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Love the photo's.  So peaceful looking, and one happy horse!
Gringo Joe and Allie

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So Cool!
Gringo Joe. We have been blessed to have this rock star for 11 years. A true gem. Adoption rocks. MHWF, thank you for entrusting him to us so long ago.

- Beth S.

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Handsome boy with a very cool forelock!!
Pretty boy!
Beth K.
The girls were all getting on their horses yesterday... so not to be outdone...I hopped on Joey the rock star!!! Love this little guy to pieces!!

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Looks like fun! Gotta hop up when the ice is gone! You all look great!

Beth K.
New pics from this morning. I tried to get the best of his curls.

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Heike B
Sooo handsome!!!  Love the curls!
LOVE the Curlies!!
Beth K.
Joey helped me with my picture collage for our team at work. Our word from our inspirational quote was you. We got a good one before he decided I was down there to rub his head on! Love this little stinker. He 22 years young!!!
Beth K.

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Love it!!
Jan N
Aww, that's just wonderful 💞
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