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As soon as I clean up the puddle of tears off my face I will comment........ok, I'm a little better now. My heart is so filled with joy for Harley n Rachel! As I would say to my day care kids... "They lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!" When Rachel came to my barn to help me with Harley it was priceless seeing them together. Can't describe it in words, one just had to witness it themselves. Harley is a super sweet little boy and Rachel is a remarkable young lady that finally got to bring her best friend home. Happy blessed trails to you both and enjoy your new life together.
I must say... in the 4 years I was in the Military... every time I came home I would try anything and everything to surprise Rachel to get a good reaction, but it never worked lol. Sunday, after it taking almost an hour to catch him with the help of Jon, Karin H and a little from me... she finally caught him lol. It was so hard for all of us to not give it away :) The ride to MHWF was even harder because I wanted to tell her haha I am so bad with secrets. Once Rachel was given the halter I thought she knew already, because as we all know if you get one of the rope Halters its official haha. Nope not Rachel. She just put the halter on... stood back so they could get pictures and then Scott told her. She did not believe him at first and once he reassured her Harley was her horse, tears. not just from her, but everyone. It was absolutely amazing, and very nice of Scott and Karen to think of Rachel. Harley loaded like a champ, and greeted everyone... and now is learning his place in the herd. Last night we took pictures with Rohan Jacoby and Harley, and I thought for sure Rachel would have a hard time catching him... but nope. He just waited for Rachel, followed her every move again. Once we got a good picture they ran around a little bit and he just was so happy. I have never seen Rachel cry over getting a horse, or being surprised. Scott and Karen did a wonderful job!!

I cannot Thank Scott and Karen enough. I'm struggling with the right words that could match up to my appreciation, but I can't seem to find them. I have the best adopted family :)
This is awesome. Congrats Rachel on bringing your horse home. He was just waiting for you to adopt him :)
Janice - WI
What a great story!  Happy tears here for Rachel & Harley.  Congratulations!
Wow!  The pictures really say it all.  Look forward to many updates and congrats to Harley and Rachel.

Rachel S.
Thank you everyone. Harley has been a good boy and he has been getting along with all the horses. I take him out everyday so he can eat and we can bond. When I walk out to the pasture he comes running up to the gate waiting for you to take him out. I have not ridden him yet. I gave Harley his first bath yesterday. He stood there like a good boy and did not move. I think he liked it.

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Some matches are simply perfect...smile...this is one!  Congrats to Rachel and Harley!
Sandy K
I too , had a hard time not wrecking the secret as I gave words of encouragement on not giving up catching that little bugger that day. All my friends enjoyed this story so much . I just loved that moment when it finally sank in that Harley was hers , and she hugged his neck in tears . The look on her face when that light bulb finally turned on in her brain was priceless . I will cherish that forever . Thanks for the photo and update . Great progress with his 'catchability' !
mel d
Woo Hoo, Harley comes to the gate! He knows where the love is :)
Harley and Rachel:

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Donna R
Great photo!  Love that Harley and his girl found each other.  Enjoyed meeting you at the party Rachel!
Just took Harley for a ride. He did great.
Jane Liess

Glad to hear that, Rachel!  Good boy, Harley!

Glad to hear you two are doing great together!!
Jenni O.
As if we thought you'd have any problems. :) Photos!!
I took Harley for a ride. He did great.

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Jenni O.
Nice photo! :) He looks great.
Donna R
Harley looks great! 
Harley does look great!
Rachel and Harley from this past weekend!

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Jenni O.
Ohhhh, looks like someone got dewormed.  Cute photo, hope you both are staying warm.  Harley is such a cutie.
Rachel and Harley this past weekend!

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Looking really sharp!!
Donna R
Beautiful!  Great looking pair!
Jenni O.
He's such a handsome pony!
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