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(Here is a link to the original thread on Grace and the other 26 horses from Trempealeau County: 

I suppose you've all been waiting to hear how the morning went with Gracie.  We had an "interesting" trailer loading experience that involved a lot of mud and strong wills from both humans and horse.  Once loaded she was calm and was quiet as a church mouse the whole drive home.  She unloaded cautiously but calmly and just looked around. 

The other horses were all excited to meet her, but she doesn't want to meet them yet.  I was going to give her some time to rest in her new paddock, but she decided it was time for her first lesson, because she refused to walk past the barn.  The roundpen was right next to us, and she easily went in there.  So we spent a good while working on walking with me, and halting with me.  There was definite improvement and she did walk to the barn with me with only a little encouraging.  She is pooped out, and resting in her paddock, so I came in to cool off and rest myself. 

I took a few pictures of Gracie just looking around, and you can see the mud bath she gave herself while we were loading her. 

Thanks so much for posting the pics Kristin!  The mud!  :)  The spot we loaded from was very muddy unfortunately.  It's funny how quiet she was once she got in the trailer.  I was watching as you guys were driving out and she didn't hardly move in there. 

It was a really big day for Gracie, I bet she is tired.  It is so exciting to see little Gracie off seeing the world!  Thank you again Kristin, I just can't say that enough! 
Kristin yall are so nice for doing this I can tell she will be a fast learner I bet she just wants to be broken to the saddle so she can have happy trails :)

Yup been waiting all afternoon wondering how it all went!  It must have been a trying and mentally exhausting day for Gracie, but she looks pretty settled and alert in the pics.  Thanks again to all for making this happen..you are ALL so special.

Gracie napped most of the afternoon.  When she woke up she discovered her hay and cool, shady run-in at one end of the barn.  She still hasn't shown too much interest in the other horses but has called to them a few times.  They all lost interest in her after the first 5 minutes and went back to grazing.   

This evening we didn't do anything real exciting, but it is good for her nonetheless.  I tied her, brushed her, massaged her legs and picked up her front feet.  Then fly spray, which she took pretty well.  Then back to some more light brushing and petting, during which she started to fall asleep again.  Poor girl is so tired.


I'm so happy to hear that Gracie is settling well. I'm not surprised that Gracie didn't want to go in the trailer thinking back to her last ride and her condition on it! I can't wait to hear more updates as you two start working together.

Laurie L.

So glad that Gracie has found a home, you're a good person. 

Except for the first photo, *Gracie* is focused on something on each picture. She looks great, mud and all. What a great day this was, and now she will be getting acquainted with someone new in her life. Great Saturday!! Hope you SHARE more of her transition...
mel d

This will now become my favorite thread. Look forward to reading about the next chapter in this sweet girl's life...mud and all :-)

What does    Warm water from the utility sink + 300 feet of garden hose + shampoo equal? 

You got it....a bright white, sparkling clean horse!  Gracie got her first bath ever today!

We have been busy this morning.  Lots of work on building trust, and leading.  She is getting better at the leading, but we will work on that a lot.
She was a champ for her bath.  A little nervous at first, but I did a lot of approach and retreat with the hose and let her smell and taste it first, then gradually put the water on her.  After she realized what was going on she relaxed and was great!  I even washed her udder area with no problems. 

I'll post pics soon!

Oh and thank you Laurie, but Gracie is still for adoption, were just helping MHWF out before she goes on to saddle training. 
Here's some pictures of Gracie's first bath.  Once dry she was too busy eating to pose pretty for the camera. 


 She looks really good Kristin.


Wow..Kristin, good job!!  She not only looks gorgeous, but calm and accepting too...good good work!

Kristin You and Gracie are looking like yall are having fun looks like you have seem to bonded with her are you planning on adopting her?

Wow...that is awesome Kristin!  It's such a great thing that you are doing for Ms. Gracie!!

She's so beautiful, isn't she? 

Kristin, thank you so much for the pictures and everything you are doing.  I am so happy that things are going so well already!  It is so fun to see the pictures of Gracie, I appreciate them more than you can imagine. 

Gracie is such a beautiful girl!  Very cool that you are working with her Kristin!

mel d

Kristin, thank you, again. Gracie looks so calm with you and her bath :-) I love the one where her eyes are closed and she seems to be enjoying everything.

Jordan, so far we have no plans on adopting her.  I'm only one person and I don't want to get so many horses that I don't have time for them all.  But I will tell you that she has a very, very similiar personality to a mini stallion that we took in 2 springs ago, (and promptly gelded.)  He was completely wild, in his teens, and handed been touched since a colt.  Once we had his trust the training went real quick and he turned out to be a really really good pony.  A family from Iowa drove nearly 7 hours one way to see him and said that of all the ponies they'd been looking at he was by far the best one.  I bawled my head off when they drove away with him and have regretted letting him go.  So, we will see how Gracie does, but her personality and the way she handles things is very similiar to that little guy and although we have a long way to go, I hope she will be as good as him. 

Gracie's personal space bubble is already shrinking.  At first she wanted me to stay about 3-4 feet away, now she will will allow me within one foot before she begins to withdraw mentally or physically.  As soon as she does that I take a step/ or even just lean back out of her bubble and her head swings back around to me like "where'd you go?"  She knows which pocket I keep treats in and will search for them.  But she doesn't like me to pet her until she gives permission.  Each time she gives me that a little quicker, and doesn't seem so apprehensive anymore.  She ties well and hasn't tested that.  

And the best is that she is getting a "B" on her leading.  She is moving forward with me easily, hasn't been balking, but does lag slightly behind, only slightly though.  She finally did some nose sniffing with our old palomino mare. And she caught on very quickly to our feeding routine and nickers for some grain too.  Of course I can't say no to that, so I gave her a handful. 

I'm glad you like the pictures Karen!  I have so many of them but I'm not sure how many to put on here so I've only been adding a couple. 
Here's another picture of Gracie all clean after her bath.  Look how white her tail is!

I need my sunglasses!  Gorgeous! 

I visited a couple of Gracie's relatives yesterday and I will post a few pics on the Tremp. thread in the next couple of days.  You will see some family resemblance there. 
Wendy W - WI
Awesome Kristin.   And yes, she is gorgeous!

I am so glad someone finally took the time to help Gracie. She is such a wonderful soul. She has had such a ruff beginning. Thank you for all you are doing. She deserves it! Good luck to you and Gracie!
Karla Joy
Wow! It is so much fun to see these pictures of Gracie and hear about how she is growing and learning.

Karen, I can't wait to see the pictures of her Tremp, "relatives." There is just some quality that all the horses from that herd share. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what it is but when you see them you recognize that they are from the same herd. They are such fasinating horses.
Laurie L.
Kristin, Gracie looks gorgeous, good job.

And I realized you hadn't adopted her, was just kind of funning you about a home for Gracie.  I won't be surprised if she ends up adopting YOU. 
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