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Sounds like another award winning Gentle Giant
Good update. What a nice horse you have :)
Hey, where's my pix?  I rode her too!!  It was a blast  but I have to say, she did listen to Brad better than to me.
What a great update, and yes, your Frances rocks!
Kim B
Some Extra Pictures of Linda B. and Frances... :) 



Kim B
Since it was brought to my attention this morning that today was Frannie's birthday we had a mini celebration with her this evening. Here are a couple of pictures of our little princess and her birthday cake [smile]

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Happy B-Day Frannie :-)  Yum!

What a cutie!  Happy b-day Frannie
Jenni O.
Someone's spoiled, lol! Love the hat on her. And the cake looks delicious, although I prefer chocolate.
Jane Liess
Beautiful cake!  Maybe you should go into the party planning field for horses' birthdays.  I'd sure order a cake and party hats for my crew (if I knew their birthdays).
Scott: MHWF
Love it Kim!
mel d
What a great birthday!
Linda B.
Guess who came to visit?

Poco with Kim,  Frannie with Brad, Dreamer with Linda and Brittany the Aussie

Lots of great trail riding!

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Kim B
Oh Frannie and her cute "Little Butt", actually a little more like a brick wall especially when you think you are going to kick it up a gear going up a hill.  Had a blast on the trials and looking forward to many more rides in the north-woods Linda B [wink] 
Jenni O.
Frannie reminds me of our Peggy Sue, from the front and back. [smile] Frannie is definitely bigger though!
Thanks for taking such good care of my girl! She is one in a million and I'm glad that you see that too! It was one of the hardest decisions of my life to let her go and it's still hard a year later. I'm so glad she found your family. I knew she was in good hands when I left her at Midwest and they didn't let me down[smile]. Give her a hug for me please!
Kim B
Thank you Chris...that means a lot to me.  She is definitely one in a million.  Brad was never really into riding just kind of went along with it all to appease me, but now that he has Frances as his trusted companion he actually is getting into riding.  He even suggests going on rides now.  It is amazing what the right horse can do for someones confidence and feelings towards riding in general.  You have no idea how excited and happy it made me when Brad was bragging up his time riding Frances to his brother on the phone.  He has never been so excited about riding a horse, it was super cool and all thanks to Frances and thanks to you for donating her.  She is an amazing animal and I am so glad I made the drive to meet her when I did, I almost canceled that morning because we were going to be leaving for Florida and I had already spent 6 hours in my car just to turn around and spend 8 more.  Well worth the drive [smile]  I will be sure to give her a great big hug...and it is apple orchard season at my office...I have a couple of co-workers that own an orchard so my horses and dogs reap the benefits this time of year. 
Jenni O.
Hehe, I just noticed Linda's saddle. Hope she wasn't riding like that-might need to save the wine for AFTER the ride. Just kidding.
yes, it was after the ride!  We were in the process of unsaddling when decided on the photo op!  But that girl would have stood still as a statue if it had happened on the ride.
She is an awesome girl!!
Kim B
Had some great rides enjoying the fall colors this past week so I wanted to share a couple photos...enjoy [smile]

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Scott: MHWF
Jenni O.
Jealous! Pretty trails on a big, beautiful horse. I had to work this past weekend.
Chris K
Just wondering if you guys have been able to ride Frannie In the snow at all, Kim. We don't really have snow here, but I'm assuming you do. Trail rides that I've been able to do in winter have always been my favorite ones. Hope Fran is doing well! Give her a hug for me[smile]
Kim B
Sadly we don't have a whole lot of snow...maybe 2 inches.  The last big rides we took were in WI right before deer hunting...Frances wasn't all that sure about the hills we were maneuvering down...lol.  It was kind of funny.  I can just imagine the thoughts going through her head as the other horses we road with just marched there way down...she did it, but she didn't want to.  She is such a trooper.  Otherwise in the winter we mostly just meander through the pastures, nothing big.  I would love to get out and do some winter trail rides it would be a blast.

The first one is our Christmas Card photo this year...what a pain it is to try and take pictures with animals that don't want to stand there...or are only focused on one thing..FOOD.  We had a bunch of other ones, but this one I liked the most (kind of like the pictures where all the kids are poking fun of each other...other then the two well behaved ones on the left)

The second one is just a picture my mom took of Frances and I shortly after the Christmas photo.

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Jane Liess
Love your Xmas photo!  One big happy family.
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