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mel d
Really like these photos, and yes, especially with the mini :)
Kim- when do we get to see pictures of Frannie and Yukon together?  So happy for you and for Yukon!
Debra, here is a pic of Frannie and Yukon together that Kim posted just a couple of days ago, you must have missed it. 

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Aw yes!  I noticed after I posted my comment that there were three pages of discussion and I only read the first!  Kim your newfie must look like a toy breed compared to these big kids.  Has Yukon warmed up to Frannie?
Frannie and the gang are looking great!
Kim B
All the horse kids are getting along great, Frances just fits right in.  Finally got to take her on our first ride last weekend.  She was soOo impressive.  The funny part is I was going to use Yukon's English saddle on her thinking that the girth might fit...ha ha ha...jokes on me the girth was 5 in to short.  So after a good chuckle and a few jokes at Frannie's expense I decided to just ride her bareback.  Brad apparently only wanted to ride Frannie but was to nervous to go without a saddle so he just lead our quarterhorse while I rode...anyway the things that impressed me...

1.  When the other horse spooked Frannie didn't flinch
2.  When Brad took off jogging Frannie didn't even try to follow suite completely waited for a cue
3.  I was able to lead with her
4.  I was able to hold her back and Brad walked the other horse away and she didn't even care
6.  When Brad went straight we turned around the other direction and she listened without a hitch
5.  When we got back to our driveway we walked right on past it and she never even turned her head to go home.

She is so AWESOME  :) 

Kim, *Frannie* is a diamond in the rough. Sounds like she is ones DREAM horse. Sounds like all is mello and the horses are happy/content. 
I wouldn't say in the rough, more like well polished.
Point taken, Doc. She is WELL POLISHED, and in  my way of thinking, she is a DIAMOND in the rough. A diamond would signify a brilliant looking stone. and this horse is just that, oh, yes, in my way of thinking.
She sounds awesome!  You are lucky to have her!
Sounds like you have an awesome trail partner!
Melissa N
Kim B, did you ride Frannie in a halter or bridle with a bit?  I ask because I have a draft and am struggling to find a good bit that he cant get his tongue over.  Will Frannie be going to the Ukarydee camping trip at the end of Sept?  
Kim B
Melissa N, I just rode Frannie with a halter, I plan to eventually purchase a bitless Bridle for the girl, but I think I will need to address finding a saddle for her first..ha ha.  Yukon is also a very large boy and for him I have a double jointed D-ring snaffle which works well.  I would love to bring Frannie to the fall ride, but sadly we already had plans for that weekend.
Melissa N
Kim B, if you ride western, West 20 in East Troy can help you find a saddle to fit your girl.  They helped me find an almost brand new wide Crates.  They even do trade ins towards the new saddle.  Frannie would look awesome in a western saddle.  If you have any questions about where to find things that actually fit a draft horse just let me know.  I have had to learn the hard way...buying things that say draft but are no where near draft size.  By the way, I will try riding in just a halter too and see how mine responds, maybe that will be the magic trick.  Where are you located?  Maybe we can take our drafts for a trail ride somewhere.
Kim B
Mellisa, I am always up for hitting the trails and it would be fun to be able to ride with another draft, but I actually live just south of Minneapolis...Purple state ha ha.  I am looking forward to getting all of Frannie's tack...I think I need to bling her up a little bit :)  If I have any troubles finding things I will be sure to ask, thanks.
Kim B
Frances has been doing great, she is such an amazing addition to our little family.  Her and Yukon have been quite smitten with each other...really had enough of the screeching, but it can't go on forever right...right...? 

Frances is so well behaved and so much fun to ride.  I even had my mom ride her which was kind of a huge thing for me.  My mom loves horses, but I have not really felt comfortable having her ride one of my horses until Frances came along.  Frances just has the ability to make a person feel comfortable and completely relaxed.  Geesh, I love her...she is amazing.  I can't believe anyone could have passed her up because every time I walk out to the pasture I have to smile when I see her strutting over.  Yukon is always my boy running to the gate wanting his grain (i keep telling myself he just wants to see me, but I think he really loves his grain... humph boys)  but Frances is always there just wanting attention.  She is such an amazing girl.

The pictures of her are also during our Christmas card photo attempt.  I thought she was going to be the toughest one to get a photo of with a hat on but she was really the easiest one.  Now if only Yukon could take some notes from this girl. 
IMG_3959.JPG IMG_3966.JPG IMG_3974.JPG 

love your update. *Frannie* looks nice and her butt looks very nice with that WHITE hew on it. *Yukon* sounds like a real good buddy.. thanx for sharing.
Jenni O.
Aww, she's so pretty in her hat and blanket of snow. Our draft cross has been wearing a very similar looking blanket. Frances is adorable. Glad she's working out so well for you.
Kim B
Just thought I would add a few photos that I took today while the "ponies" were enjoying the great weather.  I also got to try Frances' new Bridle out today that I got from the recent holiday sale.  It fit her great, took a little bit of time to get it adjusted, but she was such a cooperative girl while I was messing around with all the straps.  She is so patient :)


Jenni O.
She's so cute in that top picture! There's something about a draftie nose...
Kim B
WARNING-SERIOUS BRAG FEST  I have not updated on Frances in a long time so I figured now is as good a time as any.  Frances has been doing great, everything we do with her she simply ROCKS at.  We recently took her out on some actual trails instead of just down the gravel roads by our house and she did so well, didn't get jumpy or nervous at all.  I feel like everything we throw at this girl she just glides right on through it.  We stopped at a saddle shop on our way up north this past weekend and had her fitted for a saddle and she just acted like she did that stuff every day.  Even the saddle shop people were impressed with how well she was behaving.  

Out on the trails she was calm as can be...she does move at a turtle pace, but considering that is Brad's favorite speed he was a very happy guy.  He was able to lead with her, have her walk away from the group, basically she would do whatever he wanted.  Sadly I didn't get a chance to ride her and for how happy Brad was with her on the trail I have a feeling I won't get the opportunity all that often.  I really can not say enough good things about little Miss Frances.  

All bragging aside, we are very happy that we have the opportunity to have Frances with us and owe a great big thank you to Scott and Karen for everything they do...without them we wouldn't have met this wonderful lady.

Oh and I can't forget the pictures...

FrancesBB.JPG FrancesBB2.JPG FrancesBB3.JPG FrancesKAB.JPG  

Oh she just has such a sweet face and kind eye.  Her nose just says "pet me".  What a nice update. 
Scott & Karen: MHWF
John B.
WOW!  Great pictures of Frances.  I like those that brag about their adopted friends :-)
Jenni O.
What a great update and photos. It's always nice to hear that a horse is a perfect match. They look really good together.
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