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Scott: MHWF
You can upload videos to YouTube, then embed them into your posts.
Heather H
The other weekend I stopped by Heather W's house to visit Daisy and we had a little photo shoot. I had a jar of treats to feed the goats but Daisy heard them shaking in the container and thought they were for her so she was following me around. She was on a power walking mission....check out how she pins her little ears and almost looks like a torpedo. I was CRACKING up at her. I was trying to get the lovely pink sunset in the background and she kept creeping up close to me that this was the best I could do.
Heather H
I call this series "Mini on a Mission"....

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Scott: MHWF
Damn she's cute!
So adorable!!!!!!!!!
Heather W

Thanks Heather for posting!  She is so cute!  I think she lost some weight due to the "bug" she had, she looks thinner in these pics than she was or is now.  

I have a video I took on my phone the other day, it's not a great one though.  I took it from standing in the house so it's not very close.    I had to send it to Heather H. to see if she can rotate it as I'm having trouble with it.  I hope to post it soon!

Heather W
Ok, here's the video.  Like I said, it's not great, but you get the idea of how she zips around.  I didn't capture the leaping and bucking.  If it ever warms up, I will get some better shots.

So cute!  It looks like the dog is enjoying the game just as much as the horses!  
Heather W
Yes, Lilly, our dog, loves to run along with them!  
Jenni O.
Love it! She is too cute!
Heather H
Here's some cute video and a photo of Daisy jumping.

Heather H
Daisy has dreams of the Rolex some day....haha. j/k. Look at her form!

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That's awesome Heather!
Daisy is very intent on doing her job...smile...love how nicely she is tucking her fronts.  Rolex here she comes!!!
Donna M
That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! You go, girl!!
Jenni O.
She has to be one of the cutest ponies I've ever seen! I love her jumping form. It's almost a shame she's not 16 hands. But then she wouldn't be so darn adorable.
Scott & Karen: MHWF
We love it!!!
Heather W.
Thanks for posting Heather H!  

Daisy is doing very well!  She's a happy girl and knows she is well-loved.  :)  She will be making a debut at a local 4-H horse show in June.  There she will be helping to sell MHWF raffle tickets with all her cuteness.  Heather H. may even take her in a halter class.  Stayed tuned for pictures!
Heather H
It didn't work out to take her to the June show (I was still able to sell over 100 raffle tickets though total!)

Daisy loves playing beauty parlor. I go over to Heather W.'s house and groom her and she is always waiting by the door wanting to be let into the stall to be brushed and played with. She adores being pampered and brushed. I've been practicing some braids on her after seeing them on Facebook. The tail I got down pat but my "double dragon" braids in her mane need some work. Daisy's mane is so bushy and thick it is really hard to part it down the middle to get both sides even! She had a little snack of hay hanging out of her mouth too I realized after our photo shoot was all done. haha. Oh well.

Here's a video of the Double Dragon braid if you want to try it (in Spanish but can watch)

Heather H
Here are the photos. She finally is shed out so isn't so creamy off white and has a more golden hue to her hair.

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Name: Daisy.JPG, Views: 240, Size: 73.08 KB

 OH she is so cute!!  Love the braids, and that blue eye is just gorgeous!  Her summer color is so pretty too she looks like a palomino now!
Cute! and nice job on the mane an tail. Wish I knew how to braid.
me d
She is absolutely gorgeous!
Jenni O.
Wow, that's very cool! She is a cutie. Jurita, looks like you've got more than housebreaking to work on. Better learn Spanish and watch the video.
What an adorable mini!  The videos are so cute and she just oozes cuteness from all of her pictures too.  How is this little sweetheart doing?  
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