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Thank you so much Scott and Karen for having us! It was a wonderful visit, and so good to see you guys again, and Figaro too! And I think Blake's hooked ;):D

I'll catch this one for you Anne, there are scattered threads on Figaro here on the forum so thought I'd get the most pertinent one here to bump.  :) 

Thank you to my dear Sophie for the beautiful new halter I got today along with the yummy treats!  I think I might share a couple of the treats with some of my best friends here.  Maybe I can get Karen to snap a picture of me in my beautiful new halter too and share it here. 
Big nickers and neighs! 
Merry Christmas my Figaro, I love you!
I just wanted to quick share a couple fun pics of Figaro and Harley from yesterday, 1/19/2011.  They were in one of the holding pens awaiting their Coggins and Harley decided that Figaro really needed help getting that halter off.  :) 

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Wendy W - WI

What fun shots of super playful Feegs.  He looks wonderful in yellow.  I know someone bought that halter special for him. 

You look so handsome Figaro! I'm sending a big kiss for you. Thanks so much for the pictures, Karen!!
*Harley* sure is a smarty pants, and *Feeg* is anxious for *Harley* to unsnap that halter.. hurry bud, get it OFF.... ha ha ha ha

What a couple of playful boys!  They sure look like they are having fun...smile...

Denise S - WW
Oh that's soooo funny & soooo adorable! Thanks for the smile this morning!

Awe...love that curly boy!! 

Tanya R.

Absolutely LOVE these pictures!  What a couple of little "stinkers"! lol!  Glad to see they were having fun :)

I think you could send that to HAHA Horses for their caption contest.

"okay, let me just get this here... Hey! that's my Eye!"
I happened to be out with my camera this morning during playtime in the pasture.  Here are Harley pony and Figaro playing, like they often do.  :)  (Harley left, Figaro right) 

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Donna R

Beautiful shot Karen!  I spotted Trigger, our mini, in the pasture in a pose like that playing with our largest horse.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of it.  But then it wouldn't have turned out quite like yours:)

So funny to see this.  Randy and I were just talking tonight about where Cleo (Figaro's brother) learned to play like this.  He and Reggie love to go at it when they are turned out or just hangin' in the arena waiting for us to get their "beds" ie stalls ready for them in the pm.

Now I am going to have to try and get a picture of those 2 in the act.

Great shot!!  Love to watch horses play!

It is a very playful pasture here, they all seem so happy.  Most of the horses in the pasture here do play quite a bit, I just happen to catch Feeg and Harley for a pic yesterday really getting into it.  :)  Well, the mares generally not as playful as geldings (other than Bambi who is very playful), but sometimes. 
Donna, we remember Trigger playing like that here too, he was always a hoot to watch. 
Julia K

I am looking forward to visiting Figaro tomorrow.  Hopefully he will like me and we can bring him to our little green pasture to play with my baby girl :-)

Jodi W

Keeping my hopes up for you and Feegs.  He seems such a sweetheart and so deserving of a loving home to call his own.  (Please take no offense, Dear Scott and Karen, I know you both love him!!)  It's time for Feegs to be able to move on so you can help another who needs it!!

Carol in OC

Julia: sending you and Feegs positive karma for your visit tomorrow.  ;-)

*Figaro* is losing his friend, *Harley* the little houdini!  I sure hope *Figaro* meets up with another great buddy in the pasture now.. *Harley* is a cutie, and this halter riff was the cutest ever. *Figaro* will find his soulmate when the time is RIGHT!!!

Char, no need to worry about Figaro, Harley is only one of his friends, Figaro has many friends here.  Figaro plays with other horses just like the play with Harley, I just happened to have my camera out and caught the shots of these two playing for that particular picture.  :) 


Have alot of people had interest in Figaro, and how long has he been there? I would adopt him in a second if I had the space! So many people seem to love him, I just don't understand why he isn't adopted yet!

Scott: MHWF

To us that is a pretty simple question, Figaro is still here because he is a pasture buddy and cannot be ridden. It takes a very special person to open their heart and pasture up to a horse that cannot be ridden, even though about 1/2 of the people who own horses don't ride them anyway.

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