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Donna R
What a beautiful herd!  Great photos of Figaro with his buddies!
Denise S - WW
BIG CONGRATS to Feegs & his new family! I am so happy he has found his forever home! Christine & Nick, may you enjoy a lifetime of wonderful memories with that wonderful boy! Love the pics!!
What a great thing to see on a Monday morning!  So fantastic.  Congratilations to all!

Amos and Sam clearly remembered him, and Feeg's legendary social skills got him in good with the boss right away.  (By the way, that chestnut- Mack? with all the dapples?  What breed is that? Stunning.)
Heike B
Congratulations Christine, I know Figaro will be very happy with your herd!  It was really fun to run into you again at Scott and Karen's - this time under much better circumstances!

Such a nice thing to read! I am so happy for Figaro that he got adopted! Love the pictures, he sure fits in like a glove! Keep up  the updates!

This is awesome news!  Big congratulations to Figaro and his new family.  Your herd looks beautiful and I'm sure he will be very happy in his new home!
mel d
Huge congrats on giving Figaro a forever home, and a tissue for Karen. How hard it had to be to say goodbye to that sweet horse.
Thank you everyone!  We really are so happy he is here, and all is still going very well.  The first night was uneventful, everyone was bright eyed this morning and going about their business as if this has been the way all along.  Nicole checked on them during the day, and everyone was great!  When I got home from work today I checked on them to see what was going on before I even made it into the house.  Feegs was heading out to the front pasture and the others were following him out, one right after the other.  It really does feel like this is what has been, and what was meant to be!  I really am looking forward to watching Figaro and Amos playing...once Mack let's him out of his sight!!

BetC, Mack is a liver chestnut Clydesdale/Morgan.  He is a handsome guy, isn't he?!   Mel d, Karen has free access to our place anytime she wants or needs it, even though I know it is not the same :(
*Mack* is a BIG boy, but beautiful to boot. The other hoofers in your herd, will make *Feeg* get frisky, so that should be a lot of fun to watch. That in itself, makes your day coming home from work, an exciting  time. You never know what silly things they will do or think of... WHOA!! ha ha ha
Congratulations! Did you get to use your new shipping boots? ;)
After driving for at least 45 minutes, I suddenly remembered what it was that I forgot...the shipping boots!  Too funny!  I am not sure if Nick found the humor, but I did!!!
More pics to share of Feegs!

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Name: DSC00174.JPG, Views: 583, Size: 155.55 KB

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linda b
I am so happy for all of you!  What a great match for the herd, also!
Jenni O.
So awesome. That Amos can really move, wow! Figaro truly looks like he's meant to be there. All of your pictures are great. Looks like the herd is packed full of personality.
Denise From MN
This is so beautiful <3
It sure is beautiful to see. *Figaro* is one happy guy now. He has *Mack* as a good buddy, and the rest of the herd will hopefully bond like no other. Hope you can keep the ph otos coming, cuz I like the one with *Mack* & *Feeg* nose to nose. Oh, and  their butts are spectacular.... 
Ann G

Yay & Congrats again on all your adoptions!! So very happy to see the pictures. Everyone looks happy together and your farm looks beautiful!

Jamie M
What a great surprise!  and what a beautiful place Feegs went to!!  So happy for all...  I haven't been visiting this site lately, we have been so busy.  We decided to build a house on top of our hill which overlooks the horse pasture (walkout basement type)  Our current home on the property is over 100 yrs old and needs so many repairs, it made more sense to rebuild.  So we are in the thick of things right now, I barely caught the end of the auction to place a bid.  So Imagine what a surprise when I checked in with the site today and saw Figaro got adopted!!!  I too never expected to see that happen.  So I am thrilled!
mel d
Smiles, smiles, smiles...Feegs at home with the herd :) What could brighten a day more than that?
Some new photos of Figaro and friends. He was actually paying with Amos today! Some photos with Mack and some with Amos.

Attached Images
Name: figaro_and_amos1.JPG, Views: 326, Size: 62.83 KB

Name: figaro_and_amos2.JPG, Views: 327, Size: 71.05 KB

Name: figaro_and_amos3.JPG, Views: 326, Size: 65.82 KB

Name: figaro_and_mack.JPG, Views: 325, Size: 72.82 KB

Name: figaro_and_mack2.JPG, Views: 325, Size: 70.88 KB

Name: figaro.JPG, Views: 326, Size: 72.83 KB

Name: mack_and_figaro.JPG, Views: 327, Size: 79.52 KB

Jenni O.
Figaro looks great. That's quite the herd you have there.
Denise S - WW
So good to see Feegs again!!! :-)
*Figaro* is where he belongs now. Good buds like *Amos* and *Mack*... what could be any better than that. Thanx for sharing.
It has been a while since I have updated on Feegs, sorry about that!  He is such a sweet, well behaved boy and we are so happy he is here.  He will always come up for a visit and is genuinely happy to see you.  He does have a routine, especially in the morning, where it is a bit of play time.  He tries to get things going by biting Mack in the backside, then does a duck and run!  He seems to really enjoy playing over the fence with Sinatraa, our Arab.  

Unfortunately, after work today we found him limping and it appears he either slipped and pulled a tendon or a possible abscess.  He does not want to put weight on his front left leg.  He is a bit swollen from the back of his knee to the top of his fetlock so we wrapped it, gave him bute, and he is on stall rest for now.  He was so good about slipping a sock over his hoof and then wrapping his leg.  Such a character, he was so interested in what was going on and always stood like a champ.

Here are a few pictures of Figaro patiently waiting for more treats!  We just love him!

Sorry to hear about his injury. If it's a tendon issue, you may want to put standing wraps on him and he would need them on both front legs since the good leg is supporting most of his weight right now. Hope he's on the mend soon!
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