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I was just posting this topic in the hopes that somebody on here might have some advice for my situation! A friend of mine recently sold her trailer and that was the main way we could haul Layla anywhere. I don't know anybody else who would let us use their trailer and I would REALLY love to get out on some trails with Layla, maybe try some camping, etc...

I was just wondering if anybody knows of a place in WI that rents out horse trailers for a day/weekends? Or something similar to that? We live near Madison, but I'd be happy to go a little ways to get it. Like I said, I'd love to get out and do some stuff, but with no horsey transport, it's been pretty difficult. Any ideas??
Scott: MHWF
Hi McCleod,

I do not know of any specific places in your area that rent horse trailers, but I do know there are a few. I would try calling a few of your local trailer dealerships. A lot of the dealerships have a loaner/rental trailer that can be rented by the day and for weekends.
I know this won't help you in Madison, but the Express Lube and Rental in New Richmond, WI has a very nice 7' tall 16' long aluminum stock trailer for rent. One day rental is $79 I believe. So perhaps check out a similar kind of rental place in your area.
Lindsey N
The dealer right down the road from me has a trailer he rents out.  I would definitely recommend going that route if you have a truck to use!  It's usually reasonably priced, I think up here (Appleton) he charges like $75 or something for the trailer.  You could probably post to facebook groups too and see if anyone rents trailers in that area.  If my trailer was in my name (bought by my parents when I was young, haven't transferred it over to me yet...think its a waste of money lol), I would definitely consider renting it out for some extra dough.  Heck, I might even rent out my house during EAA next year!  Tangent...go to a local trailer dealer.  The guy up by me (Ray Reimann) just runs it out of his house and usually has like 5-10 trailers there at a time.  It's not huge scale, but he's a top-notch guy and someone you'd want to hang out with.  I'm lucky enough to have him just a quarter mile down the road.  Near Madison there are probably a lot more :)
I live in New Glarus (about 25 miles SW of Madison), and have a two horse bumper pull.  It's a 7'tall, 6wide ramp straight load.  Scott and Karen have seen it a couple of times...let me know if you are interested.
Hi Heike, I've been looking for a horse trailer to go TN.  I see you are very near Madison, where we've found a 3/4 truck rental.  Any chance you'd rent yours out (four horses) for a three-four day round trip?
Thanks so much for reading!
I am looking to rent a horse trailer in the Madison Wisconsin area. I found a horse in need of a good home . Any help in finding a trailer would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Jack,  I think you will find it easier to find trailer AND truck as electric / ball size and all of that come into play also.  Peggy - Jane any ideas?  How far do you need to trailer this horse Jack?

Will the horse load?  Just went through that lil ordeal a few weeks back
I was wondering if you still have the 2 horse trailer? If so how much would you charge to rent it out. I need it this coming week to go get two horses.
What's the address in Appleton we're u rent horse trailers
I am very much in need of renting a trailer for a very at risk ottb at Fairmount racetrack in Collinsville illinois. He is going to end up at the paddock sale on Sept 9 2018. As he has an injury.. .. kill buyers do go to that sale. It was a nightmare out there last yr. Is the trailer in New Glarus still available? Or can anyone else help?
Katy F.
Looking to rent a trailer to go to CO to pick-up three alpacas this summer.  Does anyone know where I can rent a trailer?

Katy F.
Katy, there is a Facebook page named Alpaca Transport.  Transporters post their routes there, as well as private people who are making runs.  Maybe some trailers for rent, I don't know.

Welcome to the alpaca life.  We have a herd of 36.  
Mercedes k.
Looking to rent a horse trailer for the 26th for a few hrs
Brett A
We checked with Ray Reimann and found out it's only sales now, no rentals unfortunately. So I folded like a cheap suit and got my daughter a horse for her 11th birthday and need to rent a trailer for Wed/Thu this week. I'm in Wisconsin Rapids and truck rental's in Appleton. If anyone can point me in the right direction for a rental, pref from Appleton to St. Croix Falls or around central WI it would be greatly appreciated.
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