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Great pics!
I have to say that Jack and Billy had a standoff over that ball!!!!  Stormy is a retired 30 year old Standardbred I adopted 18 years ago and he is always curious!
Jenni O.,
It looks like Jack wants Billy to throw the darn ball! "Throw it, you stubborn ass, just throw it!"
Billy and Fuzzy Top

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Ah!  Adorable!  So good to see them.
Jenni O.
I wouldn't get anything done if they were around.  Too darn cute!
Adorable little *Buddies*...would make anybody's day brighter.[kiss][kiss]
Fuzzy and Billy carried that pan around together for at least 15 minutes!

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Linda B.
This one mght be even cuter!

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Jane Liess
I think they want more!  Too cute!
So dang cute!!
Donna R
So great to have more than one donkey.  They are a hoot together.  Adorable photo!
Great pics Linda, I hear Eddie Murphy's snarky voice in my head.

Jenni O.
Look at the teeth! I love it! They are so cute.
The teeth did it for me too.  I was beginning to wonder if they had locked down and I was going to have to pry them open this went on for so long!!!  They make my day every day!
Billy and Fuzzy say Happy New Year!

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Jenni O.
Cute as ever. I want a donkey. Two donkeys.
Donna R
They are so cute!  Two is a great number to have. 
Donna M
These two are so stinkin' adorable! 
Cute. Are they always together like that?
Well,  I am so PROUD!!!  Friday was Farrier day and it was the first time the two boys stood like champions!  I have to say that Fuzzy is still a pill when it comes to putting his halter on but once "caught" a perfect gentleman.  Anything for treats!! How in the world do you keep the weight off "people" who can live on air????   Love 'em love'em
Jenni O.
You need to either take up running, if you don't already do it, and have the donks join you, or teach them to drive. Or maybe donkey agility class.
We need a hair cut......Fuzzy Top and Billy.

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Donna R
Adorable boys! Their photos make me smile. 
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