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Frances Can Fly (Franny) and Kim's nephew on Easter Sunday.

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Chris K
Frannie looks great!
Heike B
She sure does!  And Kim's nephew is so intent on his task.  Frannie seems like a gentle giant.
Jenni O.
And the two of them match!
Kim B
Thanks Chris...we love love love her.  I just can not get over how gentle and attentive she is.  Really looking forward to hitting the trails now that is warming up [smile]

Overall though nothing all that new in the world of Frances...she loves the green grass that is starting to poke up, loves getting groomed (especially with her wooly mammoth coat shedding out), loves getting carrots from my nieces and nephews that felt they were "sneaking" them from the kitchen counter to the horse pasture [wink] and well we just love her right back.
*Frances* is one beautiful mare.. LIFE IS GOOD,,,, and she found herself a great FAMILY to love and care for her, and include her in their family. Weather was great today, so it won't be long before the trails will be really good.. Your photos of *Frances* are really nice. Thanx for sharing.
Sounds like life is good for everyone!
Kim B
I came to the realization today that it has been a very long time since I wrote an update for Frances...

We continue to really enjoy having Frannie in our lives...she is so sweet and gentle I couldn't ask for anything more.  We had the opportunity to get out and visit a few new trails this summer and she did so great and really takes care of my husband Brad. 

We did have a little bit of a learning moment with Frances early in the spring when we purchased a new trailer...I still laugh when I think about it.   Our old trailer was an open stock type trailer which worked great, however; we decided to go out and buy a enclosed featherlight trailer so we can do overnight trips in comfort with our dogs...anyway; the trailer has tack storage in the rear and we have the 3/4 split doors.  Well...after we first brought the trailer home we were pretty excited so, we loaded the girls to see how they do with the new trailer and I wanted to work on teaching them to load on their own...which was easy and works awesome by the way [wink]  But first...Frances went in like a pro and enjoyed the treats she received while inside the trailer...fast forward to unloading.  When it came time to back Frannie out of the trailer she kept looking behind her...but in order for her to see anything over her big bum she would move her hips over, every time she would move her hips her big bum would touch either the side of the trailer or the stall divider so in her big horsey brain she thought she was stuck and couldn't fit through the door...OMG Brad and I laughed so hard at her frustration...I mean I was in tears laughing at the poor girl.  We worked at getting her out for a bit; but when she grabbed her grain pan and tossed I was pretty sure she hit her limit and was saying i quite I will just live in the trailer.  So we loaded Poco back up and took a drive around the neighborhood; got home and were able to get her to back right out...I didn't let her spin her head around...he he he.  She braced up for the trailer door 4 feet early, but she made it out [smile]  Needless to say we practiced enough that she gets it now, but wow...it was pretty awesome. 

Now for the best part of updates...Photos
One of the photos is from a weekend of riding in WI; another is from the 4th of July after our ride in Red Wing; one is from this week I just had to get out and get some snow photos before we lose it and lastly is just the picture from our holiday card this year.

I hope everyone had great holidays and happy new year [smile]

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Donna R
LOL!  Love the trailer loading story[smile]  What a great update!  These are the kind of posts that warm the heart.  Thank you for that!  Great photos too.  The second one looks like it could be a postcard.  Glad your girl is so adored by your family.
Jenni O.
That last photo cracks me up! Poor Frances, but I would've laughed at the trailer incident too. I can just picture it.

Do you ride at Hay Creek in Red Wing? I haven't been there in awhile, really like that place.

Kim B
Jenni O - we do ride at Hay Creek in Red Wing; that is where I took the last picture [smile]  We don't get to Red Wing all that often, but I do really like riding there, one of my favorite spots.
Kim B
Some fun pictures from this morning....

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Awesome update and a great tale of Frances and the trailer 
Ohhh I love frosty Francis! Beautiful!  The trailer story was great!  Thanks for sharing!!
Jenni O.
Beautiful photos!
Awesome pictures!

linda b
Lovely photos as usual, Kim.  So glad your horse adventures continue!
Still remember Brad "oh living at your place, she'll get over wanting horses"!
Beautiful photos...
Kim B
The Adventures of Frances...

Brad and I enjoyed some trail riding over the past weekend and I am going to oddly report one good ride and one bad ride :0   That is right; we found something that Frances did not want to do...

Saturday we went to Red Wing and had a good ride nothing eventful happened with Frances; kind of same ol' same' ol'...but...Monday we went to Henderson and there is where we found Frannie's Lex Luther.  River crossing...she did not under any circumstances want to ford the river (Not sure if her fear is from hearing about playing Oregon Trail having the ******* Oxen die; just because I jokingly call her an Ox doesn't necessarily mean she is going to suffer that fate...ok bad joke).  The water wasn't all that deep...about knee height, but she would not go.   Not even after I went through it with Roxanne.  Brad worked at trying to push her to cross and it was not happening so we decided to take a different route and I think she was stressed from the river and was hesitating over everything; therefore, we decided to head back to the trailer and have some lunch.  Following lunch we decided that it was a good time to work on going in the water...therefore we lead her back down to her Lex Luther River and I worked with her until I won [smile]  That is right...Frances took on the River and survived.  I lead her in and out of it a couple of times just to reinforce that fact that the water is ok.  By the time we got back to the truck I was sopping wet, but at least I feel like the day wasn't a bust.  Couple pictures from the weekend...I worked pretty hard for the last two [smile]

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Lisa B.
Good for you and Frances!!
Water can be such a challenge but so much fun as well. Enjoy!!
Jenni O.
I see she is expressing her opinion of the water in that last one.
Wow!  Nice job on conquering the water!  Just looking at those pics I can tell you went all in! haha  Love the update and the trail pics looked awesome!
Oh boy. I can relate to the water crossing issues.  
linda b
great story as usual, Kim.  Did you get another horse?  Roxanne?
BRAVO!   Brave Frances!  Kudos to you, Kim!!  Great pics and great ending result!
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