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Holli - 21 yrs.

$250  - Holli is a 21 year old paint mare. She is a big girl and stands at an even 16 hands tall. She is put together well and has always had very good care. Holli is one of those horses that anyone can ride. She also leads, loads, ties and is very good for the vet and farrier. Holli does require shoes and wedge pads due to contracted heels. Tests for Navicular have always come back negative, but we have known Holli for quite a few years now and as long as she is kept shod correctly, she stays sound and is a great ride. Obviously we want to see her used as a trail horse only, shorter rides around the neighborhood are what she is suited for. Don't overlook this big mare simply because she requires shoes. She is a great riding horse with a lot to offer.

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Sandy K.
Wow , is she pretty ! And what a bonus that she's an anybody can ride temperment .
Love the markings on this mare, so pretty!  And that eye...bet she has quite the personality!
This girl is just stunning!  If I were looking for another horse she would be sitting in my pasture already.  I can't believe she is still available.   Having to be shod isn't that big of a deal.  How many of you have your horses shoed and way in order to ride!  I know I have to.

Lindsey N
For sure!  I saw her when she first came in, riding walk, trot, canter and back down again in the pouring rain without question...she will be a real hoot for somebody!  What do you refer to as shorter rides?  Only curious because I think it may be construed differently by different people.  A short neighborhood ride by me is 20 minutes, but for some short might be 1 hour.  Maybe it will help others get an idea of what she can handle :)  She really is stunning and wish I could have ridden her.  She looked like a dream!

I guess when we say short, we mean that as in about an hour or 2 and nothing real hard.  A lot of people who trail ride go out for a good 6 hours or more at a crack, so we just wanted to make it clear she probably shouldn't be ridden that hard.  It would depend on how the person is riding as well and if it were walk and trot mostly and easy terrain it could be more than a couple of hours I'm sure with no problem.
Holli really is a fun horse to ride and to be around, and great looks to boot! 

mel d
Good question, Lindsey! An hour or two of easy trail riding is exactly what some people love! Hope this great horse finds a home soon :)
I can't believe a tri-color paint named Holli didn't get adopted over Christmas.  I can't believe she is still available.  BUMP!
Lindsey N
Ditto!  I saw her being ridden - walk, trot, canter in the rain and didn't question a thing.  She has some personality, she's no deadhead but knows what she is doing and what is being asked of her without question.  I wouldn't questions hopping up on her and taking her for a spin down some trails (and I'm generally far too nervous to be a trail person, especially on an unfamiliar horse).  She is absolutely stunning in person :)  Beautiful, confident and just has a great presence...the presence is something that can be so hard to find!
I just wanted to remind everyone that Holli still hasn't found her new home yet.  Let's hope for spring soon, or at least some ice melted so we can get these wonderful creatures shown to people. 

Here is a pretty picture of Holli from this past weekend.  She is just such a good girl and so pretty. 

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Lindsey N
She is a tall drink of water :)  Hopefully she has interest lined up!  Having seen her behavior on arrival, I wouldn't have questioned putting my daughter up there and walk her around.  She is a confident horse, and in my experience, horses like her don't get shaken easily.  Another one I would I add to the pasture if I had the resources!  She really is stunning, Karen's got a way of capturing that!
mel d
I love her eye in this photo, calm and inquisitive at the same time.
Donna R
Holli is beautiful!  Would also add her to our pasture if we weren't full.
Ready to Ride
I'm looking for a pair of large horses for gentle trail riding come fall. Does this beauty get along with Bubba?
Bubba and Holli get along great, but I don't think there is a chance that either one of them will still be here come fall.  I am sure there will be other horses that come in that could possibly suit your needs when the time rolls around. 
Rebecca B.

Sorry, I'm new to this site and form of adoption. How would one go about contacting you to adopt?  


Hi Rebecca,

Here are links to a couple of places, one on this forum and another on the regular part of the website that explains the process of adoption.  After reading that information, if you still have questions please go ahead and contact us via email (which is on the contact page of the website as well). 



Despite the horrible weather outside, we had someone brave the weather and come and ride and adopt Holli!  Wow, the weather was frightful here.  Lots of snow, then turning to rain and back to snow and cold.  But Heike came up anyway and had Holli out and about and they did just great together.  We hope that Holli will be just the right girl for what her family wants to do, and it will be mostly a young girl of about 7 years old riding her.  Heike and her family have Max the pony and he is doing just great.  I'm sure Holli will fit right in and the boys will love having her around. 

We did a pic on adoption day here and I want to explain the beautiful pink halter that Holli is wearing.  A wonderful lady named Toni came by on Saturday and brought 20 halters, 10 pink and 10 blue.  The Sandy Hook tragedy hit her really hard and she was thinking about the 20 acts of kindness and she came up with this idea.  Each horse that gets adopted now will leave with a beautiful rope halter with attached lead rope, pink for the mares and blue for the geldings.  You will notice that there is a little horse figure attached to the halter, and each one of those little wooden horses attached to the halter has the name of a Sandy Hook victim on it.  What a wonderful way to remember them and share their memory! 

Here is an adoption day picture of Holli and Heike, and the beautiful pink halter in remembrance of Caroline from the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

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Congratulations Heike and Holli!  We wish you all the best together!! 
mel d
 Congratulations to Holli and Heike (and family)! So wonderful you braved the weather today! Hope your drive home was safe. Usually get emotional when there is an adoption, but this one with this description of the halters has put me over the edge to blubberville. Thinking of you, Caroline, hope you feel the love of everyone and can ride in heaven.
Kara W.
That is wonderful and congrats on the adoption!
Congratulations. Holli looks so cute in her pink halter. What a neat thing way to remember the victims of Sandy Hook. Very cool!

Congrats to Heike and her family! Glad to know that Holli found herself a great home where she can be doted on by a little girl.

And I absolutely adore the story behind the halters. Just amazing to me that she would think of such a beautiful thing to do. I was really moved by her act of generosity and kindness. Thank you Toni for being such an inspiration!

Congratulations to Holli and her new family.  What a touching way to remember and honor Caroline from Sandy Hook.  May she never be forgotten.
Congrats to Holli and her new family! And holy adoptions! So many horses finding new homes.... love it! :) what a neat story about the halters... Bless Toni for thinking of such an awesome way to remember the victims of Sandy Hook....
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