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Scott: MHWF
Love this update......kind of miss Gracie too.
Jenni O.
Look at you two go! Great update. You have a Bob Marshall treeless, don't you? Good choice. That mane sticking up cracks me up. I love it.
Cassandra PS
Well of course you miss Grace, Scott, she's amazing.

It is a Bob Marshall treeless! A friend let me try hers out, and I scoured all kinds of secondhand websites until I found the right one. It's awesome.

It will break my heart if her mane ever grows out, I love that view.

I was laughing last night, because I rewatched the videos of Chloe mounting, and I just noticed her reaching forward and handing Grace a snack for standing still, same as I do. It's probably a terrible habit, but not one I'm planning on breaking any time soon. I also have a bag of Nicker Makers always in stock on my saddle rack because Karen posted early that Grace liked them. I really love having this thread as a History of Grace to check back on.  
Oh wow.. I have tears in my eyes.. we knew she would be magic for the right person. Cassandra, I am so impressed with how well you are communicating !

and YES, the Bob Marshall saddle works well with her. That is the one Chloe used if you look back on the old photos.  The one we have I bought in 1995 and has been used on many horses with many children.

Chloe did give her snacks when she was good. She can bend that head right around and take them.  She only did it when mounting and when she was exceptionally good on the trail.

keep up the good work and thank you for this update!   I'll pass it on to Chloe.
Just love this!  Cassandra, you are Grace are a perfect pair!
Cassandra PS
We skipped spring and went straight to summer. Grace and I don't mind. (Please forgive my horse selfie face. It's the only face I can make when I take horse selfies.)

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This is a super update!!!
Great update...I do love that mane!
Scott: MHWF
On Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of getting to visit the place where Cassandra boards Grace and got to see them both. A rare treat and Grace clearly remembered me.

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Donna R
How cool is that!  Grace looks amazing!
Heartwarming pics of Grace and Scott!  She definitely looks happy!
Scott: MHWF
And of course, I snapped a couple quick pics of Grace and Cassandra as well 😉

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Cassandra PS
Between school for me, the winddown of my heavy work season and a truly gross amount of rain, Grace and I had our longest hiatus of riding since she came home - a solid six weeks. Grace hasn't minded. We haven't been tacking up, riding, or fly spraying daily, but we've had a few sessions of Grace eating fresh grass while I sit and stare at her. As a reward, I got my very first galloping approach greeting from her today, and it tickled me absolutely pink.

I was a teeny bit nervous that she would play tricks on me because of the break, but my powdered doughnut pony just did one tiny baby premature step off before we corrected, and then she let me mount, business as usual, and bebop around bareback in her halter. Lots of cooing, "Goooood, goooood giiirl Gracie," on my part. Lots of ears from her, but I get it, I'm pretty annoying [wink]

This summer we did some experimenting around the barn trails and did our first road ride, all good stuff, and we've only ever had one 40 minute catching session, which was of course the day that Scott visited. I'm excited to get her off site one of these months, and I'm very excited for bug free riding over the next while.

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Cassandra PS
A few extra summertime photos

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Jenni O.
Omigosh, that mane! I love it. What a great update.
That is an awesome update! So glad MHWF took a chance on her and you adopted her. She's right where she should be.
Wonderful update, and great pics!!  THanks for sharing them!
Cassandra PS
Two years ago today, Scott was the only one brave enough to test Grace's easy frown. At the end of a very long day, when no one else was going to, he and Karen gave her good heart a chance. Now she's got a home in my heart, always.

Happy 14th birthday, Gracie. It took a lot of people to get you here. :)

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You found your unicorn! Congratulations!
Love the hay bale shot...too funny!!  Happy Birthday, Gracie!
A horse's idea of the best birthday present ever - to be up to your eyeballs in food! Very cute photos.
Jenni O.
The hay bale-best pic ever!😂😂

Grace went on her first off site trail ride!! WoOoO!!

We went six-ish miles and only struggled with the water. She made up for it by being a stellar bush-whackin' pony with an eye for evasive action. And it turns out Grace can trot! First two tiny steps, then a half dozen, then a lovely little jog with her future husband Toby and friends. It was a good day.

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Cassandra PS
Just checking in to let everyone know that Grace thinks this fresh snow is heckin' SPOOKY! Somehow we survived our ordeal and made it back to the barn. If I had to guess, it's because the snow monsters only appear when we're walking away from food. Good thing I keep treats in my pockets, or we might not have made it out of the woods.

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Smart thinking ahead on those treats!! Watch out for those snow monsters 😉
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