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Link to adoption application: 

Since Henry is now in his new foster home for training, it is probably time to start a thread just for him.

Henry is a 5 year old Arabian gelding that was one of the Lucky 13 horses. He was a stallion until last week and is now a fully vaccinated, newly trimmed, de-wormed, Coggins tested gelding with his dental work all done as well.

Yesterday (Wednesday, 6/20/2018) I took Henry, the first of the 13 horses to his new foster home where he will begin his training. These photos are of Henry in his new pasture yesterday. Henry was one of the 4 stallions that were gelded last week. He is doing good and we are super excited for him and his training. His new mom is in love with him already and has a beautiful place in the Oshkosh area.

Thank you for taking Henry in Kelli!

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Heike B
Hooray for Henry!  Fantastic that one of the gelded studs has a home. Hope to hear some updates!!
Lisa B.
I met Henry when I took a load of hay to Midwest. He was curious and seemed friendly. He is a very handsome boy!
Yay Henry! I worked with Henry a bit at vet day. Handsome horse and he was a good boy. Kelli picked a good one
I bet Kelli and family were extra happy when they laid eyes on Henry when he arrived to them, as they had agreed to take him in sight unseen, hadn't even seen pictures of him.  😉  He is very beautiful!  Kelli said that things are going very well so far.  
He is beautiful!  At what point will he be available for adoption?  
Very excited for Henry! He is a pretty sweet boy and certainly handsome as all get-out! Thank you Kelli 😍
Hi Melissa, Henry will be ready for adoption when he has some training and if his foster is not going to adopt him.  The people fostering will have the option to adopt and keep the horse they are fostering, and of course they will be first in line for that adoption.  
And an update on Henry already too 😉

Henry is doing well. He could see the other horses and called a few times but settled down. He did pace so I  think he really wants to be part of a herd. We are going to try to introduce them today. Thank you so much for the opportunity to provide him with a loving home. I think Greg is in love already.

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Yay Kelli and Henry!  What a nice guy he is!
Kelli R.
Henry is doing awesome. He has become one of the herd.

This past week, he has been worked in the arena so that we can approach and put his new halter on him. He is learning to lead in the arena and also going out to pasture. Henry is learning to free lunge, stop and allow us to approach and love on him. When he stops, he looks in our direction,waits for a cue and tries his best to do what he is asked. He is standing better for fly spray too. Absolutely love him.

- Kelli R.
Just wanted to update you on Henry. He is such a great horse.   I wish I would have had my phone with me when my grandsons met him this weekend.  The oldest led him out of the barn today. Caden had such a smile on his face.   The youngest generally doesn't spend a lot of time in the barn but this weekend he wanted to feed Henry and also helped feed the other horses too.  I think it's because of Henry's size that Nolan wanted to help.
Back to Henry. We are working on lunging, respecting space, desensitization and picking up his feet. He is coming along nicely. 

- Kelli R.

Henry did well for the farrier.  Although we were not able to trim his hooves, Henry did allow Tony to lead him around, pet him all over including his legs and hooves and even let him pick up his front feet.  Henry is learning that tarps are not as scary as he thought and the flag is not so scary too.  We are working on picking up feet, standing tied for a while, lunging and desensitizing to new things.  He is learning to be led by other people than myself.  Each day he gets a little better with new things.  I love having him around.  I will ty to get some pictures this weekend.  Hope you have a good day.



I just fell in love with his face and adorable name which suits him well. I will definitely be following this feed closely and see when he becomes available for adoption. Thank you for everything you guys do. 
THank you Kelli for the updates on Henry.  Sounds like persistance and patience are paying off for you.  Thank you for doing what you are doing with Henry.  It is so appreciated.
Henry is doing great. He is learning that the flag is not something to be afraid of. He free lunged over the tarp today in both directions. He stopped on the tarp although he wasn't sure of himself. He lunges in both directions, switches directions when asked but needs to work on stopping when asked when free lunging. He has a nice stop when on a lunge line. He even turns in towards me every time. He is leading nicely and is learning to respect space. Today he let me pick up his front feet. Best part is everyday, Henry is learning something new. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much 
- Kelli 

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So glad this very handsome guy is progressing well.
Henry spent some time with my oldest grandson. He led like a champ for Caden. He got only light training last week due to the weather and kids visiting. Henry did get to see the vet which he stood so nicely for. She said he did great for her. Henry also handled listening to the other horses getting their teeth floated. He has decided to take treats from my hand now. We are working on picking up his feet, which he still isn't quite sure about, but we will get there. He did great with trying on fly sheets, had a saddle pad on his back, and also let me place a bareback pad on him. He follows me around, comes to you when you walk to the fence and really enjoys attention.  Given his light workload last week, he free lunged and led over the tarp without any problems. We started to desensitize him to sounds, like shaking a cat litter container with a couple of rocks in it. The second day he walked right up to it, sniffed it and let me touch him with it. Henry also started investigating the ball. He is really smart and each interaction makes me smile. I will send pictures too. 
- Kelli 

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Henry is doing well. He handled the flooding like a champ. He had his feet trimmed and did well. I did have to give him something to take the edge off but he figured out quickly that he was going to be okay, so he relaxed and stood for the trimming. He is trying on his winter blanket and does pretty good with it. He accepts a bareback pad and also a saddle pad. Next up is the saddle. He does really well from the ground. He learned this week that I am the boss at feeding time. He's really smart and catches on quickly. Depending upon how he handles the saddle, we may be trying out a ride soon. Absolutely love him and the relationship we are developing. The boys love him too. He leads so well that the 11 year old catches him and brings him in by himself. Caden also does some ground work with him too. Thanks again for letting me get to know this wonderful little guy.
Hope things are drying out by you. 
I will try and send some pictures soon 
- Kelli R.
Henry is sporting his new blanket. He rolled before I could get a picture. 
Have a great weekend 

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He looks pretty content!  Love all that mane and forelock, just beautiful.
Jenni O.
😁😁 Of course he rolled right away. Why wear a clean blanket when you can wear a dirty one? I love his messy forelock.
Henry and friends 😉

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Nice to see news of this handsome guy.
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