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Sorry to hear about Hubert.  So frustrating...
Denise H.
Thank you Karen for taking the time to explain about Hubert. It is such a happy/sad situation all in one. Horses are complex, highly intelligent creatures and you and Scott have taken every means possible to understand what makes them tick. I feel we all benefit from shared knowledge when it comes to horses...you never stop learning. Thank you again for all you do.
Jan N
What Denise said.

Oh this breaks my heart.  I am SO sorry Jennifer and Hubert.  He has come such a long long way and now another road block.  Frustrating.  We had taken in an older horse who in the past always trailered well and after coming to live here refused to get on a trailer, my old horse-wise neighbor still to this day says she refused because she didn't want to leave and was afraid of going back to where she came from (which wasn't horrible but definitely different from the set up we have here).  Maybe truly Hubert thought he was going back.  Poor guy. 

I too am very sorry to hear about this.  So disappointing for Jennifer after so many high hopes and a long trip, so disappointing for Karen and Scott, seeing a good home situation disappear.  I can not remember which trainer's book I was reading, John Lyons or Mark Rashid, but they talked about a scenario they have seen repeated often at their clinics.  After weekend clinics where a horse and its rider have really really jelled and things have gotten much better in their working relationship...these horses, who have never had problems before, refuse to load to go home.  They speculated that they don't want to leave this "happy place".  It is so hard to understand, and in situations like this, I wish they could talk.
Another chapter opens.  Denise came and met Hubert shortly after his arrival and rode him and was on the fence about adopting him all of this time, many other things coming in between that, but came to the MWHF farm this evening and rode Hubert again and decided to adopt him.  Hubert is still here and we will be looking for transportation in an open stock to get him home to Denise (she is looking as well).  It is almost 10:30 and I haven't had dinner yet, so this is going to be short, but I really wanted to get on right away and share the news!  We will update further soon.  

We kind of forgot to do an adoption picture, but one of Denise's friends took a couple of cell phone pics we will share as an adoption day pic!  [smile]  

Huge thank-you to Denise, and congrats!  We will update more soon.  

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Jenni O.
Congratulations to all! Crossing my fingers that everything goes well this time. And I hope Jennifer finds a horse she loves.

Congratulations Denise and Hubert!  Sometimes strange and unsettling things happen for a reason and maybe this is it.  Denise if you are anywhere down between the Milwaukee and Fond du Lac area you are welcome to use our stock 3 horse slant.  It isn't pretty but it's sturdy. 

Thanks so much for that offer, Jenn!  Denise is up in our area, she lives about an hour north of us.  
ha!  I'm not much use than!  Hmmm wonder how Hubert would do on a cross country ride like the cowboys used to do.
We joked about the cross country ride last night, Jenn.  We decided we didn't want to see Denise and Hubert on the news..  LOL!  
Well this is good news. I am a true believer that if it is meant to be it will happen. Sometimes things go differently then we plan in our minds and in our hearts. I am  sure Jennifer is wonderful horseperson and will find her match. In the meantime I hope things work out for Denise and Hubert.
HAHA!  Nope definitely don't want to see them on the news.  I'm so glad Hubert got a home.  Now Teddy and Bambi get to join the big herd!
Lisa B.
Wonderful news! Congratulations!!
Thank you everyone!  I am excited to get Hubert home and start our new adventure together.  I just need to find trailer big enough to get him here.  I am very happy to call him mine!  Thank you Scott and Karen !!!
Awesome news!  That would be a long trek to ride him home...LOL
I wanted to let everyone know that Hubert got on the trailer just fine this morning (about 8:30 am) and is headed to his new home with Denise.  We had our friend, Chris, come with his big stock trailer and Hubert did just fine getting on the trailer and then also not freaking out on that trailer.  Hopefully the trip goes well and everything goes very smoothly.  

Congratulations Denise, and a very big THANK YOU from all of us too!!!  
Glad hear he loaded well and was on his way.  Sometimes a horse will hate the closed in trailer, but will be fine in the open stock trailer.   Hope all goes well. 

Sandy K
Congratulations to Denise and Hubert . I guess he just wanted a trailer with plenty of room.  
Hubert has arrived this morning all in one piece and seems to be settling in very well. He has new friends and seems to have calmed way down. I will send pics soon
THAT is great news!  He made it, and is settling down?  Perfect.
Thanks, Denise!  Keep us posted on your adventures with the big lug.
wonderful news and update on Hubert!  So glad to hear all went well.

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Jenni O.
He looks pretty content. I take it the big guy has been behaving?
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