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Gala's Buttercup (Misty) - 2 yrs.

$150 - Gala's Buttercup, or Misty as she is known as, is a 2 year old mini mare. She is current on all her shots, wormers and trims and is ready to go. Misty is very quiet and sweet and is also very laid back. She was donated because she was being picked on by her other pasture mates. We show her standing next to Scott to give you an idea of her size. She is a tiny little thing. She leads, load, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. Misty has been handled a lot and has some very good training. Easy to catch, loves attention, sound, healthy and cute as can be. She also has two blue eyes. Misty is only 2 years old and is already a very well-behaved little gal with personality and looks to match.

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Kara W.
Afreakindorable! :) I don't this she is going to be there long :)
Kara W.
that's supposed to say "I don't think she is going to be there long" but I guess my fingers didn't want to work last night :)
She is just as sweet as she is adorable too.  :) 
Cutie Pie!!
Scott: MHWF
All the way to page 2 already? What, nobody likes cute, sweet mini mares?
I like cute minis but not sure about the "sweet" part. I like mine a little on the sassy side. Well, she did step on Scott's foot the other day. Hmmmm......
Jenni O.
She is so cute. And probably cheaper to feed than Kane!
Evie H.
Is this little one as sweet as she looks? I had a mini named Misty, also but she could be a sassy girl. She liked to nip the back of my knees. Is she registered or can she be? I think she would be a cute jumper. 
Scott: MHWF
Yes, she is as sweet as she looks and she is registered too.
BUMP!  I got to meet this little girl a couple weeks ago. She is very pretty and very friendly. If you (or someone you know) have considered getting a mini well, here you go. This one is really nice. Plus, the minis don't eat up much hay at all.
*Misty* is one little pretty & petite looking little doll. Those eyes are SPECTACULAR... I even love heer hairdo!
Last night on our way to pick some things up from Tractor Supply, I started talking about horses (what's new) and when talking about Misty I referred to her as "Daisy" and Scott never even caught that (okay, so maybe he wasn't listening to me, also what's new..haha).  Jurita has started calling her Daisy and it really seems to fit and to stick. 

This is one cute and sweet little mini here people!  She has no issues whatsoever, she is young, has always been treated very kindly and is an open book.  She is very well behaved, no naughtiness or sassiness whatsoever, in your pocket, adores attention.  I only have one question....what more do you want?  She would make a great companion, driving mini, show mini for fun shows, anything you want her to be.  Just think, you could drive Miss Daisy.  :) 

There were people who said that they had wanted Skye when she was here but missed out.  If I could remember who that was I would call them out by name, but my memory fails as to exactly who that was.  Little Daisy is everything Skye was, even more (she doesn't have as much sassiness in her as Skye could from time to time). 

Here is a quick pic of cute little Daisy meeting Tango through the round pen.  This little sweetheart is so much fun to have around.  We also have another mini waiting to fill her spot, so if you adopt Daisy you are not only helping her, but you are helping to open a spot for another little one who is looking for a home. 

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Jenni O.
Oh, she's so sweet and adorable.  If I had money and space I would love a mini or donkey.  (I'd also love Tango.)  And if she doesn't have that nasty ponytude some of them get, what more COULD you ask for? 
Is Misty still available?  I am VERY interested in her.  I'm looking for a pasture mate and a mini would be perfect for the job.  She'd be spoiled rotten!!  Please let me know if she's still available, thanks!
Heather H
Roberta: This website is kept current so she is still available. Have you mailed in your application yet? http://www.equineadoption.com/application.pdf
Hey, Roberta, Better get in that application and HUSTLE UP, and meet the little *Misty* dolly. She has such beautiful eyes... GOOD LUCK
Scott: MHWF
Why is this sweet little gal still here looking for a home? Am I missing something? What's not to like about a young, healthy, very mellow, very sweet and super cute mini who has no issues with founder, has all her shots and a fresh hoof trimming? We even lowered her adoption fee. Nobody wants a cute little mini around as a companion to their other horse or for the kids or grandkids to love on?

Hmmm....something weird going on around here lately.
Penny M.
I will be sending my application in today. Just in case. I'm so interested in Misty/Daisy!
I don't know what is going on either...THE DONKEYS are still available.  WHAT?  If I had more room and a nicer husband I would.
Scott: MHWF
Yeah, we are blown away that the donkeys are still here too. It might be three of them, but they are really self supporting, easy to deal with and all three of them put together eat less than one full size horse. Plus they are adorable and really love people and attention.
Daisy is super cute and sweet.
Penny M.
Application sent! Hopefully this will work out for me! She is too cute!
We are toying with the idea of bringing Daisy (Misty) to the fundraiser event for Stable Hands next weekend with us.  I guess we will see how this all plays out.  :) 
If I already didn't have 5 horses, 2 goats, and a dog. I would love to home the 3 donkeys and a mini!
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