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Hubert - 17 yrs.

$500 - Hubert is a 17 year old Belgian/Warmblood cross gelding. He is sound, healthy, current on his shots, wormers and trims. He is a big boy and stands at an even17.2 hands tall. He has also been in the same home for almost all of his life. Hubert came to us all the way from New Jersey. He has always had good care and has been ridden 5 times per week right up until the day he arrived at MHWF. This is not a horse for a green or timid rider. Hubert is well behaved, but he is big and will need a confident and somewhat experienced rider/handler. Hubert has always been ridden English and has been used mainly as an English Pleasure horse. He has also done a few schooling dressage shows.


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chris MI
Hubert is a handsome boy who's person obviously wanted to make sure he always had good care. If only all people cared as much for an animal's welfare as Hubert's person did.
Hubert is a tall one for sure.  [smile]  

Hubert is learning about being turned out in pasture now.  He is not quite sure what to do with himself yet.  

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What a great picture and Monty and Bella keeping an eye over it all.  Hubert looks amazing, he was rode English?  I thought he pulled beer wagons he is so big.

Stunning horse for sure, does he come with a free mounting block, ladder, elevator?  Good looking lad.
Jenni O.
That's a great picture! Love the peanut gallery in the background. 17.2, my foot would be above my waist to get into the stirrup.

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Jenni O.
Yes, that's it exactly. Lol!
I have some wonderful and exciting news about Hubert!  No, he is not adopted yet...  This might not sound like a big deal to a lot of people, but Hubert finally went out to pasture today and is acting like a regular horse!!!  This is a big deal for Hubert, because he was not used to being pastured in the past.  When he came here we did not turn him out right away, gave him a few days to settle in and look around at the place.  We then turned him out and he really did not know what to do with himself.  He refused to go out to pasture with the other horses and just stayed up here close.  Hubert has taken all of this time to get used to being in a herd, has finally made a couple of friends and feels like part of the herd and is actually out with the group and grazing!  Yaaaay Hubert!!!!!!  
Kate S.
That is something I would like to see.  Did he pick a mini to befriend?
good for him. It's sad to see a horse that doesn't know how to act like a horse when this stuff should just be a natural part of life.
Hubert still has a lot to learn about being in a herd and being a good herd mate, but he is well on his way now.  He really had no idea what to do with himself out there for a while.  He got here a few days before we listed him on August 24th, and we got his shoes pulled, feet trimmed and a few days to settle and then turned him out.  He would not go out to pasture and graze for days...it was such a great feeling seeing him go out and act like a horse finally yesterday!  
Kate, he picked Holly, the Quarter Horse, to hang out with primarily for now, but is actually hanging with a group of horses, so that is really good to see.  We figured he may latch onto just one horse, and while he prefers the company of Holly, he is hanging out with a few horses thankfully.
Wow!!  What a horse!!  AND WOW...that he is figuring out pasture life!  How awesome!
Good job Hubert!!  Enjoy this new chapter [smile]
Has anyone ridden Hubert since he has come to MHWF?
No one has ridden Hubert yet since his arrival at MHWF.  With the combination of letting Hubert settle in here as well as the rescue case we were involved with, that just hasn't happened yet, but maybe before the end of this weekend someone will ride him.  We will report as soon as we do, along with some photo updates.  
I cannot get  over what a beautiful horse Hubert is!  He has such kind eyes.  I hope he finds a truly great home.
I am really interested in this horse. He is beautiful. Have you tried to ride him since he has been there? Does he have good ground manners?  I am a fearless rider and I have riden big horses all my horse career.  The bigger the better. haha 
I am a little short on time this morning, but will come back later with a more in depth update.  Hubert was ridden this past Sunday, 9/20/2015.  He did great under saddle.  Hubert has had quite an adjustment period, learning to be with other horses and live in a herd and he is finally settling in.    

Here are some pictures of Hubert being ridden this past weekend, 9/20/2015.  He did wonderful at walk, trot and canter.  (Thank you Priscilla!)

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What a hunk!
Lindsey K
He is sooo gorgeous!  Drooooollll <3
Barb S.
This boy is so sweet looking in a halter. Tack that boy up put him in an arena and ooo la la he is HANDSOME!!!
Oh man, my heart is breaking! Wishing I could somehow fast forward a few years to the time I would be able to afford his upkeep!! Good luck to you Hubert!
He is so beautiful!
Megan T
Hubert is a magnificent horse. I have been on this website almost everyday for a few months now and I really would love to get him. I have a 25 year old Paso Fino and she is the most sweetest horse in the world. I feel like Hubert would love her. 
Hubert!  Hubert has had a long haul with his adjustment period and getting used to living with other horses and we can definitely say that Hubert is definitely a good guy in the pasture now and has some good buddies in the herd.  Hubert's ground manners weren't exactly what I'd call stellar when he arrived to us, but they have also improved a ton.  Hubert was shod on all 4 feet when he came to us, and from the looks of things he was probably shod that way for a good chunk of his life.  We have been working on rehabbing his feet from that (barefoot) and his underrun heels and his feet are also a ton better, almost there to being a normal hoof.  When Hubert had his teeth floated on 11/21/2015, there was an odd "spot" in his mouth that couldn't be diagnosed.  It was not an ulceration from a sharp point (although he really needed a good float and his teeth are good now).  We will be having Hubert's mouth looked at again this spring to see what that odd spot on his cheek has done (it is way back there, need speculum to examine).  Hubert comes in for his grain everyday and has a great routine down pat.  Hubert is a very talkative guy and a real hoot to have around with his fun and quirky personality.  

All in all, Hubert is doing well and I want to share a few new pictures of him.  Hubert also sends out a heartfelt thank-you for the Valentine's he received from you!!!  He didn't feel like taking his face out of his feed bucket for his Valentine's picture, but his sentiments are sincere.  [smile]  

A few pics of Hubert having a great time out in the pasture.  

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