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How tall is she?  Are her hooves going to be a long lasting problem, or good with proper farrier care and nutrition?
Grace is a perfect lady for having her feet trimmed and now that she has been here a while, her feet are in great shape....no special needs. As far as height, she is about 14.2
How is Grace's training coming along?
Grace is due to start her training in March.  (I'll note that today is February 14, 2017 for future ease of reading).  

We have sad news about Grace's training that she was scheduled to head off for.... that isn't going to happen.  The person who was going to do this for Grace just doesn't have enough time to be able to take Grace in.  

Grace has come a long way and we will continue to work with her, and hopefully the right person comes along for Grace and sees what a sweet horse she is.  [smile]  

Grace just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone.  [smile]  

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Jenni O.
Bummer that she won't be going for training. Someone will click with her eventually. The training would have been nice to get a really good idea of what she knows and how she is...just another reason for that indoor to get done ASAP, right?
She is stunning! Such a beautiful mare with a whole lot to offer [smile]

Update: 4-9-2017

Grace has come a long way since first coming to MHWF. She was originally mislabeled as an aggressive horse. We did not think she was aggressive at all and simply thought she was scared. That turned out to be true and after doing some research on her, it became clear that Grace had a very abusive past. She was terrified of people and nobody could get anywhere near her. She now comes right up to us and has even started approaching strangers. Today she wanted to be haltered and taken out for a walk, and we did that. This is not the same horse that came to us last October. She is super sweet, very quiet, respectful and put together very well. In all these months, even when she first arrived, Grace never once tried to bite, bolt, kick, rear or anything even close to aggression. It is good to see her confidence and personality coming out now. We are very glad we took a chance on her and in the end, someone is going to get a very, very nice horse who truly only wants to please you, once she trusts you.

Looking forward to seeing summer photos of Gracie Girl. Karen, you do such a beautiful job with the pics.
Do you allow visitors (do you have office hours/appointment only?)?
Hi Anna.  We do allow visitors, but you do need to make an appointment.  The Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation is run 100% volunteer, and so everyone works regular jobs. Our telephone hours are from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm weekdays and any time on weekends (within reason [smile] )  
Grace says hello!  

She is a sweet, sweet girl and ready to start back under saddle.  She has learned a lot of trust since coming here.  

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Update: 8-14-2017

Grace has come a long way since first coming to MHWF and it was finally time to give her the very first test ride. Gracie was not sure what was going on with horses being pulled out of the pasture left and right and about 10 people watching her get tacked up and three people handling her all at the same time, but she did very well. It is very clear that she is broke to ride and that her only real issue is trust. She does not have a mean bone in her body and has never bit, kicked, bucked, bolted or even paid her ears back at anyone, even when she first arrived and was scared of people. That fear is now a distant memory for her and she is absolutely ready to be adopted. While she was a little nervous under saddle for her first ride, she was a trooper and did exactly what was asked of her. What this poor girl needs is her own person who she can build some trust with and we are convinced that with the right person she will be a super loyal and trusted ride. This is one of the most mild mannered and quiet horses you will ever meet. She just had a tough life and it is now time for her person to step up and share their time and affection with her. The trade off will be a super trail horse willing to do anything you ask, because she wants to trust and please.  

A giant THANK YOU to Chloe, Terri and Laura for all of your kind and wonderful work with Grace!  

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Lisa B.
How exciting to see Gracie under saddle. Hopefully she'll find a home soon .
She looks great. Someone is going to be very lucky to get this horse.
Grace has had a long journey, coming to the 1-day event in October of 2016 a very scared horse, learning to trust people and get back on the right track, almost going out for some training and saddle time and having that get canceled twice, and fast forward to today, 9/8/2017 when Grace left the MHWF farm for some saddle time and training!  Chloe, Deb and Gary have stepped forward in a huge way, rearranged things on their farm to bring Grace in and Chloe is going to work with her!  Deb says she is the caretaker and Gary says he is the maintenance man, Chloe will be doing the riding.  [smile]  This brings Grace a huge leap closer to being the right horse for a lot more people!  

We are so thrilled for Grace and incredibly grateful and appreciative to this huge help from Chloe, Deb and Gary!  THANK YOU ALL!!!  We are really looking forward to hearing of their adventures!  

Chloe had to work today but Deb and Gary made the trip up to pick up Grace and they were kind enough to let me snap a picture.  [smile]  (Caine was supervisor)


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Yay!  It was tough not to spill the beans on this.  Welcome Grace!  Hope you like the neighborhood.

(Is it still "saddle training" if Chloe never uses a saddle?)  [tongue]
Well, BetC, we are hoping Chloe will use a saddle from time to time because whoever is going to adopt her is probably going to be using a saddle.  [smile]  Grace needs the practice with being cinched up and saddled up as well as ridden.  
This is really generous and kind!! Thank you all for doing this for Grace 💕
Donna R
How wonderful!  Thank you Chloe, Deb, and Gary!
Jenni O.
You all are awesome! Although the maintenance man has a big bandage on his thumb...so you might want to keep an eye on his end of things. Lol!
The maintenance man is also the cook, grocery shopper and chef, hence the cut finger.  Nothing glamorous.   Now you can all see, that yes, indeed, my husband Gary does exist. [smile]    

Grace is adapting well.  Still very Leary of these strange people and the noisy donkey next to her, but she's coming around. Very sweet mare.  She unloaded like a dream and nothing much phases her so far.
So excited to hear of Grace's new adventure.  Thank you so much Deb, Gary & Chloe!
Cute shot of Grace and Chloe!  

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