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congratulations Kim. *Yukon* and *Frannie* will look like 2 beautiful bookends. Hope you can get a photo of the two. Am anxious to  hear of all your updates. Great news for *Frannie*... Laid back, is right. WOW
Congrats Kim! I was lucky enough to meet Frannie and I could tell how special she was. I'm glad she found a great new home. Good luck to you both!
Congratulations!  Such a beautiful horse and a very lucky family!
mel d
Huge Congratulations!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! I'm looking forward to pictures of Frankie and Yukon together. Wow, two big beautiful horses. And what a good call, Brad.
Kim, Kim, Kim - how did I not know you would be there?  Congratulations - now I suppose you will need a larger trailer!!!!! See the two of you soon - can't wait for a  test drive on this one!!!  Or, is this Brad's?

Kim B
He he he...Super excited to bring her home.  She is really a special girl.  Yukon must have really skewed my ability to judge size because I just don't think she is that big...or maybe it is just that she is so calm that I don't notice her size.  I can't wait to get to know her and I am so glad I made the trek down there to meet her.  So giddy and at the moment and a little bit sad that I will have to wait to bring her home...geesh it is going to be a long wait.  Linda...I also can not wait for you to meet this one, the second you walk up to her you will know why I brought her home...she just has a calming feeling to her, call me crazy but it really is a feeling.  She is an amazing little lady :)
Scott: MHWF
I spoke with Chris, Frannie's donor last night and talked to her about how quiet and gentle Frannie is. Chris mentioned to me that she has always had a calming effect, not only with people who handle and ride her, but with her pasture mates as well. She said that all the horses like her no matter where she goes and that they are drawn to her. I can see that here with our herd as well.
After some more thought, maybe she will be hiding when you come back to get her.  LOL!  No, I wouldn't do that.  :) 
Karen-you can hide her at my house, I have a huge barn! hehehe
but seriously, Congratulations, so totally jealous!
linda b
Im the one with an oversized trailer!!! 'cept Kim would know where to look!!!
Congratulations to Frannie and her new family!  what a pair Yukon and Frannie will make!!
well geeze.  After Scotts description above, I don't feel happy for Frannie and Kim anymore.  I only feel a lot of jealousy.  I want one like that!   
Melissa N
Congratulations!!!  I am so excited for you.  Please give us all lots of updates and pictures.  Yay!!!  I personally can't wait to hear of everything you do with her.
Danny and Frannie love hanging out together and you always see them together now in the pasture.  How cute is that, Dannie and Frannie?! 
Here's a pic with some fun little visitors we had last night with Frannie, Danny and Chip. 

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Name: lil-frannie-danny-chip-august8-359-copy.jpg, Views: 396, Size: 228.47 KB

Gee Karen, she would have been the perfect size for you! Aaahhh....ducking and running!

Ah yes. 

Ha, ha, ha....OMG! don't take that the wrong way...I just realized someone could....I meant...I know that you really wanted her and I was getting you back for the Athena comment.

Not many horses can make Danny look petite.  Wowza. (Aside; is he still 6 or does the adoption page need an update?)

I love seeing shots of the horses that choose to hang out with visitors.  Says a lot about how sweet they are.
Oh no, I definitely thought that was a fat comment.  We all know how you are.  :)  (I need to add, I am just kidding...and I feel guilty now...I got the joke right away and I know it looks different to someone just reading this thread and not the other one) 

BetC, as far as I know, Scott updates all of the ages of the horses as they turn their next year in age.  Danny definitely picks and chooses who he likes and who he doesn't.  Frannie just loves everyone. 
Kim B
Frannie is finally home safe and sound.  She is just so awesome and calm, she got out of the trailer and acted like she has lived here forever.  I had to add a few pictures for day one...

Miss Frannie

Yukon and Frannie

Beautiful Frannie


Frannie and our mini
Kim B
Ha Ha apparently I failed at the pictures...try again.

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Jenni O.
Man, she is solid! I love her, and that last picture is great! Congratulations, again.
Congratulations!  Love the last picture with your mini.  Looks like the mini can walk right under Frannie!
Such cute pictures and what a sweet mare!  Congratulations!!
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