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*Freedom Hour* Josie, sure is a gorgeous mare... Hope you can take more photos of her and send some updates.. Congratulations....You should have a great time on the trails.
Julie, thanks for the update. I was just thinking about Freedom for some reason today and then this popped up [smile] 
Jenni O.
Oh, she's so alert-looking. I bet there's a lot going through her pretty little head!

Love to see updates on adopted horses!  Thanks for the pics and sharing.

Oh man what a pretty and lucky horse she is.  
I meant to update with the pictures! So I've had Josie over 6 months now. I've only rode her a. Hand full of times due to the weather and the barn I board her at has an indoor arena but limited riding if its too cold. But the barn I'm at is amazing! Wonderful people so its worth it!! We have done ground work and lots of "spa" time and bonding. It's really amazing to be part of such a bonding experience and watching an animal change and trust. Now with the weather breaking I am going to have her in training and build some muscle and her top line. I also bought a used trailer and will be picking up a used truck Today! So we will b mobile and get to enjoy some trail riding with friends and my daughter. And wow have the tables turned! When I bought my daughter her first horse(Ottb)I helped her now she is helping me and Josie. I'm sure there are horses that you can adopt and hop on and ride right away. I felt with Josie that I needed to take time to gain trust and bond. She has taught me so much already. Thanks Scott and Karen I'm sure you have not only changed the destiny of so many horses but also of their humans!!!!!! Julie
Awesome update!!

Julie, thanks for the photos and your update was very REFRESHING. *Freedom Hour* /aka.*Josie* will be a great partner/buddy with you and your daughter. Hope you can find more time with more photos and updates as you do the trails together. GOOD LUCK!! She is gorgeous.

Update on Freedom Hour (Josey)

Let me tell you what an amazing horse she is. The day I came out to see her she bucked and bucked but I was already in love. We spent a lot of time on ground work and had an amazing trainer that I swear is a horse whisperer. I also learned so much. So then a few months ago it was time to start really riding and we were both ready. Working with another amazing trianer. Bucking is a thing of the past. I ride by myself in the outdoor ring and we are even in our first equitation clinic in October. I cannot tell you the joy she has brought to my life, There were times I was scared, that maybe she was too much horse for me. Josie was so unsure of herself and I guess I really was also. When I was a kid I had no fear but as an old lady wow I realized it would take time to gain my confidence. Josie and I have quite a bond. We have developed trust and that is really something that only came with time and patience. I just want to tell you how Josie has changed my life, my confidence, my patience, and my happiness. Thank you Scott and Karen for everything you do for the horses and their people!!!!!!

-Thanks again! 


Jenni O.
[smile] Julie, you're doing it the right way! And it ends up being so fun, because it's not just the destination, it's the journey. I know, cliche, but it's true. It's fun to learn, especially if you aren't getting injured in the process. Have fun at your clinic.
Love the update.  Glad to hear how things are progressing, and that you two continue to grow as a team.
Love this update.  Outstanding!
Thank you for all the kind words. I am having trouble downloading pictures but I better have it figured out by next month so I can show off clinic pictures!! Thanks again. Julie and Josie
Thank you so very much! Will post pictures of clinic next month. Been having difficulty posting pic's. I better figure it out before the clinic!!! Thank you, Julie and Josie
Hi everyone. Just a little update on Freedom Hour aka Josie. This is how small the horse world is. I replied to a comment on facebook using Josie's given name Freedom Hour and I had two people reply stating the knew her as a filly and even her old trainer replied. But the best part was the owner of her SIRE replied and he is 24 year old Arab imported from Brazil and I get to meet him this spring. He lives in Milton Wi about 20 minutes from where I work I am so very excited. I also found out why Josie was a little more work than any of us expected. She only had 3-4 months of training and then there was little consistency and she sat 5 to 6 years before Scott and Karen so kindly took her in. None of us knew. But with a whole lot of patience some amazing trainers and a barn family who is great support we sure are making progress. We are working with a dressage trainer and my girl sure is smart! I also got married. 

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Scott: MHWF
[smile] Love it, thank you and congrats!
Ohhhhhhh What a lovely update.  Totally made my morning.  Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes for a very happy life!  Josie is looking fantastic!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! And looks like you two are doing really well, especially since she didn't have much time under saddle prior to you adopting her. Good job!
Sweet update - wishing you many years of happiness together.  Pics are great [smile]
That's really cool! And congrats on your marriage. Ah, a true equestrian.....shares about her horse then briefly mentions getting married. LOL. (I'm just teasing...my first photo I posted of my destination wedding was me riding on the beach)
Idea for a new thread!  "Horses in the wedding."  Where we can all share.  I have one but I will have to make it digital...
Wonderful update, wonderful pics!  Congratulations and best wishes!
Congratulations on both your new marriage and your progress and connection with Josie!! You definitely were the right match for each other. Many blessings!!!
Thanks everyone. Haha yes I told my now husband it was a package deal me Josie my dog and cat. We've added two more dogs to the mix. I think a wedding thread would b great. Funny story we took the pictures at the barn about a month after our backyard wedding. I attempted to get on. Josie bareback in my wedding dress. I think the combo of her mare friends being brought in for dinner and the fact she had a audience she spooked and I hit the ground. Nothing better than a middle age woman in a wedding dress eating dirt. No one got hurt except my pride. Also bummer is the photographer had no horse experience and he missed the shot. Right before I got on Josie I told the photographer no matter what happens get the picture. He was freaked out. Needless to say I won't recommend him. Lol.
Josie (Freedom Hour) and I (left) at our second Barb Gerbitz clinic. Barb works with Buck Brannaman and uses his groundwork principles! We have come so far working with Barb.

- Julie

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