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Frances Can Fly and the sunset

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Beautiful shot.
Frances Can Fly says Hi!

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Kim B
It has been a long time since I posted an update so I figured today would be a great day for it...

I had excepted a new job in North Eastern MN (Eveleth) so Frances left the cushy life in the south metro to be northern chick back in May.  It was a bit of a challenge to coordinate the move and she spent some time at a boarding facility until we were able to get set up at our new house...as in starting from scratch.  We were able to move into our new house in June after a closing nightmare followed by some serious family emergencies.  Our new house had no pasture so we had a lot of work to do before winter came...because...well...just like game of thrones...WINTER IS ALWAYS COMING...until now...it is here [smile]  Anyway, it took us a few weeks to get a pasture put together and then we had a temporary shelter put up (carport) just so we could bring my girls home by the end of July.  We ordered a lean to pole shed shed and managed to get it finished up a week before our first few inches of snow...back in mid-October.  Still need to build in my tack room yet, but it will get there.

Our new property is surrounded by woods and public lands so we have plenty of room to explore right out our own driveway.  We had managed to get a couple trails cut in when we first moved in, but it will take a while before we get that all finished up...but for now it is just a wonderful feeling to be able to tack up and just go right out into the woods.  Also looking forward to winter riding...once we get above zero that is...maybe next week [smile]

Overall Frances is doing great, she settled in to the new place very well and I think she has been pretty satisfied with the cooler weather...especially all summer.  She basically looks like a woolly mammoth right now...but some days I really don't think she notices that it is even cold out.  

Now for the best part...pictures
1. Frances shortly after we were able to bring the girls home
2. Frances in her new pasture.
3. Picture of Frances and I
4. Just a dorky picture of my princess. 
5. Picture from early this morning...whopping -28 with -43 windchill

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Great update, and yes, of course we love the pictures!!!  While the frigid temps are awful for most everything, they make for some really cool pics.  Love Frances the Frosty Girl!
Jenni O.
Looove that last one! Sounds like a busy and exhausting year, but also exciting. The horses look great.
Kim B
Thank you; i really liked the frosty picture too. When I looked out the window that morning and saw how frosted up the girls were I figured I had to get my butt out there to take some good pictures. Unfortunately they never seem to stand just the way I want them to, nor do they turn there heads just right, but there are always a couple pictures that turn out [wink]
MHWF, Inc.

Francis Can Fly - 19 yrs.

$600 - Francis Can Fly is a 19 year old Percheron mare. She is a very big gal, stocky and standing at 16.3 hands tall. Frannie, as we call her, has excellent manners, loves people, easy to catch, lead, load, good for the vet and farrier and is a seasoned trail horse. She is current on everything and ready for the trails. She has been part of MHWF for quite a few years and we have always wished we would have adopted her for ourselves, she is that kind of horse.

Francis Can Fly is back at MHWF after all these years because her adopter had to get out of horses completely. They were excellent adopters and took very good care of the horses they had. Thank you Brad and Kim for giving MHWF the chance to find them great new homes!

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What a beautiful and regal mare!
Oh I remember being quite infatuated with Frannie. Still beautiful!
Wow, so happy for Frannie and her original owner. She surely is beautiful. Congratulations.
Interesting news!
MHWF, Inc.

We made it home safely. 😉 Frannie’s new friends are more impressed with the hay than they are with her.

Thanks for everything!

- Chris K.

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Heike B
Awesome!!  What a great outcome 😉

“Safety net”.  “Life changes”.  “Life happens”. Phrases we hear quite often around here, and we are sharing a story today that puts a lot of heartfelt meaning behind these small phrases.  A horse named Frances Can Fly, lovingly known as Frannie, came to the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation back in 2013.  She came to MHWF from an owner who cared deeply for her, but she had some things in life going on that forced her hand to find a home for Frannie, choosing MHWF as the place for Frannie to come to be sure she had a good safety net in place, ensuring a safe future.  We all know how life happens and someone can become in a position where they can no longer keep their horses.  Frannie fairly quickly found an amazing home with adopters Kim and Brad back in 2013.  They loved Frannie along with their other 2 mares from MHWF.  There came a time 7 years down the road after adopting Frannie, that Kim and Brad found themselves in a spot in life with not only job changes, but a baby on the way as well and no time for the horses.  They brought their three horses back to MHWF to keep that safety net in place for them.  Now since 7 years have passed, life had changed for Frannie’s original owner who brought her to MHWF those 7 years ago.  Scott of MHWF immediately let Frannie’s original owner know right away that Frannie was coming back, which is normal protocol.  We keep people who have surrendered their horses informed of where they are and how they are doing, so that was a routine message to Frannie’s original owner.  How this turned out is just the best scenario anyone could dream of.  I will not try to put the rest into my words, but give you the words from Frannie’s original owner, Chris: 
“Welcome home Frannie❤  Frannie is a 19 year old Percheron mare. I bought her as a yearling, apparently 18 years ago (wow that was a long time ago!). Frannie is a wonderful horse and was always one of my heart horses. When Meghan and I started to look into the costs that would be involved with trying to have kids, we knew some sacrifices would need to be made. With a heavy heart I donated Frannie to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, knowing that they would find an amazing home for her. That was nearly 7 years ago. Early this week I received an email from Scott with Midwest letting me know that Frannie had come back to the rescue. She had been in an amazing home for the last seven years, but the couple had to get out of horses completely due to life circumstances. My heart broke just a little bit knowing that she had lost the second loving family that she knew. Then with some tears rolling I asked Scott if he could give me a day or so to talk to Meghan and see if we could bring Frannie home.

When we started trying to build our family we had a vision of three kids. Obviously things don’t always go the way we plan them. I had just recently come to accept deep down that our family is complete with our two wonderful (and slightly nutty) little ladies. So it feels like fate that Frannie was able to come back home. It’s like she completes the circle of the time we spent building our family. It feels like one of those things that’s meant to be. 

If you made it through my novel, thanks for taking the time to read it. I look forward to watching the girls love this incredible horse. I know they’ll love her as much as I do❤️”

We at MHWF send out a huge thank you to Kim and Brad for caring for these girls over the years and being sure they are within the safety net of MHWF, and to Chris for entrusting MHWF with your girl.  We couldn’t have written a better ending to this story if we tried.  Here is the adoption day picture of Frannie with her owner, Chris along with Chris’ mom, Kathy, and Chris and Meghan’s two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Lexi. 

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Happy happy tears for Frannie!  I love a happy ending with little girls and horses involved!!
oh my!  That is the best !   And why I support you guys.. what a story of love for a wonderful horse.  Couldn't be better

Jane L.
Those lucky little girls!  Congratulations, Chris and Meghan!
This ride down the trail of life brought tears to my eyes. Many, many, MANY years ago my husband and I traveled down this same trail. I had purchased my first horse (myself) when I was sixteen. After our girls came along we knew we had to make some hard choices.....house or horse??? With a heavy heart I let my boy go. He went to a therapeutic stable and the gal that owned it happened to work one floor below me so she kept me up-to-speed with his life. The stable folded, horses were sold and at the time I could not afford to buy him back. I lost track of him for the next five years. One day the gal that bought him from me informed me that the current owner had contacted her to see if she knew of anyone wanting a horse. His teenage daughter had lost interest and he just wanted him gone. Current owner brought him to this gals property and one awful winter day we went to get him (I took him back sight unseen). You would think this would be a happy ending to the story....unfortunately it was not. This horse had gone from kid safe to mean basket case. He had been terribly abused. He bit, kicked and looked like death warmed over. I had my vet out the next day and she informed me that he would not make it through the winter, that was how bad he was. He not only made it through the winter but was with me for another five or six years. I could not get him past his mean behavior and he was not safe to have around my kids. He bit me so hard in the shoulder that had I not been wearing Carhartt winter coveralls and a heavy vest he would have crushed it. As it was I wore teeth marks for over a month. He was twenty-six when we had to make the decision to have him euthanized. I wanted him to end his days in my care. 

Frannie is very lucky to have come full circle and have been blessed to make her way back to her family. May she have many happy years ahead of her and create many memories for the future:-)
Chris K
Frannie has done a great job settling back into a routine here. Everyone just loves her, with the exception of a hostile haflinger, lol. One of my minis has become very attached to Fran and follows her around like a stalker.

Sophie and Lexi were able to sit on Fran the other night after she had her grain. They’re both totally in love with her. I’ve attached pictures of them and one of Frannie with some of her short friends. Those of you that follow MHWF horses regularly might recognize Emma and Bob in this picture.

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