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Heike B
OOOh - looks like you went out bareback to stay warm.  Love winter riding!  And the mo-hawk 😉  So nice Grace has someone who gets her and doesn't get too worked up over her antics!
Grace and Cassandra 😉

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Cassandra PS
You nailed it, Heike! I'm not going to sit in a chilly saddle if I have the option to cozy up to my hay powered furnace 😃 I tack her up every now and then now that it's cold so we don't forget how that all works, but I really do love winter for diddy-bopping around the barn. 
What a nice happy pair!!
Cassandra PS

One year ago today we overcame a a cold, a busted truck, and a few other surprise odds and ends to pick up Grace and haul her home! 

Here's four minutes of her ponyhawk bobbing along for your celebratory viewing pleasure. The pony snack was for maintaining a reasonable pace and stopping during the final stretch before the barn. Also, because I love giving her pony snacks, and I have set certain expectations from my behavior. Look, I'm food motivated, too, alright? Maybe if someone waited along the road with cheesecake bites, I'd be more inclined to go for a jog.  [wink]

Her ears are fun to watch, too.  Cheesecake bites for jogging, you might be on to something there.  For me, they'd have to be pretty close together, though!  Congrats on your year together!
Love this!! I'm in on the jog with treats along the way
Love that mane, and the ears and the snacks!!  I could go for cheesecake bites for jogging, although I have to say that if jogging caused me to gain weight I would quit for sure..LOL
I love Grace updates. I can still picture her standing in her pen at the One Day Shelter and hoping MHWF would take her. It really worked out for her.
LOL!  I love this update.  Cassandra you crack me up!  Joe always gets pony snacks on the trail too.
Cassandra PS
Grace and I share the same feelings about the real wintery cold finally showing up at our door.

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Grace, please don't lick the fence!
Barb S
Love it! Grace is so adorable! Love your updates! My Thea thinks the same way about the weather

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Cassandra PS
Grace helped me start the horse indoctrination process with a friend's baby. Get 'em young! She was extra sweet and gentle with the tiny hands, I was extremely proud of her.

And don't worry, when the time comes, baby Harper is going to know exactly where to go to adopt her horse [wink]

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Cassandra PS
Barb, Thea looks adorable! Is there a "Horses sticking their tongues out" thread? If not, there should be!
That's so sweet! Good girl Grace ❤️
Awww...Grace is such a good girl!
Cassandra PS
Grace and I have been experimenting with a treed Western saddle and mounting from the ground (as opposed to my treeless endurance or bareback riding) and it led to a big moment this week!

I've been nervous to let anyone else up on Grace, just an over-protective helicopter mom attitude I have. Lately, though, I've been making semi-joking remarks about hiring a friend's daughter who does horse work to hop up and see how she does.

Yesterday after my ride, my husband (who had been walking as our lead "horse" and getting snuggled by Grace for the last mile) asked if he could try to mount. I agreed with just a little hesitation. Grace eyed him, eyed my fanny pack of treats, and stood like a mountain while he put his foot in the stirrup, mounted, then adjusting the askew saddle like a madman. She then immediately bent for him to give her her pony snack. I guess as long as the toll is paid, she doesn't care who sits on her. I was so proud I about died.

Pictured: Said husband in his work clothes with unadjusted stirrups, and Grace wondering why she can't go back and eat with her friends yet.

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Scott: MHWF
Way to go Matt!!!
Next step-a horse of his own
Good job everyone!  Yes Matt will need his own horse soon.....
Cassandra PS
Grace gives pony rides to little cousins now. Basically pro levels over here. She was happy and content being led around the arena (normally her off zone, she gets very bored in there), but rather concerned about walking around off the sand with Jayda. She's done pony rides with children before, I suspect.

I think I've mentioned before that Grace will ask for a treat when she does something that she recognizes is "good". If she walks through a big puddle she will ask for a snack, if a rabbit flushes from under us and she doesn't spook she will ask for a snack, etc. Well, while Matt rode, she asked for her obligatory "I stood to be mounted" snack, and her "I stood to be dismounted" snack. While Jayda was on her (her first kid ride since we met, second person besides me on her whioe here) she made a point to be very careful and mindful of her steps and posture, but also lipped at the air by my arm for a snack The Entire Ride. I get it Grace, it's very good of you to keep the kid alive, don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.

And no, she did not get a snack for every 1.2 seconds that she allowed Jayda to stay on her.

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Cassandra PS
A little further away.

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Goofy Grace
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