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How to Adopt a Horse from MHWF

The process of adopting a horse from MHWF is simple, print out the application. Send that in along with a $5.00 processing fee and photos of your farm. Once it is received we will get in touch with you via telephone and will answer any questions you might have, whether they be about our program and policies or a particular horse in our program. 

If after that phone call both parties feel like one or more of the horses is a possible match, we will set up an appointment for you to meet the horses. If the horse is a match, you may choose to adopt it and take it home after a little paperwork.

1. You must have an application on file to inquire about adoption horses, no exceptions. 

2. You must call during our posted hours and not on off hours.

3. You must set an appointment via telephone with us before planning on coming to the MHWF farm. Calling or emailing to let us know you are coming is not setting an appointment and will not be honored.

4. You must be at least 18 years old to inquire about adoption horses or to file an application.

We try our best to make adoption as easy and fun as we can make it. It is for that reason that we have set these policies. Everyone at MHWF has a regular daytime job and we must make good use of our limited time as this is a volunteer job and the people who take their time off to spend with the horses and potential adopters do it because they love it and believe in it.

I thought I'd throw a post up here to help people out who have questions as to whether a particular horse is still up for adoption, and questions about getting an approved application in.  
We work pretty diligently to keep our website up to date at all times.  When a horse gets adopted, we mark them as adopted within an hour of an adoption taking place.  Also, when a horse gets adopted we will come to the forum (this is the forum) and update that horse's thread and post an adoption day picture as well.  If a horse is listed on the adoption horses page as being available, that horse is still available for adoption.  We also update their threads here on the forum with that information.  

I also want to give a head's up to people who find a horse on our website and do not have an application on file and wondering about sending that application in.  Getting an application in and approved isn't very hard, you just print that out, fill it in and get it sent.  We call applicants within 24 to 48 hours of receiving and processing their applications to let them know if they are approved.  Sending in an application does not obligate you to adopt, and sending in an application is not just for any one particular horse.  Getting an approved application means that you are approved to adopt any horse that you find the proper match with.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of adoption to go ahead and get that application in.  We have seen people who are watching our website for a horse to come along that they might be interested in before they send that application in, and many times what happens in that scenario is that they are too late and the horse will get adopted by someone else who already has an application on file with us.  

Once an adopter goes through the application process, filling out the applcation and getting that approved, then that person can watch the website and when a horse comes in they are interested in, they call us and talk to us about any horses they are interested in.  You must come to the facility to meet the horse before an adoption is considered, and you must call us to set up that appointment.  Appointments are set by telephone and on a first-come, first serve basis.  If someone from Illinois calls and sets an appointment for next week to see a horse, and then someone from 2 door's down calls and wants to meet that same horse tomorrow, the person from Illinois' appointment will be honored first.  It is a first-come, first-serve basis.  The reason I am giving these tips is because we often see people ask if a particular horse is available before they send in their application, or they watch our site and are waiting for a good match to come in before sending the application in, and then they risk missing out on the horse they wanted.  Once your application is approved, that stays on file with us forever, and as long as your information doesn't change, that is a valid application to adopt (we may have updates now and again to the application, but generally only about every 5 years).  

So in summary, if you're thinking about adoption, go ahead and get that application in and be ready for when your dream horse arrives here!  [smile]  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering adoption.  Adoption really does save lives.
Jaime E.
If we've already adopted from you but are now looking to add another, do we need to do another application? I think we're 2 years in on Petey.😊
Jaime, your application and information is up-to-date, so you are all set.  [smile]  

I am working on filling out the application.  On page 1, what does "State Premise ID" mean?  Also, I am guessing that I do not fill out anything in the Placement Agreement section unless I actually adopt a horse from you?  Thanks!  Just want to make sure I am getting everything filled in correctly!

Sheri B.
Scott: MHWF

The WI State Dept. of Ag requires us to ask for a premise ID#. You do not have to give us one and many people do not have one.

Yes, the last part of the application is there simply so that people know what the entire contract looks like and says, so you can also leave that blank if you like.
Jane B.
I filled out an application last year and all information is the same. I am interested in one of 3 horses. Do I need to fill out another application.
Hi Jane!  Your application is still good since the information is all the same and it was only from a year ago.  You are good to go to make the call and set up an appointment to come and meet the horses.  [smile]  
Tara B.
Hi there, I had my application approved probably around 3 or 4 years ago, but the facility where I am currently boarding my horse and would be boarding any adopted horse has moved to a new location.  Can I send updated pictures and the new address or should I fill out a new application?
Hi there, I posted a few months ago and I know you're busy, so I thought I'd wait before I tried again.
I had my application approved probably around 3 or 4 years ago, but the facility where I am currently boarding my horse at (and would be boarding any adopted horse has moved to a new location).  Can I send updated pictures and the new address or should I fill out a new application?
Hi Tara, we apologize for your question getting missed here.  If you want to be sure to get a question answered from us you can always email or call us too if we don't respond right away here on the forum.  Again, sorry we missed this somehow here on the forum.   

Since everything on the application is probably going to be different such as vet, farrier, location, contact info, etc., you will probably have to send in a new application.  You can email Scott at scott@equineadoption.com and let him know about this, let him know what information has changed and what hasn't (in case nothing has changed other than address), he will look up how long it has been since your first application came in (would have to re-submit if it's been 5 years) and take it from there and let you know for sure whether you need to submit a new app or not.  
Thanks Tara!  
No worries, I should have thought to email you and i know you're very busy! Thank you so much for your answer!
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