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I'm looking forward to hearing how Holli does too. Have you ever talked to Karen about trying Holli on ExcelEQ for her stiffness and arthritis? By the way, what you are paying for shoes is a deal. I pay $120. If you can get your Previcox in the 227 mg size and cut it into fourths, it is more reasonable that way.
So glad to hear that you are trying this with Holli! Looking forward to the updates
Heike B
Thanks for the comment everyone!  Faith, I have not tried the ExcelEQ supplement, she has a buddy using it and we will see how it goes.  I might consider it in the future [smile]
I love this photo. One of the rare times my daughter asked to ride. They did great! 

- Heike B.

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Cute! And they both have colorful boots!
Great great pic!  And I too love the boots!
How is Holli doing since the Osphos injection?
Heike B
Hi Cnb, Holli is doing well navicularly speaking - although I'm waiting for fall vet for a follow up exam.  She's had a bout of thrush and she shed a ton of sole when it was so wet, but we're treating the thrush ans supplementing the hooves to hopefully those issues will be resolved soon!  I will definitely post an update after "fall vet!"
Was wondering how the Osphos injection turned out for Holli. I realize she is getting up there in age and may have other issues going on but in your opinion did the Osphos injection make a difference with her Navicular issues? Our now 20 year old QH gelding has had Heel Syndrome most of his life and we've been considering the injection for the last several years, just have not taken the leap. He, too has some other things going on but I'm hoping it would be worth it.
Anybody else who has used the injection can chime in too.
Heike B
Hi CnB,  I have had two farriers say that the navicular is not affecting her at all, and that her feet are all landing normally and she is moving appropriately.  Any discomfort she might experience would be due to arthritis. I only did one round of Osphos, and I don't have a really have objective evidence on how much it helped, or not. She spends 99% of her time as a pasture puff and only does occasional rides. I can say though that she trots and canters up to the gate for treats along with everyone else, and I have not seen her short-striding or noticeably uncomfortable. She has been barefoot for over a year.  I think in the same circumstances I would do it again.  She's also no longer on Prevacox - she can sense medicine from a mile away no matter how it's disguised or what it's mixed with. Giving it was causing more misery than it was benefiting. I don't know if that helps, but best of luck with your gelding!!
I haven't posted a picture of Holli in ages. Here's one from a ride this Saturday. She's 27 this year and still going strong!

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Thanks for your reply on the Osphos injection. I appreciate it. Holli looks great!!! I'm thinking her situation may be very similar to our geldings. Because of his on/off lameness, he is also a pasture puff who comes out for occasional rides. And his X-rays did not show Navicular changes but he has all the symptoms, hence they call it Heel Syndrome, I think. At least that's what I've come up with from reading and researching for myself. He, too had an evaluation at the vets this spring and we were told he's moving fine. But he does get stiff and lame off/ on so we'll see. I do appreciate your input.
Holli getting loved on by a neighbor girl.

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Jan N
Lovely... younger and older girls enjoying one another.

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Holli is looking so wonderful you would never guess her age!
Holli still going strong with her adopted pasture mates at Heike's farm.

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Donna R
Holli looks great, Heike!
Wow! She looks really good
Holli! 😉

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