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Freedom Hour - 11 yrs.

$450- Freedom Hour is an 11 year old registered Arab/Appy mare. She is 15 hands tall, sound, healthy, well cared for and current on her all her 2014 shots. She just got her teeth floated as well. Freedom leads, load, ties and is great for the vet and farrier. She is also veteran show and trail horse. Freedom is a very well trained horse, but has not been ridden a lot in the past few years, so she could use a couple refresher rides, but did very well for us the day of her arrival. We got a few small bucks when asking for the canter, but nothing to be scared of and she settled in eventually. This is a very nice horse with a ton of potential. She is smart, nice looking, has some good training and is still young enough to do well in whatever discipline you prefer.


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Jenni O.
She looks fun. There are now too many nice horses to choose from. Anyone looking has their work cut out for them.
Leslie V
Oh my! She is cute, cute, cute!!
That's a very nice trot she has!
I'm with BetC...love that trot!
The girls have settled in so nicely and are very relaxed and feeling at home.  I had the little camera out with me this morning and took a couple of snapshots.  Freedom was snoozing pretty good, but woke up when she heard me.  :)  

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What a Beaut! I love her cute Arabian face, so refined and alert.  Her rotund belly is all appy! 

UPDATE: 6/4/2014

Freedom has now had some time to settle in and has been a pleasure to have around. She has also gotten out to be ridden a few times and continues to ride better each time. While she is not a horse for a beginner rider, she is a very well trained horse who was just a little rusty when she first came in, but she is doing well and is an exceptional horse.  Easy to catch, leads, loads, ties, good for the vet and farrier, well broke, veteran trail and show horse.

It looks like I somehow forgot to add other updates and pictures to Freedom's thread here!  
I will go back and add some as soon as I am done with this post.  

Freedom has been ridden 5 times now since coming in to MHWF.  Freedom's previous owner said that she would buck at the canter and we have been working on this and it has improved tremendously!  It looks to us like a combination of things went on, but the basic mechanics of it were that her rider got off of her if she acted up a bit and thus kind of instilled that behavior a little bit.  Our riders did not get off of her when she kicked out going to a canter, and this has become better and better with each ride to the point now that it is very close to be nonexistent.  She does not buck at the canter transition any more, but may kick out a little bit yet at this point, but like I said, with each ride it has gotten much better.  It is very close now to being a thing in Freedom's past.  Freedom has some really great training under her belt and is a fun horse to ride and to be around.  Someone will be very happy and lucky with this girl!  

Here are a couple of pictures from this weekend.  Thank you Jurita, for giving your time this weekend and riding Freedom!  Thank you to Priscilla and Karin also for your quality time with Freedom!  

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I couldn't believe this girl was still here when I visited MHWF today! Had another fantastic ride on her and she did everything I asked. She has 3 really nice gaits and responsive to leg and seat aids. This girl could do anything-western, English, a little dressage even. And a sweet personality too.
I observed Freedom being ridden and handled this weekend as well and want to point out what a nice nice mare this is.  She is beautiful, has lots of skills and a really nice way of going.  I lead her back to the turn out and went past the barn when a couple of chickens flew up and scared me.  She did not flinch at all and was actually pretty curious about the whole matter.  ...Good natured nicely trained mare that will make someone a nice partner. 
Freedom is really becoming another favorite here at MHWF.  She has been ridden by a lot of different people and she really does great.  Here is a great horse; sound, healthy, well trained, can do just about anything and is really super sweet to boot!  

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Boy there is such a collection of nice horses here right now. But I hope Freedom Hour doesn't get forgotten.  I did meet her when i came to look at horses with my sister and she is such a nice horse with multiple buttons and a really nice way of going.  PLUS she is very pretty and has a nice temperment.  I hope someone adopts her soon.  I wish I had more time, space and money!  there are so many horses here I would love to adopt!
It's funny you mentioned that yesterday, Tricia, because someone who has had their eye on Freedom for some time finally got a chance to get up here to meet her.  I think it was love before they ever met, but it was definitely love at first sight.  Freedom was as "fresh" as I've ever seen her (time off for a while now with no one riding her), but they did just great together and the paperwork has been done!  We have to wait a bit on the complete official adoption because the barn Freedom will be living at is requiring an EHV-1 test before they bring any horses into their barn, so we have that to do and then arrange transport.  We will make it official and take official adoption day pictures when the day comes, but I just couldn't help but post a little teaser here now.  A mystery picture of Freedom and her adopter to go along with the teaser.  [smile]  

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I am going to guess here, but isn't this the horse that was on your video and WOULD NOT cross the INVISIBLE fence that she thought was still there.... She is soooo beautiful.... sounds like she found herself a family .... GOOD for her.
Hmm.  Can't place the person but this is great news!  I am very happy for Freedom Hour.  Maybe Apache can be next....
What a great teaser!!  No clue..but very happy for Freedom and her friend!
It took a while to get the EHV-1 results back (negative of course), and arrange the hauling for Freedom, but she did leave this morning and has arrived safe and sound at her new home with Julie!  

Julie did not come up with the hauler today to pick Freedom up, but she was kind enough to get a picture snapped so that we could have an official adoption day picture.  [smile]  Freedom left with a blanket on today because the weather was quite chilly and it was an open trailer, and Julie, you can keep that blanket.  Thank you so much for choosing adoption, and we really look forward to hearing of your adventures with Freedom!!  

Here is a cute adoption day pic of Freedom in her new home with Julie (thank you so much Julie!)

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Glad to see she is finally adopted. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right match and it may have anything to do with the horse really. I rode Freedom and she seemed like a smart little horse with some energy behind her. She should be fun.
Good story!  I am very happy for this lovely horse.
Jenni O.
Yay! Congratulations!
Freedom Hour....lovin Life!!

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Gorgeous pictures Julie, thank you so much for sharing!  It's really great to see Freedom in her new home.  [smile]  
Jenni O.
Yay! Looks like she found a beautiful place to live. Have fun with her!
Julie S.
My girl, Freedom Hour (Josie). Thank you so much Scott and Karen for everything you do to bring horses and their people together. 


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