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Frances Can Fly (Frannie) - 12 yrs.

$600 - Frances Can Fly is a 12 year old registered Percheron mare. She stands at 16.3 hands tall and has a very stocky build, probably weighing around 1900 pounds. She's a big girl. Frannie has had one home her entire life and has always had excellent care. She has been used as a therapeutic riding horse and has been on a few trail rides as well. She is sound, healthy, well broke, has great manners, leads, loads, ties and stands for the vet and farrier. If you have been thinking about getting a draft for riding, here you go. She has all her shots, wormers and is ready to hit the trails. Frannie is very laid back, super sweet and behaves very well. If you notice, Rachel and Nicole are riding her bareback with just a halter and lead in the lower photos.

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Jane Liess
Okay, you really need to get a picture of Frannie next to Misty before they both "FLY" away to their new homes.  What great variety, and what gorgeous equines!
♡♡ i wish i could afford another horse
Harley mom
Wow!! would she look great in t
he pasture with Harley and gypsy!
Frannie is not only beautiful, but she has a very kind soul.  I have been around many horses over the last nearly 20 years, and she is one of the very few who I never felt nervous around.  She is very smart, and equally as gentle.  Someone will be incredibly lucky to have her in their life. 
I don't know how many of you remember my Percheron, Hercules, but Frannie has his same eye.  This is killing me, I very much wish I could adopt this mare myself. 
Kim B
When I got up this morning Brad told me I had to look at the forum because there is something I am going to want on it...Boy does he know me well.  I am such a sucker for big black horses...she is amazing.  There is nothing better then a big black draft with great manners.  She sounds like a horse that would be a breeze to bond with and would do anything to keep you safe on a trail, what a great horse.
What a big beautiful mare!
Hi Karen,  I really wish you could adopt Frannie, too :)
I wish I could talk my FrancIs into adopting this FrancEs.  She sounds perfect and certainly would be big enough for him.  He has always worried about being too big to ride anything smaller than a half draft. Besides I would love to add another black horse to my little herd.  That horse is magnificent. 
I would also like to add for anyone looking for a good draft horse, we also have Tango the Belgian and Sven (Achilles) coming back in the next week or two as well, both of them are excellent horses as well.

Stay tuned!

Karen, your PAIN from the loss of *Hercules* can't ever be replaced. But, *Frannie* would be that next PERFECT horse/friend. I sure would ENJOY seeing you keep *Frannie* for yourself. A gift for yourselfl, from Scott. Wouldn't that be the PERFECT surprise?
Scott: MHWF
Nope! :)
Oh boy! We really miss our Percheron we use to have and this girl sounds and looks amazing, even had "Mr. absolutely no more horses no matter what" thinking twice! haha Someone is going to be so very lucky to add her to their family!
Jenni O.
I LOVE her! Ok, I haven't met her but I can tell I love her. We have a draft cross and rode with her half brother this weekend. They are great on the trail. The fact that Frannie can be ridden bareback with a halter says a lot too. There's just something about the drafts and crosses.
Horse lady
OMG!!! She would look perfect with my perch D'Artagnan!! Does she drive???
For anyone thinking about a draft they are the BEST!!! My perch is the best trail horse ever!!!
Melissa N

Drafts are really great trail horses.  At 4 years old my Percheron gelding led the way on his first trail ride ever.  I have done everything with my draft that I would do with a light horse.  He has been shown in open show halter classes and placed.  He has been trailered to trails.  He has had a few ground work and riding lessons.  The farrier trims his feet the same way he would trim the average sized horse.  The only thing that anyone owning a draft should be aware of, or at least do their own research...it has been said that drafts need a special diet when it comes to grain.  A low sugar/starch and high fat diet.  This has something to do with their muscles and not absorbing sugars. 

Also, drafts are the new cow horses...  I have put my Percheron on some cows and he has moved them around the pastures pretty well. 

This mare will definitely be the perfect all around horse.  Someone is going to be very lucky to get this "little girl".

Scott, howcome you are so stringent on having Karen, keep *Frannie*? I am curious, cuz you said the infamus NOPE without ANY hesitation..Geez! That would of been a bet that I would of LOST.
Scott: MHWF
Because I am an ass....

No, actually, everyone knows that if Karen really wants something, she usually gets it. In this case, we both like Frannie a bunch, but we both also know that we do not need and cannot have another horse. I can name at least a dozen horses that I would have kept if I needed another horse and I can't even count how many times I have heard the phrase " I want that horse" from either my wife or one of the volunteers here. Let's be honest, everybody wants things all the time, but we are adults who also know what we can and cannot have and what we should and should not have. Another horse for us falls under the cannot and should not have category. My posting "nope" was simply my way of being a smart alec and being funny.
I have nothing to say about wanting horses......right Nick?!  Frannie really is a beautiful girl and is going to make someone very, very happy!
Denise S - WW
Frannie is beautiful.

Scott, you crack me up! I so get your sarcasm & it is hilarious!(heehee)
Jenni O.
Yeah, I've wanted almost every Arab or Arab cross to come through here, as well as several other breeds, donkeys, and the occasional mini and or mule. We all can dream. I think Frannie would be very cool to ride down the trail. The drafts are pretty handy at paving the way through brush too.
Yes, many times the things we want and the things we can have are very different.  I would have taken Frannie in a heartbeat if I were able to. 

Now the temptation will be lifted because Frannie got adopted today!  We know there was quite the line of people waiting to meet her, and two people did pass up on her (boy oh boy, you guys should have taken her out of the round pen to ride!).  Kim came and met Frannie today and it was instant love.  Frannie will be with us for another week or 2 until transportation can be arranged, but she will be living with another adoption horse most of you will remember, Yukon!  Kim came alone today, but did talk to Brad on the phone and Frannie seems to be exactly what they are looking for.  You couldn't ask for a nicer or more laid-back horse than Frannie.  We are really happy that Kim made the trek over and it was a great match.  Kim and Brad will be coming to pick Frannie up in a week or 2, but I did snap a couple of pictures today anyway. 

I got one shot of Kim sitting on Frannie while discussing with her husband, Brad, via cell phone (yea, Frannie is that laid-back), and then an official adoption day picture too.  :) 

Thank you so much Kim, and congratulations! 

A couple of pics from official adoption day, 8/7/2013: 

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Harley and Gypsy's Mom
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!       I am so-o happy for you!  

Yup I was in the want and can't have category too
Congratulations to Frannie and her new family!!  Awesome pictures!
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