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Denise S - WW
I just read your response Scott & that last part caused me to spit water all over my work desk & keyboard. It just struck my funny bone & I can't stop laughing!!

I think "Feegs" is waiting for someone special, very special!!! 
Scott: MHWF
You know me Denise...I call it like I see it....LOL.

Its true though, it is very hard to find a home for a pasture buddy, and it is also true that a big chunk of the people who own horses never actually ride them.

The vet was just here and told me a story about a local doctor that has been boarding his horse at the same place for 18 years and has never even been out to see the horse, more or less ride it. But yet for some reason he keeps the horse and pays his board on time every month. People perplex me sometimes.....a lot of times....LOL.
Denise S - WW

heeheeheee...I know, that's what was so funny, you call it like it is & I applaude you for that!  Makes me chuckle every now & then too!! :-) 

As I think everyone knows, Figaro is super playful.  He really does love to play and can get a lot of the other horses to play with him.  He especially loves it when he has other youngsters around who will join in. 

We were talking about cold weather and how horses do in the cold and I had mentioned that when it was below zero out there, Figaro was out there playing.  Today it hovered around tha zero mark, and I did bring my camera out there with me.  Here are a few shots of Figaro playing, with Caramel and with Dakota. 

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Jenni O.

Love the photos!  And what a great action shot.  It's funny how playful Figaro is.  He would be a great pasture pal to have around, because he's not some dead head sitting out there.  Entertaining, keeps the other horses busy...

Denise S - WW
Adorable pictures!! I just love the playful ones! I love the dead head ones too!! :-) :-)

Totally agree, Jenni O.  It is what makes him so loveable to so many!

I haven't posted pics of Feegs in this long?  People need to start reminding me, I think my memory is failing me or something.  :)  :)  I need to get some more pics of Figaro and Harley playing, because they still do that continually and they are a blast to watch. 

Figaro LOVES visitors and he was having a blast this weekend when Kara, Kayla and Nicole came out. 

Here are a couple of cute pics from Saturday, 2/2/2013, of Figaro sucking up the attention (Danny right there in the background), and he even gave Kara a nice grooming of her back too as well as a couple of good kisses.  :) 

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Jenni O.
Wow, he would be a nice one to have around.  Very useful.
Thank you for sharing the pictures!  I just love seeing Figaro :)
He is so cute!! If only I had my own place.
Ann Cameron Williams
Hi -

Can Figaro be handwalked in a ring without hurting him? And is his condition anticipated to worsen as he gets older, or is that an unknown?

A note for anyone reading that is considering adopting a horse that cannot be ridden: I own an older horse that was abandoned and starving when I found him at a barn on the east coast. He wasn't in a rescue barn - he was in a pasture of a horse farm, ignored by the owner who could no longer ride him after years of eventing and fox hunting. I saw him standing listless, alone, and unwanted. I bought him that day. He's still in the rehab process after a year, getting his weight up, getting hooves in shape. I might lose him to a sinus tumor, and if that should come to pass, I will be looking to adopt another horse that has much to give, but not in the dimension of riding. While I don't ride him (and likely never will), the joy I receive every day from giving him good days every day is the most amazing gift he gives me every day. He is loved by everyone in the barn I have him in now, and has a contented, happy look in his eye because he knows it. We all deserve to have that, don't you think?

Figaro looks awesome. I will be keeping him in my thoughts.

Jane Liess
What a wonderful thing you have done for your horse.  It is always so hard to see them get old, but knowing that there are others out there waiting to be rescued can ease the pain.  Good luck.
mel d
We get so much joy (and laughs) from our pasture pal, Little Lucky. He is young and will be ours forever. Am hoping Figaro finds a family this year who will enjoy all the other aspects of horses beyond riding.
Are my eyes playing tricks on me or does it say ADOPTED!!!!  Congratulations Figaro and your new family!!
Yeah for Figaro!   A big congratulations to your forever home!

Kara W.
Alrighty guys, you weren't expecting to read this I'm sure.  We have some really great news to share.  Figaro got adopted today!!!!!!  As most of you know, Figaro has been here a long time and he has become a very special part of the herd here where many of you have met him.  A lot of people have fallen in love with Figaro over the years.  Christine (who has Amos and Samon) fell in love with him from the first time she saw him, had asked about adopting him in the past and this has always been on her mind.  Things moved along here and the decision was made this past Friday that Figaro was to join Christine and Nick and their herd!  I have to be honest and say that I never really thought Figaro would leave here and this was very much like giving my own horse to someone, and while we are really going to miss him we are just thrilled that Nick and Christine made the leap of faith and took Figaro into their hearts and pasture.  Figaro left for his new home just a short while ago.  He was a real champ for loading and everything.  I held it together and didn't even cry, believe it or not.  It is very hard to express just how happy I am that Figaro is joining Nick and Christine's herd where I know he is going to keep Amos busy with some fun play time, and I'm sure we will be visiting too.  :) 

I want to explain the beautiful blue halter that Figaro is wearing. A wonderful lady named Toni came by the MHWF farm brought 20 halters, 10 pink and 10 blue. The Sandy Hook tragedy hit her really hard and she was thinking about the 20 acts of kindness and she came up with this idea.  Each horse that gets adopted now will leave with a beautiful rope halter with attached lead rope, pink for the mares and blue for the geldings. You will notice that there is a little horse figure attached to the halter, and each one of those little wooden horses attached to the halter has the name of a Sandy Hook victim on it.  What a wonderful way to remember them and share their memory! Here is an adoption day picture of Figaro with Nick and Christine, and the beautiful blue halter in remembrance of DANIEL from the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

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Donna R
Congratulations Christine, Nick and Figaro!  I have to say that I will miss seeing Feegs when we visit the MHWF farm.   I am so happy though that he will be going to live with some of his old buddies and with you two who Karen and Scott think so highly of.  He is one special horse.  I know you won't regret your decision.  Sure hope to see some updates! 
Woohoo!!  Happy dance here!  Congratulations to Figaro, Christine and Nick!!
Donna M
Wonderful news!! Congrats to the growing family!
Wendy W - WI
OMG....that is one awesome friggen picture and adoption.  Christine and Nick, I KNOW Feegs is going to have the best home with you.  Congratulations!  And a big hug to both of you!

All went perfectly!  He really did do exceptionally well on the way home.  No issues, no calling out, no pawing....nothing!  When we were stuck by the train he was really good, and only got a bit impatient after 15 minutes!!  He quickly settled down and did great the remainder of the ride.  Once we arrived, he started eating grass right away, while looking around.  We took him through the barn, and the boys greeted him in the arena with no issues whatsoever!  Amos was so excited (pictures to show how excited) and Sam was as well.  Then Mack came in last and claimed Feegs as his buddy!  That is a good position to be in considering Mack is the herd leader :)  They ran a bit in excitement, then paired off and are grazing as if nothing is different at all.
We are all so happy to have Figaro join our family (we were also able to surprise our daughter when we pulled up so that was a real bonus)!  He is such a sweet boy and we are honored to be entrusted with him.  I fell in love at first sight and we now look forward to the many years of joy he will bring to all of us.

I have to admit, I did choke up, especially after reading your adoption post.  Thank you both for making this happen!

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OH HAPPY DAY!!  congrats to Figaro and Christine and Nick and the rest of the squad at their home!
From the photos that were taken, it looks like* Figaro* got a RIP SNORTEN running start, and celebrated with the new family/herd. Oh, this should be a wonderful match, with all of the fun and games that he KNOWS.Hope to see more photos, and Congratulations to Christine & Nick on the addition to their herd/family. WOW
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