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Grace - 12 yrs.

$400 - Grace is a 12 year old Appy from the Adoption day Event on Oct. 16th. She is in very good shape, other than some nasty quarter cracks on her hooves. Other than her hooves, she is in good weight, is sound, healthy and very smart. Grace is probably the horse out of the whole bunch that grabbed us the most. Because she did not want to be touched or caught and always had her ears back, nobody was very excited to get in her stall and catch her for Coggins. Scott from MHWF did that and at the end of the day, went back to see if anyone had yet claimed her. It did not look like she was going to be claimed, so she was the last horse we added to our list of horses we would take home. There seemed to be more to this mare than what you see at first glance, plus she was too young and too healthy to not be claimed. We are very glad we saved her in the end. Grace stands at 14.2 hands tall. She is built like a tank, strong and very flashy when she moves out. She does not fully trust people, but has a very good heart and if you are good to her, she is very good to you. She wants to trust and is very appreciative of affection. Grace will probably be the hardest horse to place out of this group, but for those willing to look past her tough exterior, we believe there is a very loyal, confident partner buried in there somewhere. We are told that Grace is broke to ride, but that it has been at least a few years since she has been ridden. More info to come and we get to know her better.

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Wendy W - WI
I'm so glad you took her too.  She is really really cool.  
Jenni O.
She's such a good-looking horse.  She will make someone the best partner with a little time and effort.
Grace loves Nicker Makers treats (they all do)... she saw me coming out today and came right up to see if I had any for her.  [smile]  
Wendy W - WI
Awesome.  [kiss]
I love the look in her eye in the 3rd snap:  "How's this?  Is this stance more slimming?  Is this what you're looking for?"
Sounds like she is beginning to see the good in people!  Or at least in treats!!
I really enjoyed seeing Scott and Grace together.  This mare is really going to be a great partner and she really is stunning!
Grace nickers to us as soon as she sees us come out now.  [smile]  
Great news on Grace this morning....

We got a call last night from the person who donated her and got a lot of good info. 

Grace was given to her 8 years ago from a man who was pretty rough with his horses, which explains why she is a little wary of new people at first.

Then woman who gave her up only did so because she had no other choice and Grace was her favorite. It turns out that Grace has been ridden by kids and adults, has done some fun shows and 4H shows and lots of trail riding. Apparently she is a super solid, very experienced horse with a huge heart that just needs to trust her rider. Last year she showed some signs of discomfort when being ridden, so we will look into that to see if there is anything still lingering to be found, but we are very glad she called last night and even more happy to hear that Grace was selected that day and that our taking a chance on her seems to have ended up getting someone a true gem.
Lisa B.
Pure awesomeness! I like that little mare and hope to see her on the trails next year!

I only have a second to quick post, as we had the farrier out this morning and trimmed a whole lot of hooves and now I'm back to work.  Grace did very, very well.  

I just want to give a heart-felt shout out to Grace's previous owner who worked up the courage to call us last night.  Thank you so much for doing that, we greatly appreciated it.  I went out this morning and hollered "Gracie girl!" and she came right up.  [smile]  We cannot thank you enough for reaching out to us.  

I have great empathy for people who are faced with giving up their animals. It would be heartbreaking. I am sure he or she had Grace's best interest in mind.
Great news about Grace!  Thank you to her previous owner for reaching out.  
I did manage to snap a few pictures while we were out with the farrier today.  

Grace was such a good girl.  Never mind those ears in the trimming picture, she was a rock star.  

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Jennifer O.
Haha, love those ears! How nice to get some info on her from her previous owner.
That is so wonderful and glad Grace's previous owner was able to reach out!  Happy to hear she is a solid as you guys thought she would be [smile] 

Update: 11-6-2016

Yesterday was the day we planned to do some more evaluation on the horses that came from the Adoption day Clinic and with the help of Priscilla G., we did just that. Being that Grace is pretty wary of new people and has been locked in the quarantine pasture since coming to MHWF, we did take her out and saddle her up, but she was very nervous and we opted to give her more time to settle in before asking too much from her. Riding update to come soon!

Grace says hello and wondering when you are going to come and meet her?  

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Grace is a very pretty girl, and she has exciting news to share too.  Some very kind, generous and talented people have offered to take Grace in for some training starting in March.  We are very, very excited about this adventure and will share every step of the journey with all of you.  We also hope that Grace's future adopter, whoever that might be, will be watching too.  [smile]  
Barb S
That is fantastic news!
Very exciting news!  March will be here before we know it and Grace will be that much closer to her new family!!  Such a wonderful and generous thing to do....thank you!
Grace just wanted to pop in and say hello.  [smile]  

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Peggy E.
Is she adopted yet?
Hi Peggy.  Grace is not adopted.  When a horse gets adopted we do mark them as adopted right away and we will post here on their thread along with an adoption day picture too.  [smile]   If you read above, I mentioned that we had a couple of very kind, generous and talented people who will be taking Grace in for some training to make her more adoptable, and she will be going in March for that.  We are going to assume at this time that Grace will be in training for somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 days.  
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