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Anyone read the fantastic time Karen had with her mini at the fundraiser? Maybe Daisy would make a good therapy horse too. Bet she would. How cool would it be to be able to take your horse to visit people and make them happy? I think that would be awesome, pretty sure I know a mini mule that wouldn't hear of it . lol!
Look at this friendly little girl on here.
Heather W.
She's a cutie!   I've been approved!  We'll see if she may be a good match for us.  
Heather I hope you get her. She is young,very friendly, and cute. I am surprised she is still here.
Heathaer H
I can't wait to come meet her next weekend with my friend Heather W! It will be the first time visiting the farm and I'm so excited to see Kane and the peacocks and all the pretty horses there. I am really hoping she (or Luv?) work out for Heather W as she lives minutes from me so I'd get to vist her often.
Yay! The little cutie is adopted!
Heather W.
Proud new mama here!  Very happy to have Daisy as a part of our family!  Thank you Karen and Scott!  It was great to meet you!  Wendy it was great to meet you as well.  Thank you Heather H. for making the trip with me and all of your help in getting Daisy settled!

Daisy is such a love!  Pics coming soon!
We are SO thrilled that little Daisy has found such a great home!!!  Heather, it was so great to meet you and the girls today, and we are so happy that you chose the route of adoption and taken Daisy in to be a part of your herd. 
Heather H., it was really great to see you again today!  I hope you post a couple of the pics that you took today too somewhere on here (I want to see the one of you and Gracie especially that I took on your camera).  :) 

Thank you again both Heather's, and the girls too!!!  We really look forward to hearing how Daisy does with her new family. 

Here are a couple of cute pics from adoption day today, 10/27/2013. 

Attached Images
Name: MISTY-DAISY-HEATHER-OCT27-271-copy.jpg, Views: 634, Size: 171.04 KB

Name: MISTY-DAISY-HEATHER-OCT27-266-copy.jpg, Views: 635, Size: 171.46 KB

Wendy W - WI
Congratulations!!!  It was great to meet you too Heather (and Heather) :o).

Daisy is truly a sweet sweet mini and I'm sure you will have so much fun with her.  I hope you will post pictures of her with your herd.  I always love seeing the big horses reactions to minis if they have never seen them before.  

Congrats again.

Donna R
Adorable photos!  Congratulations!
Jenni O.
Yay, Buttercup! Congratulations, and can't wait for photos from her new home.
Heather W.
Ms. Daisy is doing well.  She is such a doll!  Today she let me clip her bridle path, the clippers didn't even phase her.  She is still separated from my horses.  They share a fence line, so they can get to know each other through the fence.  I will slowly introduce them, but I will be sure to get pictures of all of them together.  Right now, my gelding is acting like Mr. Tough Guy, he's the boss and wants everyone to know it.  They have been with minis before, he just needs to act tough, although he seems to be getting over it already.  The two mares haven't paid much attention to her though.   I do have a picture of her from today when she was in the barn, but I don't think I can submit pictures myself, correct? Scott/Karen, should I send the pictures to you via email and then you post them?  

Hi Heather, thanks for the update!  I'm glad to hear things are going so well! 

You can post as many pictures as you like (and we encourage and absolutely love pics!!!).  When you are in a post (after you have hit "reply"), you just click on the "attach files" below and attach the pictures from your device that way.  They need to be under 300kb and less than 700px wide.  We are also happy to post them for you if you'd like and you can send them to us via email.  karen@equineadoption.com or scott@equineadoption.com 


Lindsey N
Congrats!  And yes, lots of updates are required ;)  Can't wait to see the pictures with her new family!
Heather W.
Here are two pics, not very exciting, but it does show off her cuteness!Daisy.JPG Daisy, face.JPG 
Heather H
I'm good friends with Heather W and happen to live a whopping 2 miles away from her so I have been able to go over and visit Daisy in her new home. She is now out with the herd (3 other horses) and is doing really good with them. She is the low one on the totem pole but hangs out with the other passive chestnure mare Salsa. The two of them are little buddies and often lay down near each other to soak up the sun. Daisy looks like Salsa's foal she is so little compared to her. Daisy's mane and forelock are really bushy, sort of the texture of a troll doll? haha. It is just sort of fluffy and thick. She enjoyed me scratching her forehead last night and behind her tiny ears.
Well, it is TRUE that good things come in small packages. *Misty* is a cutie, and those eyes... And she has a good buddy. That sounds like it is really working nice for her. Photos are good, and it sure does shoe her size.
Lindsey N
How did I miss her cuteness A MONTH ago??  She sure is a pretty little girl :)  Any plans to work with her on driving or other fun stuff? 
Jenni O.
I missed it too, and she is so cute! Thanks for the updates. I would like a mini some day. I think a lot of people would have liked to have Buttercup.
Heather W.
Thanks Heather H. for updating everyone!  Heather summed it up well :).  Not much more to add, except that I will get some pictures posted soon!
Heather H
I stopped over at Heather W's house day to visit her horses and got this cute shot of Daisy.


Jenni O.
That is so cute, she doesn't even look real! Wouldn't it be cool to have a small herd of ponies just like her? Good thing she isn't here, I wouldn't get anything done.
Heather W
Happy New Year! 

Daisy is doing very well!  Everyone is getting along well and Daisy loves to challenge the big guys to a race.  Watching those little legs move as fast as they can is just too cute!  Yesterday she wanted so badly to play, she would run up to one horse, canter a lap around him/her, and come up closer and closer until she could tug at their blanket, and then off she would go.  Finally,the two big mares decided it was "game on" and they took on Daisy's challenge!  Little Daisy is so agile that she could make quick corners while the big horses had to slow down to a trot to make it around the corner and into another pasture. Daisy would just zip on by and I swear I could hear her saying, "nanner, nanner, nanner!"   She loves to buck and leap into the air, she is one happy girl...and entertaining!  We just love her!

I only have my camera phone, but I will try to capture a shot of the motley crew in action!  Otherwise, you'll have to settle for a "quiet" shot of our zesty lil' girl! 

Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy, and blessed 2014!
Jenni O.
We need video! Your description of her antics was pretty good though. :)
Yes...we need video!
Heather W
I can attach a video? Ok, will do! I was hoping for some fun today, but they are just quietly munching. They must have stayed up too late bringing in the new year!
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