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Fanci Fire - 18 yrs.

$450- Fanci Fire is an 18 year old  registered Arab/Saddlebred (National Show Horse) mare. She is sound, healthy, well cared for and current on her all her 2014 shots. She just got her teeth floated as well. Fanci leads, load, ties and is great for the vet and farrier. She is a veteran trail horse and is very sweet and easy going. She is even broke to drive and although is has been quite a few years since she has pulled a cart, she has done it and was really good at it. This is a horse just about anyone who can ride will enjoy. Don't let her age fool you, she has not been over-worked and doesn't have a lot of wear and tear. She still hase a lot of good years left in her. Very smart, good looking, easy going and experienced, what more could you want?


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Jenni O.
Pretty, and with experience to boot! My first horse was 18 when I bought her. She's 26 and today we had our first ride of the year, and she is still so fun to ride. You can't tell the true age of any horse with Arab in it.
Oh my gosh...love that face!
What a lovely little mare this is here!  Fanci came out to be ridden this afternoon, and she did wonderful.  Many times when horses are in their first couple of weeks of adjustment on coming in, they tend to be very concerned when brought out of the pasture and looking for their friend(s).  Fanci was wonderful and wasn't concerned at all, very relaxed and rode very well again.  Both Fanci and Freedom are very relaxed out in the pasture here already and were napping in the sun today.  
Donna R
I would so want to come meet her if I was looking for a horse.  I'll bet she won't be there long.
Lindsey S
How tall is Fancie?  Is she any easy keeper?  Do you think she would do well with kids?
We didn't measure Fanci, but until we do I would say she is between 14 and 14.2 hands.  I will have to measure her.  As far as doing well with kids, that entirely depends upon the kids.  :)  She is pretty laid back and easygoing, does very well under saddle.  I wouldn't call her a horse for a complete beginner, but there are plenty of kids who would do great with her.  

I was out this morning with the little camera and took a couple pics.  Here is one of Fanci munching away while Freedom was having a nap.

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Heather H
Congrats to the new home for Fanci Fire! I just logged on now and saw a big red ADOPTED under her name. I look forward to seeing pictures!
Somebody got really lucky with this one. I was able to see and ride this horse. She is a very nice looking little horse and she rode very well. Her trot and canter are great!    
We are so happy to announce that Fanci found herself a wonderful home yesterday!  I think she will be leaving tomorrow to head off to her new home.  

Lindsey S. came to meet Fanci yesterday and I don't think a better match could have been found.  They did really great together and got along beautifully!  You may remember the two older horses named Brandy and Bunn who came in together and were adopted a while back together. Lindsey is their adopter.  Unfortunately Brandy crossed the Bridge some time back, and Bunn's arthritis is really catching up with her.  They were very lucky to have found such a great home with Lindsey.  It is always amazing what a small world it is too.  Everyone knows Anna who is fostering and training Flash pony, and it was so fun to see Anna yesterday, as she came along with Lindsey.  How they met was that Anna was doing some body work on a horse over in her area and Lindsey happened to be there, wearing her MHWF sweatshirt, and they have since become friends.  
Anyway, we thank you both, and big congratulations to Lindsey on her adoption of Fanci!!  

Here are a few pictures from adoption day yesterday, 5/10/2014:  

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Jane Liess
So sorry to hear about Brandy; I always thought that she and Bunn were such a cute pair.  But Fanci is a very lucky girl, and she fits in the color scheme, too!  Congrats!
Donna R
Congratulations Lindsey and Fanci.  You look so perfect for each other.  Best wishes for a great future together.  Great photos!
Jenni O.
lindsey s
Jane.  Yes, she does fit the color scheme!  Fanci seems to be adjusting well.  Within 15 minutes of being home she was rolling out in the pasture!  We are very excited to start spending some time with her!
Congrats Lindsey! It was nice to meet you last weekend.
Lindsey S

Thank you everyone!  Jurita, it was nice to meet you also! 

Congratulations Lindsey!  She is beautiful and sounds like a great match!!
Lindsey S.
Fanci meeting Brianna!

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Jane Liess
I don't know which of them is cuter!  I've always liked kids with glasses (maybe because I was one of them). 
Lindsey S.

My niece Katie and Fanci Fire!

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Love it!!

What a great photo! Everyone has great expressions!

Fancie Fire and Brianna. Fancie is doing great!

Have an awesome day!

Lindsey S.

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Jenni O.
Wow, she sure is pretty!
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