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Billy and Fuzzy - 9 yrs.

$300 for the pair - Billy and Fuzzy are a pair of 9 year old donkey johns that are brothers and have been together their entire lives. They are current on all of their shots and are good to go until next spring. Billy and Fuzzy stand at about 40 inches tall. They have been in the same home their entire lives. Their donors are moving and they need a new home. They are cute and smart and are easy keepers. Fuzzy and Billy are not broke to ride or drive. They have simply been pets and companions. With them being brothers and having been together their entire lives, we will not split them up. They must go to their new home together. They are friendly, smart as can be and are two of the nicest looking donkeys we have ever seen. These two are quite the characters too.  

In the pictures, Fuzzy has the pink halter and Billy the blue halter.  


Ms. Mew could teach them a thing or 2
Jenni O.
Adorable! Some day I'll have a donkey.
and by the way...Ms. Mew already has a mini horse she can teach things to.

Billy and Fuzzy Top got adopted today and are now on their way to Minnesota to live with Linda B. 

This adoption was a little unexpected as the details of it and knowing that it was going to happen did not occur until last night.

So there will be no adoption day photo to share, but maybe with a little prodding we can get Linda to take a photo of herself with the donkeys and send it our way?

We are very happy that these two got a great home with someone we know and trust and got to stay together!
Good deal! They are so darn cute.
Congratulations!  Looking forward to pictures from the adopter!
Donna R
Great news!  Especially that they will stay together.  The best thing we did was take both when we went to pick out a donkey.  They are hilarious together and great company for each other.   Congratulations and best wishes, Linda!  Please update!
Wendy W - WI
Woo Hoo!!!  Congrats and yes, send a picture!!

Wonderful news, especially after losing Miss Safire.  This was the perfect story to end my day.
I agree Merry, my heart really needed this today.  [smile]  

Glad they can be TOGETHER.... ohhhh this will bring some fantastic stories, and photos, HINT HINT.

linda b
I wasn't there to greet them but they arrived safe and sound and all the horses spent a good long while checking them out over the fence.!  This morning, they were munching their hay quite content.  Pix will follow!  THANK YOU BURT for bringing them "home"!!!
Linda B. and her newly adopted friends.

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Sue J
Congrats Linda B. They are adorable.

Is that a Corgi photobombing your picture?
Awwwwwwww!!!!  Thank you Linda!!  
Wendy W - WI
Oh lord.......cute, cute, cute!!!!!  Everyone looks so happy.  Congrats again!
Good things happen to wonderful people and *Great* things happen to DONK'S that are soooo SPECIAL. Linda, by the photo it looks like you are one of the HAPPIEST people today... and the DONK'S will have a little dog to keep them company... and if you have horses, it will be alot of fun for you. GOOD LUCK kiddo
Donna R
So cute!  Looks like a happy bunch! 
Jenni O.
Update!  These guys like me more than any other 4 legged critters - So I am out in pasture w/truck and trailer putting hay out in five feeders.  Had them out with the herd just getting them used to it all.  Horses busy eating so I drive out the pasture gate thinking nothing of leaving it open while I park  around the barn corner.  Get out of truck and who had followed me all the way??????!!!  Do they move into the house with you too?????
When two of the horses were up near the barn and Billy went at with his braying the first time they took off like the creature from the black lagoon had just entered their world!! This is a blast I tell you
Jenni O.
Ooh, move them into the house! And get pictures! I want a donkey. We stayed at a campground that had three donks when we were in CA, and I was smitten. It's so funny that they followed the truck. Smart little things.
Kisses from Billy and Fuzzy!

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Got these photos from Linda in my email tonight. Thank you Linda!

1 & 2: Billy and his buddy Jack.

3. Fuzzy

4. Fuzzy and Stormy

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Gorgeous photos.... good to see all is good/well. CUTE.
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