I'll admit she was extremely nervous once we arrived to the ride Friday evening but with the security of my steady eddy horse next to her, it didn't take long for her to relax. Yesterday we accomplished the ride and she was amazing. We loped most of the way back and she was so good. She had one naughty moment but it wasn't anything to worry much about. Faith can still be a nut from time to time but she always comes through when I get on her.

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Sounds like she did very well in that setting.  so happy for you.
Anna WI
Faith has been out on the trails and doing wonderfully.

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