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This makes me so happy!  He looks very pleased with himself!!
How's he doing?
Hubert looks like he is adjusting well, he sure is nice looking.
Being short...I absolutely love "horse hats"!! 
Hubert and Denise

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Hubert looks great!
Barb S.
You both look happy! Hoping you guys have a very bright future!
Jenni O.
You look so tiny on him! Has he been a good boy?
Hubert this past fall and winter!

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He looks great!!!!
He does look great!
Hey guys!

I am the daughter of Michael and Kelly, the new adopters of Hubert. Hubert is the family's first horse, so it has definitely been a challenge! We are working with an awesome trainer and using Parelli methods to help him (and us) become confident, playful, and safe. He has come so far, and we are lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to learn a lot about this cool guy. He is the smartest horse I have ever met, and so perceptive. We love this guy and we are so thankful that MHWF has given us the chance to have him apart of our lives. I will post some pictures once I figure out how to do that.
Hubert is doing great. We have been working with him on his ground manners and being confident with people and a herd and he has really taken some huge strides!  While working with him, we use Parelli ideas and the seven games. He has finally integrated well into his herd and made some friends as well. Not only this, he has become much more respectful of your space. We truly love Hubert and we are so thankful to have the chance to get to know his amazing personality.  

- Alexandra

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Hubert and his bestest buddy......

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Barb S
Hubert looks great! Was just wondering how the big guy is doing.
Good to see Hubert doing well and being a horse. From his past history since coming to MHWF, it sounds like he had a rough time acclimating to his new life.
Hubert is looking very comfortable with his buddy!
MHWF, Inc.

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Love to see this boy looking good and doing well
Barb S
I love me some Hubert updates! He’s such a cool big guy!
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