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Happy - 16 yrs.

$250 - Happy is a 16 year old donkey Jenny She is a big girl at 13.3 hands tall. She is sound, healthy and as with most donkeys, cute and smart. She leads, loads, ties and is ok for the very and farrier. She is a little shy until she gets to know you, but loves to call out to say hello when she sees you coming. Happy is not formally trained for anything, but she was ridden once or twice and did pretty good. She just has her teeth floated, feet trimmed, shots and a brand new Coggins, so she is ready to go. They are getting along famously with the rest of the herd.

Happy and Saphira came in together and although we do not expect a miracle, we will give a nice discount to anyone who keeps them together.

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Ha, now I see what you meant about Billly and Fuzzy being a clue to the weekend!  Sounds like a repeat only larger and a different gender!  I can attest that anyone would love to have them in their pasture.  Billy and FUzzy make me smile every day!
How cute are these two??!!  Oh my goodness [smile]
Jenni O.
That face! So cute.
Those eyes! Those ears!  Love them!
Adorable...just freakin adorable.  
We are so happy to announce that Happy and Saphira went to their new home TOGETHER!  It was the perfect situation for them with wonderful people who have had donkeys for a good share of their life and wanted to add another donkey or two after having lost one of their old ones.  Happy and Saphira have separate threads here on the forum, but we were trying our best to keep them together in the same home and are so happy that was able to happen.  I will post this same message on both of their threads.  

Kathy sent us a note that the girls made it home safe and sound.  Happy jumped right on the trailer for us, but it took a lot of creativity to get Saphira in the trailer.  Once she decided she would go in, that was it and she hopped in.  Kathy said that it took quite a bit of coaxing to get Saphira off of the trailer again and into the barn, but they are home safe and sound.  

Thank you so much and congratulations to Kathy on their adoption of these two sweet girls!!  We look forward to hearing about their new life.  Here are a couple of pictures from adoption day yesterday, 2/11/2017.  Kathy had her friend, Kylee with as well and she is adorable with the donks too.  [smile]  

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Congratulations! Very sweet that they both are able to go together [smile]
Barb S
Perfect! Congrats!!!
Donna R
Congratulations!  Donkeys are so loving and fun to be around!
Oh so happy for all!   So glad they could stay together. 
Very nice
That is so great.  I do miss those heehaw's in the morning, but I'm sure they will be very happy.  
Hello everyone, 

We wanted to let you know that everyone is settling in nice. There was a bit of bickering at first, but everyone stayed together in the barn for most of the week. With feeding treats and brushing, I have Happy walking up to me for a good head scratch. Saphira will walk up but gets skittish quickly. We are working on that. As you can see on Saturday, all three were out together. Jodee showed Happy and Saphira the large pasture and the woods. I think they are making new trails through the woods. By Sunday, Jodee did not want to eat separately. All three had to get their grain bowls close to each other. Hope all is well there. I will send more pictures later.   

- Kathy and Jim

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Dawn N
Saphira, will come around it will just take some time.  She is treat motivated.  I'm glad they are fitting in and getting along with your other one.
Happy and Saphira are trusting me more each day coming up for daily loving. Today was our first trim They both tied beautifully and got a good brushing prior to the farrier coming.  Saphira stood beautifully for all 4, allowing him to pick up feet and trim, a bit of dancing near the end but then settled right in.  Her neck was very tense at first but then with soft talking and petting moving slow, we got it done. Happy was great also.  Allowed the fronts to be done with a bit of dancing around on one.  She was nervous about the backs, but once he got most of that long toe and sole cleaned up she was letting him finish. We had all three done in about 45 minutes. I was very proud of them.  Just thought I would share the news. They are fitting in so well here. Happy will give me her head, the whole weight of her head to hold. She is loving scratches and hugs. I tried to get pictures but my battery on the camera died and its too dark now. I will send some over the weekend. I do have to say though I have the  best most patient farrier ever. 

- Kathy
Sandy K
Glad to hear they were good for farrier day and looking forward to some spring photos with green grass replacing the snow ( or mud ). They all look happy together .
I thought I would send a picture from this last fall of the 3 musketeers. We are working on some ground manners but all are doing well. They go everywhere together and have made many new trails in the woods in the far pasture. They did get out of the fence last fall and I received a call from the sheriff’s office that there were loose donkeys wandering around in my back field. We were able to get them rounded up and back in the fence in a short time. Some of my friends said that they figured that law enforcement believed we have some “Bad Asses” at our farm ....

Health reports and more pictures soon. 

- Kathy

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HAHA  some "badasses"  yeah...those 3 do look like they are up to no good...adorably cute and probably gonna get away with it but definitely up to no good. 
Love the story. What a trio!
Glad they didnt stray too far from home!  Love the update...
Happy and Saphira!

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Sandy K
How could you not absolutely love those great big ears !

We had a Facebook Fundraiser recently where we had a handful of "MHWF Magicians" do their magic by drawing pictures for people who made a donation.  I just recently did one of the girls (you'll see the reference photo above).  😉  😉  This was such a fun fundraiser.  

Thank you, Kathy, for having some fun with us on our fundraiser!  

Kathy reports:  Regarding the pics, "they will have a place of honor in the guest bedroom with the pictures they were created from. Right next to some pictures drawn by some other visitors to the farm who got to meet the girls for the first time and drew some pictures about their experiences." Regarding the girls, "they are such sweeties. Happy is a bit pushy with meals but otherwise they are enjoying the retired life with me on the farm."

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