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Henry - 16 yrs.

$600 - Henry is a 16 year old Belgian/TB cross gelding. He is 16 years old and is a big boy at a hair under 17 hands tall. Henry is sound, healthy, current on all his shots and has a brand new Coggins. He is also trained to ride, always ridden English as far as we know. Henry has been used as a jumper and has even done a little trail riding. He is sweet, but is big and he knows it. He has never been a bucker, biter, kicker or a horse that rears, but does have a lot of get up and go and is not a horse for a beginner rider or someone who is timid or can be pushed around. Henry will make someone a fantastic trail horse and can still be used for some light jumping or whatever you are into. He has no known health or soundness issues and has a ton of personality and size. Our adoption fee could be and probably should be much higher, but as most of you already know, that is not how we do it here at MHWF. This is a heck of a horse for the right person and a heck of a deal as far as his adoption fee goes.

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Heike B
Oh Henry,  You look like a gem.  Someone will be very lucky!!!!
Well I'm officially in love [love]
Hubba hubba 🥰
Leslie V
Oh my heart.... He so reminds me of someone.
Big and handsome man!

Henry is settling in very well!  Henry tends to be a low man on the totem pole kind of guy and he has chosen to be best friend to our little horse named Pal.  This team consists of the biggest horse in the pasture and the smallest horse in the pasture.  😉  Henry is super sweet and such a good guy.  Here's a pic of Henry out grazing with his new friends, Pal and Suds.  

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Heike B
He's so big next to the others!  

Henry is starting to settle in well, and he has found himself a real pal with our little horse named Pal.  I buddied these two up on purpose, knowing that Henry could be a low man on the totem pole type of guy and wanted to pair him with someone we know isn't leaving (Pal is our own horse who is going nowhere), and together with that being a very kind horse who would take him in under their wing.  I started feeding them together and they hit it off immediately and now are best of buds.  

Henry is the tallest horse in the pasture at just a tad under 17 hands and Pal is the shortest in the pasture at right around 14 hands.  They are adorable together.  Here is a picture of them mutual grooming from yesterday.  Pal can't reach the top of his back for him though!  LOL

P.S.  That tire you see sitting there is the container that I keep the horse's loose mineral in.... it's a dish in the middle of the tire.  It stays put pretty well.  😉

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Sweet!  Are those geese or cranes in the picture?
Those are geese.  😉  
Love big and little together...so sweet!
Jan N
And Henry, too, with a "Tentatively Adopted" by his name!! Hope his new person or family gets details and or transport plans finalized so he can go home. Yippee!

We are so happy for Henry finding such a great home!  

When Spirit's person, Megan, came to meet her she brought her friend Sam with that day a few weeks ago.  Same absolutely fell in love with Henry and he was just the type of horse she was looking for.  Sam spent a lot of time with Henry and rode him and they did great together.  So while Spirit and Henry are going to separate homes, they got adopted by these two great friends and left on the same trailer together.  

When Megan and Sam came to pick up Spirit and Henry yesterday, they had shirts on that Megan made with Spirit and Henry's names on them, so cute!!  I did get a picture of them together, but you can't see the names very well on the big picture.  

Thank you both Megan and Sam for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations to you both!  

Here are a couple of cute official adoption day pictures, and a picture from back when Sam rode Henry when they first met.  

Another one of those little odd facts - the person who donated Henry to MHWF is named Sam too... 

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Spirit looks like a toy next to Henry!
Henry finding his forever is just as cool as can be!
I see a lot of pictures from Sam of Henry, and just had to share this one that someone snapped of the two of them.  

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Jenni O.
How awesome is that? Congratulations!
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