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i have a 2 horse straight with a ramp. It's a Brenderup and is super spacious and not dark. If it is really slippery and I'm worried about the ramp ( which has horizontal traction strips) , I toss
a throw rug on it and it works just fine. If you use a ramp, make sure that you have it as secure as possible. If I am on uneven ground, I just put a couple pieces of wood down to stabilize ramp. Besides, it's better for ramp. Since its a roomy light trailer most horses load pretty well. I do think that step- ups may be easier to train initially but make sure you have really good, thick mats that don't slide under their feet. I've seen several like that and won't let my horses ride In them even though my friends use them all the time. Ideally, your horse should be trained to load in all types if possible but the. That's not always practical for everyone.

Great topic about Horse trailers. We just finished installing the blue ox towing on the truck and fitted the horse trailer perfectly. Our horse Rocket had some issue with the ramp though, we will try a new ramp with better traction as suggested here. Thanks
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