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Continued excellent reports on Grace, she is doing fantastic!  Grace is to the point now that Chloe took her out on the trails and did walk and trot out there and Grace did awesome.  This is so wonderful and we are so appreciative!  Chloe is going to take Grace out alone on the trails next week and see how she does going off by herself.  I bet she does great.  

Here are a couple of pictures they took for us from this afternoon/evening.  

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Jenni O.
Loving these updates!
Lisa B.
Great news! She is such a cutie! Reminds me of a little app mare I had many, many years ago.
Wow, I am so proud of Grace, Chloe and Deb!!!  Grace is doing SO fantastic!  She is being ridden quite a bit by Chloe and she has come leaps and bounds.  (I've heard them say that if they were in the position to take a horse in at this time, Grace would be the one.)  Grace is being trail ridden out with other horses, out alone, with dogs around, and you name it and is doing just fantastic.  I am going to figure out how to share Facebook videos with you here on the forum so you can see her in action and how calm she is and taking everything in stride.  Grace's biggest issue was being saddle up, or having someone climb on her.  Once she was past the person getting on her, she was fine and was fine for dismounting, but it was almost as if she was expecting pain or something...who knows what happened in her past, ill fitting saddle, who knows.  But she is doing better and better every day with that.  What Chloe and Deb are doing for Grace is just such a huge deal and is going to help Grace be the right horse for a wider variety of people.  

Here are a couple of pictures from today, 10/5/2017.  

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Scott: MHWF
Big props! For whatever reason, I have always had a really good connection with Grace and is is really cool seeing her turn into a horse that trusts again.
Donna R
I love these updates!  Chloe and Deb are doing so much for Grace and her future life.  Thank you both for putting the time in to help her.  She is such a cool looking horse.  It sounds like people are drawn to her great personality as well. 
Jenni O.
It's so weird seeing Chloe in a saddle!

Keep up the good work! You guys are doing an amazing job. She looks pretty confident, and sounds like she has come a long way already.
Kate G
She is so cute!
Great job Chloe!! 💜💜💜
Guess who is coming home this weekend (11/4/2017) to start seriously looking for her new person to adopt her?  That's right, Miss Grace is coming back to MHWF, and we know her right person is out there reading this right now.  We hope to hear from you soon!  

Chloe and Deb took Grace in under their wings and did a lot of very kind work with her and got her out on the trails and even hauled her and took her out riding at another destination.  Grace had anxiety issues with being saddled and mounted, and she is doing just fantastic now with all of Chloe's work!  

Here are a few videos that Deb and Chloe took and so kindly uploaded for us.  

That's just wonderful!! Thank you Chloe and Deb!!
Kate G
If I had my own place, I would definitely want to give her a home. She looks like she is the type that could form a deep bond if given the chance. 

Does her mane ever get any longer? 
Grace really is a wonderful horse!  She is going to do fantastic with the right person.  Her mane is how you see it, it's never been cut or anything.  She has that typical appy mane, but I think Grace's is extra cute.  [smile]  
Donna R
Thank you Chloe and Deb!  Yay Grace!  What a sweet horse.  She will be a wonderful partner for some lucky adopter.
Donna M
Nice work! Your special person is out there Grace.
Chloe gets all the credit!
I'm just the "food lady" for Grace.  Kate G, you are so right.  She needs a special person to bond with. She'll do anything for you once she's trusting you. 
Her mane and tail are what you see and it's a lot easier to take care of plus she never seems to get dirty. Her coloring makes it hard to see where she's rolled. [smile] 
I can't say enough good about Grace.  That's all for now as I'll start to get teary otherwise. 
Scott: MHWF
Haha....told you Deb, there is something about Grace that draws you to her. At least for me, and apparently you as well.

I'll refer you to the "guess who will be adopted first in 2018" thread.  And I bet you know where this is going too, although Grace was not the first and Phoenix wound up being first.  But yes, Grace was officially adopted today!  Yippee!!!!  This is the adoption that Scott thought would happen first in 2018, and just a couple of things happened along the way to put Phoenix in that spot instead.  [smile]  


Grace finally got adopted, and it's a happy dance celebration time!  Gracie girl has waited a really long time to find the right home, but she wanted to be sure she chose very carefully.  [wink]  [smile]  Cassandra had her interest sparked in Grace and watched her thread and updates carefully, and finally came out to meet Grace.  Cassandra really dedicated herself to making the right decision and came out 10 times.  That's not a typo...through this winter we've had, she came out 10 different times to spend time with Grace.  We couldn't be more thrilled for both Grace and Cassandra.  They are actually on their way home now.  We know Cassandra's mother-in-law very well, Cindy, who had adopted a couple of horses from MHWF over the years, the most recent one being Monte the POA back in 2016 (Cindy and I served on the Board of a humane society together some years ago too).  We are so thrilled to see another family member choose the adoption option!  

A big thank-you again to Deb and Chloe for helping Grace through her transition and helping her to become a more adoptable girl.  

Thank you so much, Cassandra, and a big congratulations!  We all look forward to hearing of Grace's new adventures.  

Here are a couple of cute adoption day photos from today, 1/8/2018.

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Donna R
I couldn't love this adoption more!  Congratulations Grace and Cassandra!
A home at last! So happy for Grace and Cassandra.
Barb S
This is the GREATEST💕👍🏼💕Congratulations Gracie Girl and Cassaundra! I am more than over joyed at this news. Good things come to those who wait😊 So Happy fore Grace!
Heike B
Awwwwwww!  This is wonderful!  I hope we get updates (please!!)

She's such a champ! Little teacher's pet.
Once we unloaded at the barn she was all peppy steps into the paddock and zeroed right in on the hay. The board horses were scamping around trying to get her attention and she ignored them, total stone face. The king's girlfriend (Grace was Pride's girlfriend and Pride is the herd boss here, Scott's Polish Arabian) has no time for those silly horses. No drama, no nerves at all from her.
I love her to bits. Thank you so much!!

- Cassandra

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Sandy K
I am so happy to see Grace got adopted. Looking forward to seeing her in her new home on photo of the day soon .
Peggy- IL
Wonderful news! She looks very comfortable in her new home.
Karen, the first adoption day photo took my breath away! The eye contact in that photo is stunning!
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