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Congratulations to Holli and her new family! Enjoy!

And what an awesome way to remember the Sandy Hook tragedy too! Thank you Toni!
Donna R
Congratulations to Holli and her new family! She is a real beauty, also very sweet. Best wishes for a great future together!
Jenni O.
Yes, I teared up a little reading this one. Toni, what a really great way to honor the victims of Sandy Hook. Several of the little girls that were lost in the horrible tragedy were horse lovers and riders. I think Caroline was one of them who was quite the rider, if I'm not mistaken. How fitting to have her name on a halter.

Congratulations and way to go for braving this awful weather, Heike. I hope Holli works out perfectly for your family. And what a great photo, as always.
Vey nice all the way around
Scott: MHWF
Holli with members of her new family, Abby and Chris, after arriving at her new home last night, settled in and very much at ease in her new home.

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Hey there's no snow in those pictures and green grass!! Nice pictures!
Jenni O.
That's what I was thinking-no snow. And what does the horse think? She hops on a trailer in crap weather, snow, wind, sleet, and hops off in a grassy field. Why can't that happen to me??
Heike B
I've been meaning to post an update on Holli, but we've finally had such nice weather here I've spent the time riding instead of posting (we live southwest of Madison, if you are wondering where spring is hiding)!  First of all let me say that Karen and Scott live in a Bermuda Triangle of nasty winter weather.  I left my house, it was nice and sunny, and by the time I pulled up with the trailer, I had almost driven into a hwy divider (stopping traffic in all directions, I might add) and slid through a turn.  As my husband said, "smart move, Heike."  Hey, I didn't know I'd be trailering through a snow storm!  On arriving we waited the weather out for a couple of hours, until shivering and teeth chattering we decided the weather had improved enough (hah!) to try out Holli.  She had stood all winter, but within 10 minutes she was walking and trotting happily up and down the drive, direct reining, neck reining, totally responsive (through 5 inches of snowy wet mess).  And, my beloved husband actually texted me," You'd better get a horse to keep weight in the trailer." Decision made, Scott and Karen bundled Holli up in a blanket, gifted us with that beautiful remembrance halter, helped me load up (Holli walked right on), and went inside to thaw.  No kidding; 15 minutes into the drive home, there was no more snow (photographic proof follows!!)

Holli has meshed into our family beautifully, I could not hope for a better pasture mate for my 22 y.o. TB - they get along great and there are no issues during feeding time.  I was worried about getting a horse that would be dominant over him - he needs his daily grain! 

So far, we all love Holli, and I've ridden her twice - once last weekend and once this weekend.  She's been great!  Soon I'll be ready to put the kids on her, I think.  It's clear that she won't hold up to rigorous rides - but that's not what we're looking for right now.  I couldn't be happier with our decision to bring Holli home! 

1) the snowstorm
2) 15 minutes away from Karen and Scott's - NO SNOW!
3) Holli's first ride
4) Shedding
5) Sun Bath!
6) munching grass with Dandelions braided into her hair thanks to my daughter Abby :) with Max in the background.

P.S. Marisa MN, hope you don't mind I copied your posting style - seemed to fit the bill in this case :)

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Laughing, and the pics are great!  That was a freak snow storm, it wasn't predicted at all and we wound up with about 7 inches of snow here that day!  Glad that is well in the past and spring is finally here. 

I'm glad to hear Holli is settling in so well with her pasture mates and being a good girl too.  :)  Thanks for the update Heike, we really do appreciate it! 
Scott & Karen: MHWF
Now that's what I call a good update!
Excellent update!
Nice update Heike!  It was a freak snow storm indeed.  When Nick and I left, and about 15 minutes into the ride home, I was hoping you would have considered taking Holli home that day since the roads were really good!!  I was very excited to see the adoption update that day!!  I think Nick is still carrying the battle scars from the ride, but you were the hero that day hands down!!  Sounds like a perfect match for Holli and your family!
Jenni O.
Thankfully the trip paid off after nearly risking your truck and trailer to get there!  That's so funny that it was clear 15 minutes away.  We can't catch a break up here either, weather-wise.  I'm glad to hear Holli had an easy transition and gets along with Max.  The kids should really enjoy riding her once they get the chance. 
mel d
Phew! I guess it was definitely meant to be and Holli looks very happy to be with you. Totally understand the weather thing...got hit with snow both times we went to pick up our horses...and drove out of it both times! Do-do-do do, Do-do-do do...
Heike B
Christine, it really must have been meant to be - honestly I didn't have it in my mind that morning, that I would be going home with a horse, and it was great meeting you guys! Hmm, Mel, veeerrrryy interesting that you got hit with snow too!
Jane Liess
This is a complete hijack (I'll add $5 to my sponsorship), but do you have an old "rock" (limestone) house, Heike?  I owned one south of Barneveld about 25 years ago; the area looks very much like where I lived.  Just reminiscing about the beautiful countryside and the beautiful old houses out there.  Holli looks like she's quite an addition to the scenery!
Heike B
Hi Jane, it is an old stone house, built in the very late 1800's.  We love it's character and the foot thick walls! We just added on 3 years ago to add more room - primarily CLOSETS which seem to be scarce in those old houses. We are just outside of New Glarus, not too far from Barnevald :).
Heike, I certainly don't mind you using the same posting style. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :) Your place is beautiful, and I am jealous that you can have your horses in your backyard. 

Dan and I would love to have a place like that someday.  Hopefully not too too terribly far off.  Maybe in the next 5-7 years or so . . . I love old houses, so I wouldn't mind finding something like yours.

In the meantime, I can dream.  And look at your photos :)
Jane Liess
Thanks, Heike.  Beautiful countryside and beautiful home!  (But you're right, no closets)  I moved from there (house built in 1878) to where I live now (house built in late 1850's).  Must be something about those old houses!
Re: closets (or lack thereof) in old houses.  The reason why there are no closets in old houses is that you used to be taxed on your property based on how many rooms the house had.  A closet had a door and was built in, therefore it was considered a room.  People used to use free standing wardrobes and thereby evaded the extra taxation.  Yes, I was raised by a realtor, haha!

Holli looks very happy and right at home :)
Heike B
I posted on Princess' thread which made me want to update Holli's.  She has been a champ on trails - but barn sour, so beginners often are not able to steer her when she thinks she should go home.  Thus, I've been riding her more than I thought and my OTTB Marcus is turning into the babysitter - never would have thought that in a million years!  Holli has navicular so she gets shoes, and the last trim, she had her steel shoes re-set with a green pour-in gel pad that contours to the sole and frog and hardens.  This provides constant pressure on her frog and heel which is a very good thing for a Navicular horse, and looks cool too!  She is noticably more comfortable riding out - walk-trot-canter no hesitation.  Thought I'd share in case anyone else is a hoof geek like me!  Just a picture of her and Princess, and one of my dog Sadie, just cuz I love her!

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It looks like *Sadie* is keeping a close on the 2 buds.  *Holli* is beautiful, and *Princess* is too. So, it sounds like it is a exciting time every day at your place. Horses running about, and *Sadie*keeping the PEACE.... Heike B. I enjoy how you express yourself, and the attitude of *Princess*. Two gorgeous hoofers in this photo.
Great update Heike.  Great looking horses and Sadie is one great looking K9.
Agree with the others, great update, great pics.  What kind of dog is Sadie, she is very pretty, love brindles.
Our farrier is utilizing the same treatment for our Arab who has foundered.  We would get him to a point where he was doing well, then have a setback.  That continued a couple of rounds, so our vet wanted the farrier to shoe him (we were working with special ortho boots up until that point).  Our farrier came out and applied the same shoe/gel combo that Holli has and he has been fantastic ever since.  He is on a 6 week rotation and is really doing well!  I couldn't be happier with the outcome and am really happy to hear Holli is having the same success!  Beautiful horses and beautiful dog too :)
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