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I normally do not use products like Freedom 45 or EquiSpot but heard some good reviews about the Freedom 45 but also heard some negatives about EquiSpot including skin sensitivity and burns where it was applied. I decided to try the Freedom 45 this year. I've only put it on one of the horses so far. First application seemed fine. Several weeks later I did a second application. About 5 days later I noticed a spot on the wither area. It didn't look like much and I thought it was likely a bite from another horse or perhaps the horse had rolled and rolled on a rock or something. Thought I'd put something on it when I got the horse home as we were out on a trail at the time. Well, unfortunately I forgot about it and a couple days later remembered to look at it and see if I should put something on it. To my surprise the mark looked much worse...looking like a chemical burn now. I treated it and started inspecting my horse more closely. I also found a similar but smaller spot by his tail. Now I'm suspecting these are burns from the Freedom 45.

Anyone else experience this with Freedom 45 or similar product?
I have had allergic reactions to both in horses, and have had chemical burns with cats with similar type products in the past.  Some animals have no issues, some animals have a great deal of sensitivity.  
My horses hated EquiSpot.  They would kick, run, roll, etc. when I put it on them.  They don't seem bothered by the Freedom 45 so that is what I use.  It seems to really help.  I never had a problem with either product causing visible chemical burns but obviously the EquiSpot was irritating to them.
Jenni O.
I've known a couple people who had issues with the EquiSpot. I used it and had no issues, but Pea did not seem to like it applied. I don't know if it burned or she didn't like the feel of the applicator or what. I typically have used Freedom 45 but they didn't have any at the store at the time. I have not had issues with the Freedom 45. Just bought more but haven't used it. I will update if I have issues. As a warning, do not apply these types of products under the saddle area. I think Equi-Spot instructs you to do that, but if there is a reaction there, your riding time is in jeopardy. My friend's mare took quite a while to completely heal from hers.
I just started using Equispot on both my horses this spring after a nasty run in with some ticks. It sounded like it would help keep them away longer and more effectively than a powder or spray on.  I found it very difficult to apply since you can't tell how much is really coming out of the little applicator. Luckily, my horses have not shown any sensitivity... even when it seems like I manage to get almost the whole dosage in just one spot.
However I am not sure if it is doing anything.  The flies and gnats are still a huge nuisance and bother them a lot, so I end up spraying on more chemicals... starting to wonder if all of that may end up being harmful in the long run...

cindy g
I have used both, but only on one horse so far and she has been ok with either of the products so far. I have been skeptical as to how well it works but yesterday my mom called to tell me how the horses are doing and from her description of how the two horses were acting the one with the fly drops is fairing much better than my gelding was yesterday. So I am going ot give it a try on my gelding now also and see how he fairs.
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