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Kim M.

Just wanted to bring Feeg to the front page. I think I'm falling for bays and Curly's have always had a soft spot in my heart. Karen, would Feeg be a good therapy horse for abused kids? I don't know of any particular programs, but may be....?

Thanks Kim. 
Maybe with age he might be (for a program that requires absolutely no riding), but right now he's still too much of a kid and probably not quite laid back enough for anything along those lines. 

Personally, Feegs can stay here as long as he likes ;) ....he is very good with the new horses that arrive and always makes friends with them and makes them feel at home.  :)  Priceless.  I do know a special someone who has a special place in her heart for him, and the rest needs to fall into place before she can bring him home, which may take quite a bit of time. 

Feegs is a sweetheart...Phoenix and I were trying to figure out a way to keep him at my place with some financial help from her dad (we are one horse short with the passing of my friends' horse who stayed at my place) but it appears that won't be happening.  :-(  I know he'll find his forever home one day...hopefully with that special someone. 

Laurie L.

If what Kim was talking about is any form of equine assisted counseling/psychotherapy, the horse does not have to be laid back at all for that.  All you need is a horse not known to kick at or bit humans.  As a matter of fact, a more animated horse is preferable. 

MHWF, Inc.
Just to name a couple of experiences with therapy programs.  One sent a horse to auction when it got old and not so useful to them any more (slaughter bound I am sure), and I am sure do this with other horses besides just this one that we happen to know about.  (Our contract is only 5 years, but we like to find homes where they aren't going to be shipped when they age).  Another one very recently has about 20 horses on 2 acres, very crowded and surely not an ideal situation to add yet another horse to.  Not impressed. 
With adopting a horse to a program like this, it would have to be an ideal situation for the horse, not just for the program that wants the horse.  If it is the right situation for an adoption horse we consider it, but preferrably it would be nice to find a home where a horse is going to stay put and have an actual owner. 
Just wanted to bring this up to the top. I had the honor of meeting Figaro last night. He is a very very special horse, I completely fell in love with him. Thank you so much for letting me visit, Karen!
Thanks for coming to visit Sophie, it was great seeing you!!  I look forward to seeing you again soon too.  :)  I shared my one chocolate bar with Scott when he got home and I am going to be trying on the new rope halter on Wiejka tonight!  Thank you again! 

Figaro is such a sweetie pie.  He followed Sophie all over the pasture, and we did take some pictures too.  Here is a pic of Sophie and Feegs. 

Oh...well.....Sophie - you have to take him home with you now.  HE PICKED YOU!

AWWWW...good visit for sure!  Looks like those 2 will be pals for life!


I was wondering whether Figaro (or any of the other youngish pasture pets) would be able to be driven.  I would think that pulling a light cart with one person in it can be a lot less work and stress than carrying and balancing an adult, because the wheels support the weight.  If so, it might help them find an adoptive home.  Or perhaps a trick and liberty career, like that horse that painted pictures at last year's Horse Fair.    Thoughts?

mel d

Two beauties! Great photo, great subjects! Glad Sophie got to visit :-)


BetC, when Figaro started being worked a bit to be trained is when he started coming up lame, and then x-rays were done that showed problems with his cartilage and other irregularities.  When he first got back here after all of this was found, he was underweight and he was quite stiff and sore.  A good long time off and he is perfectly comfortable and maintains a really good weight (actually chubby now after winter).  It seems that any type of work causes him discomfort.  He would surely be able to be taught all kinds of tricks that do not require a lot of physical work though, such as painting pictures, answering questions with a yes or no answer, etc. 

There are really no new updates on Figaro, he is as sweet as ever and always making new friends as they arrive to MHWF.  He has made a good friend in Lisa the molly mule already.  Figaro remains very playful and a part of the "boys" here, very happy, content and healthy (you can see how nice and shiny and what good weight he keeps).  I thought it would be nice to post some nice fresh pictures of Figaro.  He sends his love. 

Lori W

He just melts my heart.


Awe....love this handsome guy, such a sweetheart he is!

Denise S - WW
What a very special boy!! Big smiles over here!! He looks fabulous!!

He is just beautiful, with a personality to match.


i have heard that the curly horses are hypoallergenic.  just a thought, to gear this pretty boy towards a horse lover that may be unable to have a horse due to allergies.  i see him being loved, and brushed, and spoiled by someone who has always wanted a horse, but couldn't because of allergies.  hopefully soon,  he looks great!!!!!


I wish I could fast-forward four years! My fiancee and I are interested in Figaro and Cleo but there's no way that we can provide for them them until we build our house (Which will happen in about 2 or 3 years). When I went looking for horse rescues on-line, I came across your page and I nearly fell off my chair to find that you had a Bashkir Curly. My fiancee is allergic to horses but we really want to ride trails together. I saw that Cleo is under inspection right now - we're crossing our fingers for him to be ok. When I found Figaro, I thought that he was so handsome that if we got Cleo, we'd bring Figaro home too (I didn't realize that they came in together until I read their message boards). Cartilage problem or not, he'll be fun to spoil. :)  I promise to apply for both of them if they are still with you when we have our house and barn built. We're looking at getting ten acres, twenty if we can swing it so there will be plenty of room for both of them.

Figaro. What can I say, other than that he is so very special. There's just something about pasture buddies.
I know what you mean Sophie I had an instant bond once Me and Izzy saw eachother she floowed me everywere in the pasture and scared other horses away to be by me <3 I miss her soooooo much
Figaro adored the attention he got from Sophie and Blake on their visit.  (Sophie, in looking at the above picture I can't believe your last visit was March!) 
Here are a couple of cute pictures from in the pasture with Feegs on Sophie and Blake's visit.  You can see Figaro is growing his wavy winter coat too. 

It looks like *Figaro* is giving Blake the once over, and saying it is okay and that he likes Sophie and her bringing out Blake... nice photos.

Excellent photos!  Love the shots of Blake & Figaro...grin...

mel d

Have to look at these photos over and over, they make me smile. Yep, I think Figs knows Sophie so well and is just checking out Blake, sniff, sniff, sniff :-) The last shot is awesome, they are sharing a moment :-)

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