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OH Cassandra, Congratulations on adopting a wonderful horse!  
Grace is the easiest herd horse I've ever had.. just fits right in and figures things out quickly as she's very smart.

Please keep us informed, sounds like you have spent a lot of time with her already.  Hope to see you trail riding some time.  She is one heck of a trail horse. 

Thank you so much,


PS... The photo is wonderful Karen!  [smile] 

Sue J
I am so happy for you Cassandra, the picture really captures the moment. I can't wait to hear about your adventures on the trails.
Kate G
So glad Grace got adopted! She is so darn cute and so smart, I can tell. I bet she will be so devoted. Good pick, Cassandra. 
Such wonderful news! I love the dedication to the decision ❀️ Congratulations!!
Cassandra PS

Hi everybody!

I'm so happy to have Grace, and so grateful for everyone who took care of her and helped her learn to trust in the last year. Grace is my first horse, and I wanted to make sure I was up her par for her before bringing her home. It meant a lot that Karen and Scott were willing to let me come by so much to get to know her.

She's settling in really nicely at the barn. The property owners are excited to have a fresh face around and everyone's told me how beautiful she is. I've reassured everyone that she isn't actually mad, she just likes to make grumpy ears, but they're still shocked and excited when she lets a new person pet her face. She must look very sweet, because I've heard different people call her "the cinnamon bun" and "the powdered doughnut". I'm personally guilty of "honey bunches of oats", "sweets", "sugar baby" and ONCE when she was making a really ugly face and I thought she needed grounding, "Sparklebutt Unicorn". In spite of/because of all the crazy names, she gives me a nice nicker when I call her "Gracie girl" in the morning.

We're spending lots of time together, learning where she likes to be scratched and going for pasture walks. I can't wait to work on getting her out on some trails

Barb S
Love the names! Thanks so much for adopting Gracie!

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Cassandra PS
Grace joined the herd today! She made a couple of fast friends, I'm very proud.

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Sunbathing with a friend. Nice!
Jenni O.
Look at that! Good for her. She's such a cutie.
Donna M
Your first horse! Congratulations to you and Gracie. I look forward to seeing your bond develop and hearing about your adventures. 
Kate G
Adorable pictures. So glad Gracie's fate meant crossing paths with MHWF. 
Heidi V.
Congratulations, Cassandra and Gracie.  Warmest wishes your way! 
Congratulations Cassandra and Grace!  
First ride today at her new home, and she was a fricken dream for mounting. Needed correcting by the block just once and then stood like a mountain for me. I practically swooned I was so happy.

Now I just have to prove to her that the woods aren't going to eat her while I'm actually riding [wink]


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So happy Cassandra!  [smile]

The sooner you get her going, the better.  So glad to hear it went well.

Tears of joy...

I was at the One Day Shelter event last year and saw Grace there. I was drawn to her for whatever reason. I said that someone needs to take that one. I left way before Scott and Karen that day but was happy to find out later that day that they took her. Now to see her adopted is really cool!
Barb S
Jenni O.
That mane! I love it. And so many scary things in the woods, a girl can never be too cautious, lol.
Cassandra PS

I had this grand plan to take video of Grace being mounted, because she hadn't had a single slip up since she moved in. But I made a huge mistake after another fairy tale walk around the arena. I told her she was perfect. I said it like half a dozen times. Just absolutely gushed at her, and then turned her out and let her think about that overnight

The next day, when my husband was home to video I took her out and she "forgot" that she's supposed to stand still the whole time she's being mounted, and not just while I put a leg over her. She's not afraid, or pretending to be afraid, or even sort of startled, she just casually stepped off. "Oops, thought you were up there. Since you're not, I'll see you by the round bale? No?" A couple reminders with husband acting as a pole, and then a few more mounts after that she decided to be a perfect peach of a pony princess again so we could go out on the trail, but all of the videos poor husband took are of me shooting him daggers for pulling the camera up. 

So, I learned that whispering sweet nothings to horses returns nothing but shenanigans. Thinking that's something horse people just know, so they forget to pass it on to newbies like me. 

Your updates crack me up.  [biggrin]
Gracie really found the perfect person.  
I agree. Sounds like a good match. Love your updates.
Ditto....good match great updates!!  
When I ride my horses I like to tell them this, β€œNow remember who feeds you everyday!”
Cassandra PS
It's about time for an update, and today was a gorgeous day for Grace to show off. We've been getting in some walks around the least icy paddock at the barn, and we got a saddle that Grace and I both like. She's been checking to see what she can and can't get away with in the last month. I've learned that when she dances around and fusses about something that I know we've worked through, a firm but unelevated "Stop it." usually nips her sass in the bud and she'll immediately settle and look bored. She just wants to check if I'll agree that she's scared and give her comfort snackies.

We have some naughty grumpy days, and then we have perfect pony princess days like today. Today, she stood stock still without a tie down to be saddled, let me mount without even thinking about it, AND splashed through all the puddles in all the land after asking just once if I'd really make her do it. Grace was in the woods! Grace was in a melt pond! Grace walked further down the fenceline than she's ever walked and didn't spook once!

I love her so much I could cry.

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