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Harley - 12 yrs.


This will be Harley's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos. 
Date of arrival back to MHWF:  6/15/2012
$300 - Harley is a 12 year old grade pony gelding. He is sound, healthy, broke to ride and current on all his shots, wormers. He stands just a hair under 14 hands and is built like a tank, strong and stocky. Anyone who has been watching our site for a while probably recognizes Harley, he was adopted about two years ago. Harley was recently brought back to MHWF because of family health problems. Harley has been a pasture buddy to the horse named Missprint that wasalso listed on this site and who got adopted. With them having to give Harley up, we felt the right thing to do was to accept Missprint into MHWF as well.
Harley is broke to ride and can be an exceptional trail horse for the right person. He will test his rider occasionally. He eventually settles in and becomes a very trustworthy and sturdy horse that is best suited to trail riding. He loves going out on the trails. So if you are a smaller adult or a confident kid, have a look at Harley. You will love his outgoing personality and will enjoy his experience as a trail horse.

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Lindsey N

Harley is a hunk!  He looks like he would enjoy some trail-blazing...I'm guessing by your description he likes a challenge?  That is one solid looking boy who could plow you through just about anything :)  I was not around when he first came in...now I'm starting to get confused by all the multiple names!  But once I see their lovable faces, I don't forget!

Love the Harley pony! Such a hunk of a guy!
I can't believe there are only two comments on this guy! Sounds like he could be my dream horse or should I say dream pony. If only I could afford a horse and land:(
Jenni O.
I think he would be a fun horse to take out on the trails.  Just have to get past the initial testing-which I think I would be up for, since he is not 16 hands-and you'd have a great partner.  Unfortunately, maxed out here on horses.  Someone is missing out though.  $250 is a steal!
mel d
Harley definitely needs to be popped back up to the top!
Bump again....no reason for Harley to not be adopted yet. If you can ride, this is an exceptional horse that can do it all.
Lindsey N
He packs a lot of personality :D  He always makes me chuckle, a smart fellow he is and I think he will be a great partner for someone!  Handsome guy :S
I can't believe there aren't very many posts on this guy:(

I can't look!  I think Harley is a sweetheart and he looks like a mini version of my WB Jay who is also adopted from MHWF.  They would look so cute together, along with Stormy and Roxy and, and, and....

Donna R
I have always liked Harley's looks and personality.  We too are maxed out on horses right now.  For a shorter person, he would make a great partner on the trails.  Great horse at a great price.  Can't believe he isn't adopted yet! 
Lindsey N
Based on his barrel size, I don't even know that he'd need a smaller person.  He's pretty built, just closer to the ground! 
mel d
Lower to the ground can be such a wonderful thing :)
Scott: MHWF
Harley is just like his name, he's built like a Harley, or maybe a tank is more accurate. He does not need a small rider....a shorter one maybe, but not a smaller one.
Page 4!?!

Now, that's just sad.

Who wants to grab their helmet and take this Harley for a spin?  He gets great MPB (miles per bale).

Have some ((((brainwaves)))), cutie.
Oh, yeah, don't forget the black leather jacket and chaps...
It looks like Harley is way past due for an update here on the forum! 

The girls were out this weekend and Rachel and Nicole both rode Harley.  He did really, really well.  Harley hasn't been ridden in a very long time and it looks like the time off really did him some good for some reason.  He didn't even test his riders (both girls rode him), no shenanigans at all and was a very, very willing partner.  Harley is a very responsive horse and he tends to think it is "go time" under saddle, so we are working on slowing him down.  He really did well and we were all very proud of him!  I also want to mention that Rachel is only 11 years old and she did fantastic with Harley too.  Rachel is also an experienced and confident horsewoman.  :)  Rachel and Nicole will be coming out regularly to put more time on Harley to help him find his new adoptive home and we are really grateful for all of their help! 

Here are a few pictures from Saturday, 9/29/2012: 

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Donna R
Saw the photos of the girls riding Harley and I thought he got adopted today.  He is such a beautiful boy and so deserving of a great home.  I have always liked Harley's personality as well.  Here's wishing for the perfect adopters to come along for Harley.
What a great thing for Nicole and Rachel to do!  He looks really good and what a great update!!  I am sure there is someone ready to take a serious look at Harley!  He sounds like he is going to make someone very happy! 
It is so good to see him back under saddle.  Good work ladies!!  He looks just wonderful. 



The volunteers at MHWF have spent the summer and fall riding Harley and we are happy to report that he has really settled in well and has become a really nice riding horse. Although when Harley first came to us he would test his rider, it has been a very long time since he has done a single thing wrong. Harley has really turned into one of those reliable and safe riding horses that everyone wishes they had more of. Even though he is a short guy, he is strong and stocky. Don't let his short height deter you from taking a look at Harley.

*sigh* he is just a lovely fella, would look so nice with two little boys on him *sigh* bigger trailer, bigger truck..just not ready. UGH!!  Somebody make me feel better and say how Harley would be too much pony for my boys...somebody...anybody....
I will have some pics soon.  We have an appointment very shortly, but I'll get at the computer work soon. 

Jenn, I can make you feel better.  Harley would be too much for your boys.  While Harley is doing just great and is a wonderful horse, he is not for a beginner and needs someone with some experience.  We have been working on showing him that riding doesn't mean "let's go fast" and he is doing great with that.  He is not one of those lazy ponies for sure.  :) 
Thank you so much Karen!  We definitely do not need a "lets go fast" pony for them to start on!!  We need another Woody or Wesley :)
Jenni O.
Oh, he sounds like so much fun!  And he is such a cutie under saddle.  I prefer a little "let's go fast" to "keep squeezing, I'm not going any faster". 
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