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This is a very special day, and this day is all about you…yes, you reading this. Today is the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation’s 19th anniversary! MHWF was incorporated way back in 2001. It is incredible when we take the time to think about all of the lives changed for the better over the years, equine and human, and how this program has evolved. I do think a book is in order (I’ve been saying that for years). There are so many stories to share and the changes that this program has gone through is incredible in itself, managing to stand the test of time.

One thing that can never be said enough is that the reason this organization has been able to pull through everything and still continue such great work in our community and beyond is because of you. Yes, you reading this, you who share our posts, you who support in any way at all…this organization is here because of you. We’ve been through the hardest of economic times together with the economy completely tanking in the past, and we are here together through the COVID situation and the tough times this has brought to so many, including horses and their people. You have helped MHWF to help people keep their horses through tough times and helped horses who had run out of options in their life to find a safe haven at MHWF. You have helped thousands of horses over the years, whether that be the ones who needed a lot of rehabilitation, those who needed a little of this and that, those who needed training, those who just needed a helping hand through their life changes, and those who needed the help to stay in their current home with a little help from their friends. You have cried along with us for those equines who came to the end of their life and we helped them pass with dignity, surrounded by love and feeling they were “home” here with us.

We have stuck by each other’s sides through thick and thin, always right there to lend a hand, a supportive word, a shoulder to lean on or cry on, celebrated all of the love and countless happy moments together and we all have helped each other through the tough times. There are so many incredible people we have met over the years and so many people have become such good friends of ours and this program, it is humbling.

Even though money is tight for everyone, together we make the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation rich in every other ingredient. There are so many incredible people we have met over the years and so many people have become such good friends and family together, it is humbling.

I sat for a few minutes thinking about statistics over the years. There are just so many different things to think about when you think about 19 years of a program like this. I won’t start spewing out a bunch of stats, but here is a fairly mind-blowing one:
If we combined the volunteers who have ridden and worked with the horses of MHWF, that would be well over 1000 different horses ridden. One volunteer in particular who started with MHWF back in 2002 named Karin Harris has ridden well over 500 different horses over the years. Can you imagine?! Can you imagine the amount of hours that is combined with all volunteers?!

Just one more stat for today - phone calls that we take on a daily basis. We talk to people about such a wide variety of equine-related issues, from helping with horse care and diet, advice regarding old horses and feeding, counseling on the tough decisions of euthanasia, training issues, explaining horse adoption and rescue, talking about horses up for adoption, and just about anything equine-related that you can think of. We love talking to people and helping them through any array of issues that may arise. We take phone calls every day of the week including holidays, with rare days off from the telephone (it is then email or messaging if we are not available on the phone). If we average each phone call at 10 minutes (some may be a little less, but most A LOT longer) and average 5 phone calls per day (of course sometimes that number is higher and once in a while lower), that would add up to approximately 6935 phone calls and 69,350 minutes or approximately 1155 hours on the phone. We are 100% volunteer, so please remember, if you don’t get an answer and we don’t return your call right away, please do call us back. [1f609][wink]

Our celebratory thoughts go out to you who have made this organization possible all these years. We've seen so many changes over the years when it comes to horses and horse rescue and adoption, and so many good things stay the same. The best part of this is the huge community that this has become, and the thousands of horses that have been helped because of this community. Thank you all for helping co-write this beautiful story with many more loving chapters to come, and Happy Anniversary to MHWF!! You are ALL MHWF! 🥰❤️

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Congratulations!!  What a wonderful record. 
Heike B
So proud to be part of MHWF!  Thank you for your endless efforts for the horses and all of us who love them.
Wendy W - WI
Happy Anniversary!!  So much wonderful things comes from MHWF.  Horses, friendships and a great community of people.   
I think I have been around since about the beginning....checking the site, forum, available horses, tracking adoptions etc. on pretty much a daily basis.  So many volunteers (yes, always Karin!) and committed people.  I have never adopted because I have only acquired 1 horse in the 19 years, 17 years ago who I got from a friend of a friend.  (my other horse I have owned for 26 years).  Anyhow, I have seen so many horses, donors, adopters, changes and awesome things happen here.  I've laughed, cried, cheered, grieved all of it. The one thing that has always been here is of course, integrity and love for the horses and Scott and Karen keeping all of it flying right.  I don't think I have ever called for advice but I always felt I could. And I have gotten plenty of support and ideas and plain enjoyment from the forum.  Happy Anniversary MHWF and many more!
Diane B
This is an amazing organization and you two are incredible!  Thank you, thank you for all you do every single day!
Congratulations on your 19th anniversary.  The world of many, horse and human alike, would not be the same without you.  thank you.
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