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Aww!  Too perfect!  Congrats to all!

I love the way Harley looks like a BIG horse next to his new person- what a great fit!
Heather H
Congrats to Harley & Dedee. I agree that small horses can be nice! I'm 5'3" tall and was riding a friends 16.1+HH QH. She's built like a tank - wears a size 84 blanket! Hoisting that western saddle up there was quite the workout! My little barely 15HH Arab with size 70 blanket is much easier to lift a saddle up on.

Harley is a little cutie. I owned a 13.2HH Arab/Welsh chestnut so soft spot for ponies over here :) He looks very happy with you Dedee. I commend you for letting us know you'll take it slow and bond with him too. I think so many people try to rush it with a new horse they just get. You have to take some time to get to know each other.

Photos of Harley with the 2 goats when you have a chance please! I would love to see his expression checking them out.
Congrats to Dedee on Harley on another pony lover who has been eyeing him for a few months now.

So glad he found a great home with you.

The story of the pink and blue halters choked me up. Such a wonderful idea, Toni!

Donna R
Congratulations Dedee and Harley! What a nice update! You sound like a great match! You are so smart to take things slowly. When we brought one of our first horses home, I was so anxious to take him for a spin that I saddled him up the next day. It had been years since I had a horse of my own and I just couldn't wait. As soon as we rounded the corner away from the herd, my horse started bucking and I got tossed. Really not smart on my part!!! Can't wait to see the photos of Harley and the goats. I have met Harley and have always had a soft spot for him, looks and personality. You two look great together!
Yay for Harley. Congratulations Dedee! I have a Jax at my place too :) 
That is great, look forward to hopefully many updates. Congrats :-)
I agree, Rachel has done an amazing thing!!  She worked with Harley and helped him become the great horse that he is.  

Rachel, you were able to help Harley find his potential and for that you must be very proud!  What a great feeling it is to know you helped him find such an amazing home!!  A big congratulations to you too!
Thank you Scott and Karen for all your help and patience on Wednesday. We have all fallen in love with Harley. He looks so cute in his huge stall. So used to seeing a huge quarter horse in there. I think I have room for another in that stall with Harley...haha' just joking'! Two horses is plenty for us. Now if we could get rid of the 10" of snow so I can play with Harley. Hey Rachel, if you have any words of advice for me and Harley we would love it.
How did I miss this????  Congrats to Harley and DeeDee!  And I hope that Jesse will always be remembered in the days and years to come.

It has been a great summer fall and winter for both Rachel and Harley. She is now learning why we go out there as much as we do. Rachel spent more time bonding with him than riding which I think they both needed and enjoyed. I don't know that she really did anything special, they just developed a very good bond and trusted each other which she seems to get from all horses. She's my little Horse Whisperer haha. She isn't one to jump on the forum much but I just sent her a message to get her butt on here hahaha!! I am glad Harley is enjoying his over sized stall!! That's too cute. he's such a sweetheart. :) at least now its closer to the ground ;)

I am very happy that u adopted Harley he is a good horse and needs someone like u. i really dont have any  advice other then take it slow and just bond with him. (would u do the biggest favor for me and post some pictures on when u can and give him a hug for me) i love and miss u Harley.
Hi Rachel n everyone else, Harley is doing great! Sorry about the lack of photos. Been super busy going to Morgan's softball games n preparing for her graduation. (Insert sobbing) I also need Morgan's help putting photos on. Harley and I play together every day. Only rode him once so far. Yes, he definitely has a speed button and needs to learn over time what it is I am asking of him. On the ground I have learned he has EXCELLENT ground manners. Although I am still teaching him that hands do NOT equal treats. From now on all treats go in his bucket. Who ever broke him did a super job with natural horsemanship. He lunges and yields his hind quarters beautifully, listens to verbal commands well, follows me around the pasture at my rt shoulder without me holding lead rope or reins, doesn't spook n jump out of his skin over nothing and has thee sweetest personality! I am hoping to get a lesson with him soon to learn how to slow him down and start out on the right foot/hoof. He's sooooo sweet!! :-)
When ever Rachel was out, she would just walk him when she rode him. at first she had tight reins but with time they loosened up. He is a very fun horse. but even though he wants to run the few times I rode him I didn't find it hard to slow him down. both of my boys want to run run run run. but have learned to slow down. but spring fever has changed that one :) I know Rachel will be absolutely excited to see pictures of Harley.
Jenni O.
Thanks for the update.  Can't wait to hear how lessons go, and trail rides.  Have fun with your pony!
We have quite a turn of events and a story with a happy ending to share with you all.  Harley is the type of horse who needs quite some time to settle in when he moves to a new home we have found, and he just wasn't settling in with Dedee and just was not working out for her.  She was having trouble with him standing still for mounting and it just wasn't working out for her.  We even sent Rachel and her sister Nicole over to Dedee's place to help with Harley, but this just wasn't in the cards for Harley and Dedee.  Harley returned to us last week.  We did not list him as returned because we had a plan for Harley. 

As you have read through Harley's thread and seen all of the wonderful updates, you saw many pictures of Rachel riding Harley and the great bond that the two of them had formed and how wonderful they always did with each other.  We felt it was in the cards for Harley to be with Rachel, and actually right before Harley got adopted by Dedee, Rachel had been working on being able to adopt Harley.  After clearing it with Rachel's family, we planned a little surprise for Rachel on Sunday.  We had her come out with Nicole and Jon, and her mom even came out.  We informed Rachel that Harley returned, and asked her to go get him out of the pasture because we had forgotten to take his pictures on his return and we wanted her to ride him and work with him.  So, Rachel set out to the pasture to get Harley.  Once Rachel returned up with Harley, I asked her to pose him for me for some pictures for the adoption page, and we also put on the pretty blue halter that he had left with previously for the pictures.  As I got my camera up and ready we told her that Harley was now hers.  Rachel was pretty blown away, and I don't think there were many dry eyes around the place here.  So, we are happy to announce that Harley has left for his new home with Rachel!  I will let the pictures say the rest.  

The halter that Harley is wearing is the same one that he left with previously, in remembrance of JESSE from the Sandy Hook tragedy.  I will explain the halter for those who missed that previously.  A wonderful lady named Toni came by the MHWF farm brought 20 halters, 10 pink and 10 blue. The Sandy Hook tragedy hit her really hard and she was thinking about the 20 acts of kindness and she came up with this idea. Each horse that gets adopted now will leave with a beautiful rope halter with attached lead rope, pink for the mares and blue for the geldings. You will notice that there is a little horse figure attached to the halter, and each one of those little wooden horses attached to the halter has the name of a Sandy Hook victim on it.  What a wonderful way to remember them and share their memory!  Here is an adoption day picture of Harley and Rachel, and the beautiful blue halter in remembrance of JESSE from the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

We really look forward to hearing of more of Harley and Rachel's adventures together! 
Here are some pictures from Harley's official adoption day with Rachel. 

Attached Images
Name: 1_HARLEY-RACHEL-FIRST-JUNE16-555-WEBREADY.jpg, Views: 229, Size: 107.52 KB

Name: 2_HARLEY-RACHEL-SECOND-JUNE16-557-WEBREADY_copy.jpg, Views: 229, Size: 105.30 KB

Name: 3_HARLEY-RACHEL-THIRD-JUNE16-567-webready_copy.jpg, Views: 231, Size: 113.29 KB

Name: 4_HARLEY-RACHEL-FOURTH-JUNE16-560-WEBREADY_copy.jpg, Views: 229, Size: 103.26 KB

Name: 5_HARLEY-RACHEL-FIFTH-JUNE16-585-webready_copy.jpg, Views: 228, Size: 47.23 KB

Name: 6_HARLEY-RACHEL-HUG-JUNE16-612-WEBREADY_copy.jpg, Views: 230, Size: 113.17 KB

Name: 7_HARLEY-RACHEL-LAST-FOLLOW-JUNE16-625-WEBREADY_copy.jpg, Views: 232, Size: 161.65 KB

Jenni O.
All I can say is, "Awwwww!" And hopefully Dedee finds a horse that's meant to be hers.
Lindsey N
I swear to God Harley is smiling in one of the pics she is hugging him!! That was so wonderful of you and her family, they will both have "home" when they have each other. Can't wait to hear of their adventures!!
No dry eyes here this morning either. Sometimes things happen for a reason and this was definitely one of those times. Congratulations Rachel and Harley!
I have been swamped lately and have had no time to even catch up, more less reply to any of the updates, but this one.....Oh my!!!  I just had to express how that just made my day and it is before 6am!!!  That is such a wonderful story and absolutely meant to be.  Things happen for a reason!  Congratulations to Rachel and her boy Harley!!!  I just love the pictures, especially the third one and the second to last.  Priceless!!
That's just PERFECT!!!!  Congrats Rachel!!

What a great story!  Congratulations to Harley and Rachel!  Happy trails on that special pony!!

Donna M
This was meant to be! Such a beautiful new beginning for Harley and Rachel. You guys rock!!
mel d
What a great story to start the day! Misty eyed and smiling! Congratulations, Rachel and Harley, you are the perfect match. The close-up photo of you two showing the same expression of love in your eyes illustrates your connection is completely heartfelt. Congratulations, again!
Wendy W - WI

Great story and I love the pictures.  Congratulations!

Lindsey N, I thought the very SAME thing as I was scrolling down.. I would say, picture #3 is the *Happy Harley*... all of the photos are wonderful. What a GREAT GREAT match.
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