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Please take a moment to read the write up on Figaro. Maybe one of you have a place for this poor sweet fellow in your pasture.



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How sad to read this. He seemed like such a promising young horse. Atleast he'll be able to live a relaxing, and comfortable, life in someone's pasture.

Denise S - WW
What a sweet boy, ridable or not. I hope someone with a big heart comes along soon. Pasture buddies are the best!!!    

What a sweet horse! I hope he finds home soon! He looks sooo sweet!

mel d
Such bittersweet news about Figaro...
Poor kid, but how wonderful he is part of the MHWF family and looking for a new home...
Sarah: WI

Hey, there's always halter classes!

I just realized today that Figaro does not have his own thread other than this one that was started back in August of last year shortly after he first arrived.  We started our new procedure of giving each horse their own thread here on the forum and adding pictures and updates as time allows, so I will start adding things to this thread for Figaro. 

Figaro is one of the sweetest horses you could ever want to meet.  He is doing very well and is very "pasture sound", he just cannot be ridden.  His health is great and he really is doing great.  I have never met a better pasture buddy.  Figaro loves every horse he comes into contact with and wants to be friends with every one.  He loves to play too and will play with anyone who will play with him. :)  Feeg adores people and you are guaranteed to have Feeg come and say hello any time you enter the pasture here.  Feeg is very curly in the winter, but in the summer time he sheds out and becomes sleek.  He does have the curly mane and tail and does not lose all of his mane and tail like many Curly horses do. 

Here are a few links to read a bit about Curly horses too: 






I have posted pictures of Figaro on other threads over the past year and I will copy them over and put them here.  I did get a picture or 2 of Figaro from today too (June 7, 2009) and will share as well. 

Figaro coming in for a closer look, in his glorious wavy curliness (from this past winter). 

And here we have Feeg (Figaro) and Gus playing like crazy.  That Feeg really loves to play.  (from this past winter as well)

Here is Figaro in his muddy glory. 

Figaro from today, June 7, 2009: 

As many of you know, it rained here all day yesterday and all night last night, so we have some muddy spots here and there. 

Here is Figaro working his way through a muddy patch to come and say hi:

Here's Feeg saying hi (I had to snap the picture before I had his nose in my face). 

Sherri N.

What a cool horse he is, and beautiful as well.  These photos show how he has grown up over the last year. 


We met Feeg at the Open House last autumn.  He truly is a super sweet guy...my 14 year old cousin fell in love with him and if she had a place to keep him she would have loved to take him home.  I've attached a picture of Feeg and my cousin. 

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Awww, that is such a sweet picture, thanks for posting than Jenn!  I remember that, and isn't your cousin's name Phoenix?  I remember how much she fell for Feeg at the open house. 


Yup, my cousin's name is Phoenix..you have a very good memory Karen! 

Well, Figaro has some new and updated photos on the adoption horse's page, but nothing here for a while.  Time for a fresh update! 

Figaro continues to do fantastic!  He is the ideal pasture buddy being an easy keeper and he loves everyone, horse and human alike.  :) 

I had such a lovely morning.  I went out early and just spent time in the pasture with all of the horses, and had my camera with.  (there was some great fog this morning out there!)  They get so used to seeing me out there, and I think sometimes they even want to show off for me a bit.  As I've mentioned before, Figaro is very playful and I was lucky enough this morning to have the boys go into one of their play times while I was out there. 

Here is a shot of Figaro playing with Volare (9/2/2009)


Just bumping this up for someone to see.  :) 

Figaro is such a neat guy..smile..sure hope someone with extra room for a pasture pony finds this gem soon.  Dang..if wishes were horses...or rather if wishes were ACRES...grin...

chris MI
I notice an absence of Figaro (and then realized Lacey) from the adoption page. Is this the result of some exchanges between St. Francis and MHWF? 
(I got scared for him a minute, then realized there was probably a logical, non-dramatic explanation.)

Scott: MHWF
Nope, Figaro is still on the adoption page......

No idea what you mean by Lacey though...
chris MI
I can't see him!

I guess there must be a problem on my end.

(Sorry I have trouble with name finding in my brain - I also cannot see the dark Trakehner mare and I think I remember her name starting with an L...)

I just went and checked and Limerick and Figaro are both still listed on the adoption horses page.  I don't know what the issue could be Chris, but I'm seeing them.  Limerick is the horse with the "L" that you must have been thinking of.  :) 

As long as I'm here, Figaro is still doing great.  He is such a playful horse, he always entertains me in getting the other horses to play with him.  One of the horses that he plays with a lot is Harley pony. 
chris MI
I must have broke my internet!

(Thanks Karen, you read my mind)
Glad they are both just fine. Both such lovely horses!


OH Karen...you have to give Harley a rope and see if he can teach Figaro to play tug of war!!  GRIN...if anyone can learn it would be playful Figaro!

I will have to put a rope out there for Feeg and Harley to play (and get pics). 

We can see Limmy and Figaro on the page, so we're not sure what is going on, but we are going to re-upload and see if that helps. 
We are going to completely delete the whole page and reload it and see if we can get it fixed.  There obviously has to be something wrong.  Dr. Jan, we got your phone message, we just got in and too late to return your call, thank you.  Hopefully we will have this fixed in the morning. 

Tina O.
I can see everybody now! YAY!
Scott: MHWF
Since no simple solution was found, I opted to delete the entire page, wipe it clean and rebuild it. In doing so I found some strange HTML code that did not belong. It appears that was the problem and everyone should see all the horses now.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. I have one more horse to add yet before we can call the page done, but that should only take a few moments.
Jan N
:)   :)   at seeing the newly listed pasture-buddies and being able to check for Figaro and Limerick pix on adoption page again. Thanks Scott!
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